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I'm still (slowly) working on that Mystrade fic. I'll finish it one day, I promise. For the moment, I'll just share an LJ infographic that makes me sound ancient. XD

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I celebrated my birthday with my friends last night. It was actually a double party, as one of my best friends' birthday is in a couple of days, so we did a "combined celebration" at a Mexican restaurant.

The food was delicious and I got A TON of presents. Also, my friends know me SO well. XD

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I've slowed down a bit in writing that Mystrade fic, but I drew something! It's just a quick sketch, but I wanted to post something for Valentine's Day, so here's some Mystrade sap.

Also posted on Tumblr.

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OMG I may have found a flat! :O I don't have a definitive answer yet, but this may be it. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, I've been working on that Mystrade fic I mentioned in a previous post. I'm just adding a few paragraphs a day, so I don't expect to finish it anytime soon, but hey, at least I'm writing, right? The Final Problem was such a gift for Mycroft fans and Mystrade shippers, I still can't quite believe it really happened. ♥♥♥
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All right, this is going to be COMPLETELY incoherent, but here we go.




Like someone on Twitter said: That was total fanfiction but I loved it. ♥♥♥
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All right, all right, I definitely need to rewatch The Lying Detective WITH SUBTITLES because WHAT THE HELL, I missed about half of Sherlock's drug-fueled rambling. At the moment, though, I can't really say I liked the episode. I mean, I liked some parts (mainly the Mycroft-centric parts, what a surprise), but the episode as a whole... Not so much. It felt like Moffat was trying too hard, wanting to shock and impress at all costs.

Also, was it really necessary to bring up Irene Adler again? Does Sherlock really need an explicit love interest to be a more "complete character"?

And I laughed so much at Lady Smallwood making a pass at Mycroft. I mean, really? I hope there's a reason other than THE LULZ.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to The Final Problem, it looks like there's going to be A LOT of Mycroft in it.
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LO AND BEHOLD, I WROTE SOMETHING! \o/ I wanted this to be a 221B drabble, but I'm quite pleased with it as it is, so I'm not going to add anything else. It's just a double drabble and I'm sure the idea inspired tons of other fics, but hey, it's something, right?

Title: A touch of red
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Rating: PG
Summary: Greg likes Mycroft's suit. A lot.

Also posted on AO3.

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So, I had quite an eventful New Year's Eve and I'm still trying to process what's happened.

But I'm not going to write about that. Today is Sherlock Day! I'll need to watch The Six Thatchers again (with subtitles), but here are my favourite bits right now.

There will be SPOILERS, obviously.

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So, I didn't finish the one fic I started this year (a TAB-inspired Mystrade), but that's not surprising, considering I had forgotten all about it and only started working on it again just before Christmas. I'll work on it some more after Season 4 and if it's not canon-compliant any more after the new episodes, well, I'll just consider it an AU.

Time for the usual end of year memes!

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Merry Christmas DW and LJ friends! I'm spending the day with my parents eating too much (as usual).

I haven't posted the Christmas cards I made for [personal profile] polarforscherin and [ profile] schwimmerin yet. I know the former arrived safe and sound, I hope the latter did too. Anyway, I'm putting them behind a cut, just in case [ profile] schwimmerin hasn't received hers yet and doesn't want spoilers. ^_^'

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It's a bit early for the Christmassy layout, but I've been in a Christmas mood the whole week, so who cares. Also, I'm working on the Christmas cards (I'm a bit behind schedule, but that's nothing new) AND I'm taking a day trip to South Tyrol to see a Christmas market tomorrow. So, yeah, let's bring out the Christmas layout! \o/
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I'm enjoying a well-deserved day off after last night's concert (I still did something work-related this morning, but at least I got to sleep until 9:00 AM).

Yesterday I saw The Cure live after... I don't actually remember when was the last time I'd seen them. 2008 probably. They played in Milan in 2012, but I was in Los Angeles at the time (I was SO pissed off when I found out); then in 2014 they played in London and I was really tempted to go: it was on my birthday's weekend and Suede were playing the day after, but I was in the middle of changing job, so I couldn't.

Anyway. The concert itself was great, at the end I couldn't believe they had actually played for 3 whole hours. The only negative thing was that I was standing very far away from the stage: when I bought the ticket (4 days after they'd gone on sale), the ones for the pit were already sold out (WTF), so I bought a "cheap" one for the section further away from the stage hoping I'd be able to make my way at least halfway through. I did manage to get closer, but then got blocked and couldn't go any further. The spot I found was actually great, I could see perfectly and had a lot of room to move about, but I'm just not used to stand so far away. (Also, I use the word "cheap" with inverted commas: the ticket was €56 FFS).

