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I saw Kingsman yesterday. It was even more over the top than I was expecting, but A) I love Colin Firth and B) I am a hopeless Mycroft fangirl, so I'm not complaining too much. What I really wasn't expecting was that someone would actually mention Mycroft in the film. I think I squeaked when I heard that.
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I went to see Shaun the sheep today. I probably was the only adult there who was not accompanying a child, but I don't care, I loved it. It was exactly what I needed to cheer me up.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 09:28 pm
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Just watched "Mercy". And I'm so glad I'm alone in the apartment right now, because I swear, I was about to cry when the story reached a certain point (not gonna spoil, if you watched the film you know what I'm talking about).

And, interestingly enough, the story has pretty much the same structure as the one I'm writing for the workshop, going back and forth through flashbacks, so I can use it as a loose template. Actually, our assignment for next week is to watch three films, analyse them and break them down on a timeline/plot structure, so it was a very lucky coincidence that I watched this movie today. I had actually planned to watch "A beginner's guide to endings", but it wasn't available on Netflix. Oh, and Netflix. Thank God for Netflix. Too bad we don't have it in Italy, I guess I'll just have to watch as many films as I can in these 2 months.

Also, I recognised Holly Valance even before she turned towards the camera. In my defense, I knew her well before I'd even heard about Alex.
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I don't know how I ended up watching 2012 with my mother last night. I have no excuse. And then, during a break, we had this conversation:

Mum: "Where's that place with the big crack in the ground?"
Me: "You mean the San Andreas Fault?"
Mum: "Yes."
Me: "It's in, um, America"
Mum: "Where?"
Me: "In... California"
Mum: "Wait, you're going to Los Angeles this summer. That's in California, right?"
Me: "... Yes."

I knew exactly where the conversation was going, but I somehow managed to calm her down. I must have done a pretty good job because she went from "OMG you're going to diiiieee!" to "It sounds very interesting, are you going to visit the fault?" XD

Also, throughout the film I had the impression I was watching "Independence Day", just with different actors. I guess the formula for action-packed, end-of-the-world blockbusters is always the same, you only need to make a few minor adjustments here and there. But two things caught my attention.

Behind a cut, just in case someone hasn't seen it yet )
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I finally, finally, saw "The king's speech". I'd wanted to see it ever since it came out, but for one reason or the other I always had to put it off. Then I found out the cinema in my town was showing the original version (I actually wrote an article about it in the local magazine) and decided I just had to go. I went with two friends and, since it was in English with Italian subtitles, I brought along my mother too. I think the last time we had gone to the cinema together was in 1988 to see "Benji the Hunted". XD

After the film we chatted a bit and I was kinda shocked when a friend told me she had trouble understanding the actors. I told her "What? They had impeccable diction." And she replied "Well, I can't understand British English so well, it's better with American English." I was very surprised because it's the opposite for me. Life's just full of surprises, isn't it?
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I went to see "A single man" with Eline yesterday (my flatmate got me a Gutschein for 2 people complete with popcorn and drinks for my birthday; I hadn't eaten popcorn at the cinema for ages). It was... weird. (World of the day: "Seltsamer Film".) I really liked the photography and some scenes were beautiful and very touching, but you could see that Tom Ford is a fashion designer and not a "real" director, some parts looked like photo shoots rather than scenes from a film. I also thought the story would be more about being gay in the USA in the '60s, instead it focused mainly on the life of the main character. It wasn't a bad film, though. Just... weird.

Also, last Saturday I did a very bad thing. I went to Dussman and got myself this:

I couldn't help it! I was done with the Asimov book a friend of mine had lent me and had nothing left to read! And when I saw this... and it cost less than 6€ per book... and... *is a vampire geek*
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Man, I've been so busy in the last couple of days that I haven't even had the time to write an entry about the Attac Bankentribunal. I only went on Friday and Saturday, there was NO WAY I could get up at 9:00 AM on Sunday, I had very little sleep last week and just needed to rest.

