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Dear American people, I have a question about university/college. Yes, it's for a fic. When a university accepts you, do you need to go in for an interview as well? Would it make sense for a student in 11th grade to use spring break to have a look at different colleges? Or is that something you usually do after you've been accepted, so in 12th grade? Or you don't do it at all?

Sorry for the stupid question, but the university system is completely different here and I really have no clue.

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As of today, the master's course is officially over.

Final project mark: 29/30.

I still don't know the overall mark, I'll have to wait 3-4 weeks for that, but for the time being that's it. What happens now? I'm going to the theatre where I did my internship to give them a copy of my project later, but other than that things are still the same. I'll keep looking for a new job and hope.

I'm going to a special showing of some short films from the Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart tonight, which reminds me of this notice. Sigh.

Happy Valentine to those who celebrate. I wasn't in the mood to write or draw anything, so have a photo instead.

Off to eat something. Bah.
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Oh God, it's only Tuesday. *collapses on desk*

The final paper for the master's is finally finished and printed, I'll hand it in on Friday, discuss it on the 14th (HAHA, Happy Valentine's to me) and then it'll be over. *sigh*

I'm still sending CVs around (I've sent 20-something in the last couple of weeks) but I'm getting more and more pessimistic. I know I have to wait, most of the announces I answered to were quite new and offices usually collect answers for about a month and then proceed to contact the potential candidates, so I just need to be patient, but only one place answered me so far, saying "Thank you for your CV, we'll let you know something after we're done collecting replies." Well, at least I know they got my email. I'd really like to get that job, but they probably won't choose me because I don't have a specific experience in that field. Why did I fucking accept this fucking job as a programmer back in 2004? I should've waited and chosen something I liked, or at least something I found interesting, but with my mother bugging the hell out of me about getting a job, it wasn't easy. And I really thought changing job wouldn't be so fucking difficult, but I was obviously wrong.

On the positive side, I got the ticket for the DÄ concert in Berlin on the 12th July. On the negative side, maybe my parents won't be home in that period and I'm supposed to be cat-sitting. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Random discovery of the day: Los Helmstedt on MySpace.

And the making of Sumisu:

Farin in vampire make up = ♥♥♥♥♥
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Free at last. I had the Sociology exam on Wednesday and now I'm finally on holiday. I'll have the last exam (Marketing) in September but I'm not going to think about that now. Also, I got a 26/30 in the Economy exam. I was a bit worried about it because I thought I'd totally messed up one of the questions; well, it turned out I did quite well in that question, but not so much in another one I thought I'd done fine. I'm a bit disappointed, but most of the class apparently got low marks in that specific part, and the average mark was 24 or 25, so I'm not complaining too much.

I still don't know anything about my damn internship, though. See, I wanted to do it in a booking agency in Milan, the one that manages the tour of some of the most popular Italian artists, but the professor chose another girl. Then the head of the agency told him he didn't want that girl because she hadn't made a good impression on him and things got really complicated.

Anyway, since my "first choice" wasn't available, I went with my second one, that is, an internship abroad, and more specifically at the Gewandhaus Orchester in Leipzig. Which would be AMAZING, because that would mean I'd be in Germany for the Ärzte CD and tour next autumn. BUT I still don't know anything about it. Well, if they don't accept me there I'll do the internship at the symphonic orchestra in Milan, so that's not a big problem, but I'd like to know if I have to spend 3 months abroad, I'll have to find a flat and everything. SO complicated.

Other than that, I finally saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I admit I didn't re-read the book before watching the film, so all the things they left out didn't bother me too much, also because I had found the book waaay too long, when I read it. Only a couple of things bothered me:

Under a cut, for those who haven't seen the film yet )

All in all, I liked it. And Snape and Sirius, boy, I was drooling half the time. The Italian actor who dubs Alan Rickman is brilliant, I was squeeing every time Snape spoke. And how can Gary Oldman look so hot at his age??? Helena Bohnam Carter was simply perfect, she was exactly how I imagined Bellatrix would be. And Tonks was cool as well.

Argh, tomorrow is the big day! :O Here, have a Snape sketch.

And last night I saw the new edition of "Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro". That's one of the funniest films I've ever seen. They can do ANYTHING with that Fiat 500! XD And Jigen is my soulmate, yes. ♥♥♥
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Rule #1 for a good karaoke night: sing at least one kitschy '80s song. And when I saw "Venus" by Bananarama I couldn't resist, I get totally carried away when I hear that song. Also, apparently I have a "very powerful voice" and can hold notes. I couldn't hear myself at all, but my friends assured me I did quite well. But "Venus" is a very easy song to sing, maybe next time I should try something a bit more... challenging? I was so tempted to sing "What's up" by Four Non Blondes, but I didn't want to butcher it. :P

And my friend Ste, who went with me to the Farin concert in Düsseldorf last year, told me to let him know when Farin goes on tour again, because he wants to see another concert! Hahaha, I turned him into a real fan! :D

I also bought the plane ticket for Berlin, I'll fly with EasyJet this time because it's much cheaper than AirBerlin, I paid 68,98€ instead of 129€. I'm leaving on the 2nd August and coming back on the 27th, which means I'll be on holiday for more than 3 weeks! YAY!