They played songs they don't often play live, like "Burn", "Never Enough" and "Wrong Number" (during which Robert actually said "Pronto! Pronto! PRONTO!", which is the Italian for "Hello!" XD). Also, during a song (I don't remember which one, could've been "Trust") Robert and Simon played leaning against each other. It wasn't the classic back-against-back leaning, it was like a half-embrace, shoulder against shoulder. And Robert completely forgot the lyrics for the first verse of "Lullaby" and just came up with random words. XD Oh, Robert.

And Simon is currently rocking a Clash/rockabilly look. I approve.

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I'm not really surprised to announce that my first Inktober was pretty much a failure, as I only drew 3 pictures. It's better than nothing, but still. On my defence, I can say that my free time this month has been spent either sick (2 weekends in a row, definitely not funny), proofreading (I'm helping out a neighbour on a project of his) or trying to find a damn flat. I even found what had the potential to be my dream home, but it was on the third floor without lift. And I mean European third floor, not American: ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor. The flat was great and the price reasonable, but the thought of walking up those stairs after a long day at work, maybe after a stop at the supermarket, carrying heavy bags... Not so much. Oh, well. It's frustrating, but I'm not giving up.

Anyway, here are my three Inktober drawings:

Inktober doodles )
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I'm very, very tempted to take part in Inktober this year. I haven't drawn (or written, for that matter) anything in ages and I miss it. I doubt I'll post a drawing every day, but I think I'm going to try anyway. I'll probably just post whatever I have on Twitter/Tumblr and then maybe a weekly post here?

We'll see. Wish me luck!
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I haven't posted anything about my holidays yet. Shame on me.

Holiday report - With pictures! )
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Seen "Star Trek Beyond". My friend and I were squeeing for most of the film.

In a week I'll be in Vienna. And in 2 weeks I'll be in Berlin. It feels... surreal. I don't know what to expect. A lot of tears, probably.

I realised I haven't written anything in ages. I have a couple of abandoned WIPs, I could try to write something down during my holidays, I always seem to get inspired while I'm travelling. Who knows.


Jun. 16th, 2016 08:59 pm
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Last weekend was amazing. On Saturday night I saw Easy Cure (The Cure cover band) and Mode Inside (Depeche Mode cover band). I've seen Easy Cure many many times, so I knew they'd put up a great show, but I didn't know Mode Inside. Well, they're brilliant. The singer's got a beautiful, deep voice and he's quite easy on the eye. ;)

And on Sunday night I went to a Duran Duran concert! Again, I didn't quite know what to expect: of course I know most of their hits, but I'd never seen them live before. Well, it was the best concert I've seen in a while. They even played Space Oddity by David Bowie! It was a Planet Earth / Space Oddity medley, followed by Ordinary World. I was actually close to tears, as both Space Oddity and Ordinary World are two of my all time favourite songs. T_T

And I suddenly remembered that my natural habitat is right in front of a stage. XD
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I should write a proper update, but right now the real important thing is this:


Clickclickclick, you know you want to )

I'd been wanting to buy it ever since I saw a picture of it at Lucca Comics last year, but it wasn't available on the Italian market at the time. I was also afraid it would be awfully expensive, but it wasn't, so I bought it as soon as I could. And I've been grinning like an idiot ever since I got it! :D

A real update may (or may not) appear soon(ish). Hopefully before the end of the month.

(Don't hold your breath.)
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I haven't updated this in ages. I'm getting lazier and lazier with my online activities, mostly because I really don't want to stare at my laptop screen in the evening. And whenever I do get online, I spend most of the time looking up flats. Which brings me to one of the activities that's occupied a good portion of my time lately: I've been looking for a flat for the last couple of months, but it's not easy. I've visited a few, both in Milan and in my hometown, but every time there's something that makes me go "No." I'll just have to keep looking, I suppose, but it's so frustrating. Also because Milan is notoriously very expensive (unless you choose a sketchy area, which I'm not going to do) and my hometown has become the second most expensive town in the whole province! T_T

Other than that, I started playing the bass again! I went to an Easy Cure concert last week and thought "Right, it's time to dig out the bass." I'm terribly rusty, but it's a start.

I should also finish the Mystrade fanfic I started writing last month, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

What else? I went to see Deadpool yesterday. I had no idea it was going to be so violent. I have to admit I've never read the comics, so it's my fault, but it was really too much. Or maybe I'm just getting more squeamish as I get older...

EDIT: I forgot to mention I also saw the LUPIN III film! My inner otaku has been squeeing ever since! #teamJigen 4EVAH! XD


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