Anyway, it was an intense weekend. On Friday I went to the opening with Eline and two friends of hers. First there were some readings with two actors of the Volksbühne (I found the story of the Tulip Mania fascinating), then a cabaret show with Urban Priol und Georg Schramm (I only understood half of what was going on pfff.)

The second day I followed a discussion about banks and ecology (highlight: a politician of the SPD arrived late because he had to take a taxi to go from Alexanderplatz to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which are 1 U-Bahn stop apart; very smart, especially if you're going to talk about ecology), more discussions about banks and their role in the crisis (I was surprised I could understand a lot, I think that Business German course wasn't useless) and then the Bela+Olli Schulz concert and Bela DJ-set. The concert was actually just a few songs, I think they played for about 30 minutes (Ohrwurm of the day "Champagner freaks"), then Bela started his DJ-set.

I, beeing the hopeless fangirl that I am, had brought along an illustration book I wanted to give him and was waiting for the right moment, because I didn't want to disturb him. But since other people were going up to him and asking for autographs and pictures, I thought "Well, this won't be more annoying than that!" So I was standing there, waiting for someone to finish talking to him, when he glanced in my direction, smiled at me and said "Hallo!" (*insert inner fangirl screaming "OMFG he still remembers me!?*) Anyway, when he was done I went up to him and he reached out and took my hand. By the way: THE MOUSTACHE IS GONE, THANKS THE HEAVENS! Uh, yes, so I gave him the illustration book and he said "Das kenne ich nicht" (why, yes, I was coherent enough to be able to talk to him in German), leafed through it and said he could use it to find a tattoo design. So, if you see Bela sporting a new silly tattoo, sorry, that's my fault! :P Btw, the book I gave him is Superheroes Decadence, by Donald Soffritti. You can see some of the illustration on the Telegraph site.

After that I just enjoyed the rest of the evening, even if Bela played a few weird and not really danceable songs. (Question: who sang the song whose chorus goes "In the heat of the night / I want more, more, more"? I've already heard it many times but I can't figure out who the singer/band is! It's frustrating. EDIT: Wrong lyrics. But Eline reads my mind. Thanks. :3) When his DJ-set was over (uhm, it was a coincidence that his girlfriend had whispered something in his ear just 5 minutes earlier, right? *cough*), we went back to the Großer Saal... and saw they had transformed it into a huge disco! With a massive disco ball made with projectors hanging over the stage. I felt like I was at a techno meeting.

Anyway, after a while we went, as we were all pretty tired. The next day I had to meet a friend, we spent the afternoon together and spontaneously decided to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3D that evening (13€ WTF!) The ending was waaay too modern, but I love Tim Burton's imagery.

That's what I call a busy weekend! :)

Here, have a few pictures.

Olli Schulz is fucking crazy. In a very good way. :)
Bela B and Olli Schulz @ Attac Bankentribunal

Bela B @ Attac Bankentribunal 1

Bela B @ Attac Bankentribunal 2

Disco, baby!
Attac Bankentribunal disco

Attac Bankentribunal disco
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Richy Guitar night was great. I hadn't watched the film in a while and had forgotten a few details, like when Igor and Hans are at the party on the lake and Richy, who's standing on the other side of the lake, starts playing the guitar and interrupts the belly-dancing show, Igor starts drumming along. I don't know, I found that very sweet. And I always laugh when I see Bela/Igor dressed as hamburger-man. Coincidentally, I had had hamburger for dinner, so it was even more fitting. There are a couple more films I'd like to watch (it's a series about German music films from the '80s), I'm probably going there again on Sunday.

Also, after the film I walked in front of the Marienkirche and all the trees there were full of crows; at one point they all took off and flew down the street and then up again, it was beautiful.

Man, I'm exhausted, I'll just go to bed.
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As I predicted, "The boat that rocked" was fucking brilliant. It's probably the best film I've seen this year (all right, I don't go to the cinema sooo often), but really, it made me want to raid my CD collection and just listen to '60s music for hours. (And there's a character called "The Count", come on!)