But I still don't know anything about my internship, neither when it'll start (end of September? October?), nor where they'll send me. There's a remote possibility I'll go abroad, either in England or Switzerland or Germany, but no one knows anything yet. I'm a bit worried I won't be able to see those Ärzte gigs I got tickets for, I had a look at various flying companies sites just in case and things aren't so bad, if I'm lucky and can take a day off I should be able to go with either RyanAir or EasyJet even if I'm in England. It would actually be cheaper leaving from London than from Milan.

But I can't make plans until I know something for sure. Argh, I'm getting impatient! :O


Jun. 21st, 2007 12:45 pm
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I probably got the easiest question of the exam wrong. *headdesk* No use fretting now, but we all had problems with it, it was written in an ambiguous way and the most obvious answer seemed too easy to be correct. Oh well, I got the first half of it right and the other 6 answers should be correct as well, so I should get through without problems.

*fingers crossed just in case*

I can't help thinking I made a stupid mistake, though. Why didn't I follow my first intuition? =/ Yes, I'm a perfectionist, or rather, a bloody control freak. :P
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Law exam: done. I answered to all the 7 questions, let's hope I didn't write utter rubbish.

But who cares! In 24 hours I'll be in Nürnberg! I'll sleep over at my friend's place tonight and we'll leave at dawn tomorrow, hopefully we'll be in Nürnberg around midday. I can't wait! :D
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Oh, Stockhausen, I love you!

But our singer wrote us an email saying he calls it quit. And when someone pointed out he owed us an explanation, he started throwing insults at us. WTF???
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I didn't go celebrate last night because I had to study, but I'm very glad to announce that



There are still 5 matches to go, but there are 16 points between us and the second team, so the first place is all ours. Finally, after years of suffering and being made fun of by all the other teams, we won. The last time was 18 years ago and our best players were Matthäus, Klinsmann and Brehme. So yes, it WAS a long time ago. I admit I was sceptic at first and thought Rome was going to win this year, but we made it. Era ora! And of course I wore my black and blue shirt to go to university today. ^__^

I've finally sent the request to join the DÄ fanclub, I don't know if I'll have time to go to the bank and send the money tomorrow, otherwise I'll just do it on Friday. Which is also my dad's birthday, damn, I have to buy him a present! Luckily I already know what to get him and where.

I'm so tired, I wish this exam was over already. I'm nervous about it because music is my "field of interest" for this course and I don't want to cut a poor figure with the professor. And her exams are extremely long, up to 75 minutes! How am I supposed to talk about electronic music for 75 minutes? *panics*
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Just had the first exam of the master, Theatre and Society. Basically the history of theatre, starting from Greek theatre, and its relation with the various societies in which it developed. Yes, the master is organised by the faculty of sociology after all.

Mark: 28/30. I'm VERY happy. :D

So now I have 3 days of partying ahead of me: tonight we'll "inaugurate" Ste's new flat, tomorrow and Sunday night we'll celebrate my birthday. Some of my friends can't come tomorrow, so we'll just celebrate twice. Hehe.

And a thing that made me grin like an idiot:

Sverige? )

Luuunch! Why am I always hungry these days? =/
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I didn't disappear from the face of earth, I've just been busy with university. I've been studying for the first exam of the master's, the one about theatre, and talked with the professor about the internship. Everything is still very vague, but I hope I'll be able to do something interesting. The exam is next Friday and after that I won't have lessons for 2 weeks, I'll use that time to study for the music exam. I'll probably visit my aunt in Abruzzo and hopefully go to Rome for a couple of days. It's high time I visit my own capital. :P

Last night I took a break from studying and drew a cartoon:

The nurse costume is an inside joke, but I hope you'll find it funny too.

And I bought the tickets for Rock im Park! YES! :D

Off to eat something now, I'm starving.
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I've finally found Backerbsen for my mum! We had soup with Backerbsen when we went to Tyrol together more than a year ago and she was very surprised, she told me she used to eat them when she was a child but then they disappeared. Every time I went to Germany last year she asked me to buy her some, I did when I went to Berlin, because you can find pretty much everything in Berlin, but I didn't find them in Düsseldorf and Köln, also because I didn't have much time to go shopping. But then I remembered there's a little shop in Milan that sells products from Südtirol and I felt I would find them there. Today I happened to pass in front of it, I got in and bingo! It's so easy to make my mum happy. :)

Today we had a lesson at the Auditorium (not at the conservatory like I wrote yesterday) with the director of production of the Orchestra Verdi, Italy's most important symphonic orchestra. Since most of my course mates don't know much about music, he started by explaining which instruments are in a symphonic orchestra. And here there was the "DUH" moment of the day. He was saying "So, there are different sections: the strings, with violins, violas etc etc. Then woodwinds and brass: in the woodwinds we have flutes, clarinets etc etc, in the brass we have trumpets, horns etc etc. And then we have the percussions." At this point someone asked to the girl sitting next to me: "Percussions? Are they part of the brass section?"