Today I've been listening to Suede, Pulp and Menswear instead and getting all nostalgic. Ah, my youth. I'm so tempted to accept a friend's invite to London, I haven't been back to England for far too long. But no, I'd better save up for September and next autumn.

I've been translating random technical stuff into German all day, I'll consider this a "warming up" for the Business German course...
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Dear girls who put that announcement on, why don't you reply to my message? You didn't even specify a phone number, so I can only hope you did get my email. If you don't reply within a couple of days I'll have to try with the next WG on my list, and that would be a pity because your room would be perfect, dammit! >_<

I'm getting more and more impatient, I just want everything to work out so I can get the hell away from here next month. My friends don't know anything about my plans yet, I'll only tell them when I have everything sorted out. I just want to tell everyone I'm going away, but I'll have to wait. ARGH.

Anyway, we're going to watch "The boat that rocked" tonight, I'm sure it'll be great.

*checks emails for the umpteenth time* Come onnn!!!
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OMGWTF moment #1: Watched Star Trek last night. I LOVED IT!!! I was with Vica, who is a fellow Trekkie, and her boyfriend, who hasn't seen a single episode of any series. XD I was geeky enough to recognise the characters before they were introduced (thanks mum for making me watch the classic series when I was a kid) and catch the "Enterprise" reference (as in, "Enterprise" the series, not the name of the spaceship), even if I only ever watched a few episodes. Also, I love Spock and I think Zachary Quinto did an excellent job. :3

OMGWTF moment #2: Bloody hell. This morning my father put a thermometer in the sun. Temperature: 42°C! :O And we're still in MAY! Thank God it's not humid, otherwise I'd die. Actually, when I went out this morning it was like being at the seaside, because of the dry air and light breeze. If the weather remained like this it would be perfect, but it always gets awfully sultry in June/July/August. D:

OMGWTF moment #3: Is it just me being blind until now, or did Bela get a new tattoo? More specifically the shark from the "Jaws" poster image on his right wrist? See photo evidence below:

Jaws? )

All right, now I can go back to editing the photos I took at my friends' gig. The theme of the gig was "Spring", so they printed a life-sized Venus from the Botticelli painting (but pasted the face of the bassist on it) and played the first song wearing blond wigs. They opened the concert reading the Italian translation of Bananarama's "Venus" (and I was the only one in the audience who got it, WTF) and closed it with "Enter Venus": the lyrics from the above mentioned "Venus" sung on the music from Metallica's "Enter Sandman". They are crazy. XD


Apr. 10th, 2009 02:45 pm
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OH. MY. GOD. This is an otaku's dream come true!

I wanna see iiiiit!!! >_<
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I met up with a few friends to watch a dvd last night, we didn't know what to see, but in the end we chose "Hoodwinked!" (Italian title: "Cappuccetto Rosso e gli insoliti sospetti"), an animated film from 2005. I had heard it was good, but I didn't think it would be so good, we laughed all through it. If you still haven't watched it, go on and buy/rent/borrow it, it's great! Our favourite character was Japeth the Goat, my God I still have his song stuck in my head.

Other than that, I finally bought a backpack for my laptop. I've always refused to buy a backpack because I thought "The laptop isn't even mine, it belongs to the society I work for, I'll just use the bag they gave me to carry it to work." But carrying it on one shoulder every day was killing my back, I tried carrying it by hand but the situation didn't get much better - and I got calluses on my hands! - so this week I made up my mind and bought a backpack. The real reason why I didn't want to buy it before was that I was hoping I would get another job and wouldn't need it anymore, but it looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon. And, even if a miracle happened and I really got another job, I will eventually buy a laptop of my own, so I'll need it. And it was only €30 anyway.

And I love H&M. I paid €16 for 2 short-sleeved shirts (one black with little white stars, one emerald green with little white black stars), 1 T-shirt (white with black stars) and a pair of bright pink fishnet tights with a star pattern. Why, yes, I like stars.

Jag älskar Sverige!
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I'm in a "civil disobedience" phase: I work very slowly, make the minimum effort and waste a lot of time. What's the worst that can happen? They'll send me away? HAH, as if I cared. It's all I'm asking for, actually. And with "send me away" I don't mean be fired, only that our customer could say they don't want/need me anymore and won't renew my contract for the next 3 months, so I'll be sent somewhere else. I really wish I could go away, they've been so disorganised here lately, working is becoming more and more difficult, everyone is complaining.


I still haven't started working on the Christmas cards, when I get home in the evening I don't feel like doing anything, I just eat, get online for a little bit, 20-30 minutes at most, and then go to bed. What a thrilling life I lead.

PS Useless fangirly moment of the day: NEW STAR TREK TRAILER!!!

My inner Trek-nerd flails.
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I've just watched the Teeth trailer and can't stop giggling. Is that supposed to be a horror film? I mean, sure, that's the ultimate male nightmare, every single man in the audience will be crossing his legs throughout the whole film, but really, I couldn't take it seriously. It may be the first case in the history of horror movies that men actually find a film scarier than women.

I should really be packing up, as I'm leaving tomorrow night, but I don't feel like it at all. I'm not even looking forward to leaving. What's wrong with me?! Two weeks away from the pervy office of doom, two nice cities to discover, two Ärzte concerts and I'm not looking forward to leaving? WTF?!
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Free at last. I had the Sociology exam on Wednesday and now I'm finally on holiday. I'll have the last exam (Marketing) in September but I'm not going to think about that now. Also, I got a 26/30 in the Economy exam. I was a bit worried about it because I thought I'd totally messed up one of the questions; well, it turned out I did quite well in that question, but not so much in another one I thought I'd done fine. I'm a bit disappointed, but most of the class apparently got low marks in that specific part, and the average mark was 24 or 25, so I'm not complaining too much.

I still don't know anything about my damn internship, though. See, I wanted to do it in a booking agency in Milan, the one that manages the tour of some of the most popular Italian artists, but the professor chose another girl. Then the head of the agency told him he didn't want that girl because she hadn't made a good impression on him and things got really complicated.

Anyway, since my "first choice" wasn't available, I went with my second one, that is, an internship abroad, and more specifically at the Gewandhaus Orchester in Leipzig. Which would be AMAZING, because that would mean I'd be in Germany for the Ärzte CD and tour next autumn. BUT I still don't know anything about it. Well, if they don't accept me there I'll do the internship at the symphonic orchestra in Milan, so that's not a big problem, but I'd like to know if I have to spend 3 months abroad, I'll have to find a flat and everything. SO complicated.

Other than that, I finally saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I admit I didn't re-read the book before watching the film, so all the things they left out didn't bother me too much, also because I had found the book waaay too long, when I read it. Only a couple of things bothered me:

Under a cut, for those who haven't seen the film yet )

All in all, I liked it. And Snape and Sirius, boy, I was drooling half the time. The Italian actor who dubs Alan Rickman is brilliant, I was squeeing every time Snape spoke. And how can Gary Oldman look so hot at his age??? Helena Bohnam Carter was simply perfect, she was exactly how I imagined Bellatrix would be. And Tonks was cool as well.

Argh, tomorrow is the big day! :O Here, have a Snape sketch.

And last night I saw the new edition of "Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro". That's one of the funniest films I've ever seen. They can do ANYTHING with that Fiat 500! XD And Jigen is my soulmate, yes. ♥♥♥


Apr. 1st, 2007 05:33 pm
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Watching '50s horror films really gives you an idea of how the art of film-making has developed over the years. We were at Ste's place last night, browsing through his flatmate's huge DVDs collection trying to decide what to watch, when we saw a DVD labeled "L'esperimento del Dottor K." ("Doctor K.'s experiment") It sounded like an old horror/sci-fi film, so we gave it a go. It turned out to be "The fly", the original film from 1958. We had all seen the '80s remake, plus the Simpsons Halloween special of course, and were quite curious to see the original. Some parts were just plain funny, because it was so '50s, but some other parts were brilliant. I couldn't watch the spider scene though, damn arachnophobia. =/

We also watched the trailer of "Fantastic Voyage", I saw the film a few years ago and loved it. Yes, I have a thing for retro sci-fi.

And a picture from Friday's party:

A ring to rule them all... )

Damn, the connection is so slow today, it makes me want to kick something. I would get DSL, but I can't for a series of reasons. DAMN! >:O
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Did I mention my site has a new layout? Probably not. I wanted to upload it at the end of June for its 6th anniversary, but I totally forgot. Anyway, I hope everything's working and there aren't broken links or anything.

Last night I went to see "Kyashan" with Vica and managed to go to the wrong cinema. *headdesk* The right one was about 300 m away, but I managed to miss the first 10 minutes. *sigh* Anyway, it was sooo Japanese, about half of the film was without dialogues. The photography, costumes and design in general were amazing, with this kind of retro-futuristic design that's typical of Japanese sci-fi manga and anime, some of it even reminded me of Lupin the Third and some other '70s series. We spotted a few references to western films, like "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang and "2001 - A space odyssey", while the photography and setting reminded me of "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (which I haven't even seen, by the way). The story wasn't really clear though, also because we hadn't seen the original cartoon from the '70s, which may have helped. And the soundtrack was great, with some really cool rock pieces for the fights.

I should tidy up a bit, 'cos tomorrow my American relatives are coming over to dinner, but it's too hot to do anything. But I did do something useful, I made a back-up DVD with all my Ärzte music and video files, I've been putting it off for too long. I should make a back-up DVD for my pictures as well, but a lot of files are scattered here and there and I'm too lazy to put them all in the right folders at the moment.

And because I'm bored:

Nicked from [ profile] putzich:
Go and pick out one of my userpics that is your favourite and explain why.
Then post in your own journal (if you want to).
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Man, what an exhausting Saturday. First I took my parents to the station, then I met Demi and we walked in and out of shops all day. In the morning the bigger shops were packed, around 11 there were already long queues of people in front of the counters, it took us almost 3 hours to see just a couple of shops, it was insane. Luckily in the afternoon things got better, we steered clear of the most crowded streets and were able to buy a few things in relative peace. Demi bought a lot of things, I bought only a few but I'm very happy with what I found. Especially because I found these:

YAAAY!!! )

I literally gasped when I saw them, I hadn't seen them around before. Sadly the first 2 shops that sold them didn't have my size (damned big feet), but the third one did. Hah, I hadn't worn a pair of Converse since my first year of high school. I still think shoes are too expensive, though.

And the rest of my shopping was a bit "teen-oriented" as well.

Clic for evidence )

No wonder people think I'm still 19. But hey, there wasn't all this cool stuff around when I was 16, so I'm buying it now.

In the evening we went to Demi's place and had dinner while watching the football match, then Demi's boyfriend came around, but we were all too tired to go out, so we watched a few episodes from "The Twilight Zone" DVD. I had never seen the series before, but now I understand why it's so famous. We only saw three episodes, but it was very clear that series is a milestone, there were situations or techniques that are still used nowadays. Like, there's someone at the wheel, he/she moves the rear-view mirror and sees someone sitting in the back seat. How many times has that been used? They didn't just invent a genre with that series, they invented a whole new part of the cinematografic language.

And it was very interesting to see how people in the '50s thought of the future, the idea of space-travel, the looming shadow of a nuclear war. It all reminded me of Philip Dick, who wrote some science fiction classics around that time and is one of my favourite authors.

But I was too tired to stay and watch more and I'm also easily frightened, so I called it a night around 1.30 am. I'd really like to watch some other episode, but not so late at night. :P

And it feels damn good to play piano after such a long time. *sigh*


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