WHAT? I know only 4 of us want to work in the music field, all the others are interested in theatre, but COME ON.

Anyway. Last night was fun, we kept the volume a bit lower than last week and I didn't have a headache today. We played our song too, the singer sang it for the first time. It was strange hearing him sing my lyrics, I was a bit embarrassed but he likes the text, so everyhing's fine. We didn't record though, maybe next week.

Still working on the interviews, I'll post them as soon as I come up with some interesting questions.
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Why do I never have the energy to update anymore? I only have lectures in the morning, I shouldn't be so tired. Last night I pretty much collapsed in bed around 9 pm. 9 PM! I must be getting old.

Anyway. We played in a new rehearsal room on Monday, it was smaller than the old one but the sound was much better, the bass sounded great. But the volume was MUCH higher, I got up with my ears still ringing yesterday morning. Ouch.

And our keyboardist told me he and his girlfriend want to go to either Rock am Ring or Rock im Park and I can go with them! YES! RiP is closer so we're probably going there, but we haven't decided yet, he told me he just wants to live the "festival experience" and he doesn't really care where we're going. As for me, as long as I can see Die Ärzte, I'm happy. :D

There shouldn't be problems for Bela's concerts either, I'll have to do an internship but it's supposed to start after the summer, so I should be free all August. I still haven't decided if I'm going just to the solo gigs or to the festivals as well, but if I'm going from Potsdam to Mannheim, why not Mannheim - Taubertal? It's not that far. Now that I think about it, I could leave a couple of days before the Potsdam gig and visit my friends in Berlin too. Mmh.

But I'll have to concentrate on studying now, I'll have the first 2 exams in a couple of weeks. We have to choose a theme and do a little research on it, for "Theatre and Society" (or whatever that course is called) I'm doing Greek theatre and for "Music History and Management" I'm doing the development of electro-acoustic music. Some of it is very technical, but it's very interesting too.

And now I'll go to bed. Gah, I'm really getting old.
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Yes, I'm still alive. After fighting for days against the guestbook (die ASP, die) I'm finally done:

Zu viel Alkohol backstage - A Bela B. y Los Helmstedt comic tribute

With a brand new comic-strip to celebrate! Please, take a look and let me know if there's anything not working or something that needs to be changed. There shouldn't be problems with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but I don't have Netscape, I hope it works with it too. If everything's OK I'll send the link to Wayne and Danny too hehehe.

And while I'm talking about Los Helmstedt, BELA'S GONNA PLAY AT OPEN FLAIR IN AUGUST! YES! And the tickets are MUCH cheaper than RiP or RaR. Thank you very much to the lovely Almut for the link. :) They'll probably play at Taubertal andsomewhere else as well, but it's not sure yet. Oh, I can't wait, I can't wait! :D

Other than that I don't have much to say. Uni is OK, the course has 2 main specialisations, theatre and music, and most of the people are interested in theatre, which means less competition to find an interesting internship next autumn. Yesterday we had four hours music theory, only 2 people in the whole class understood what the professor was talking about and I was one of them. ^_^ I'm a mediocre musician and never spent much time studying theory, but damn, everything she was saying was so easy to understand, while the others were all lost when she was talking about polyphony or tonal chords. A girl even asked "What's a melody?" DUH.

Next week we, as in "the band", will record some songs! Just covers, because we only have one song of our own (*cough*Iwrotethelyrics*cough*), we'll make a demo and give it to a girl, if she likes it we'll have a little gig in May. *PANICS* Time to start practising. FOR REAL.
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As the title of this entry says, I've finally started studying Japanese! :D I'm doing a conversation course, at the moment we're just learning sentences like "Hi, my name is...", "How old are you?" "I'm ... years old", very simple stuff, but I'm so excited! Sugoi desu ne! :D (Which means: "So cool!" ^_^)

I'm not often online these days, I started the master's last Monday and would use the uni lab, but they haven't activated my account yet, so I'm stuck with my slow dial-up connection at home. Also, I was about to strangle the prof when she said "If you listen to a violin in real life and try to record it, the sound you get is different, but with amplified instruments (electric guitars, basses etc) the recorded sound is identical to the real sound, so if you go to a pop concert the sound is the same as the one on the CD." WHAT??? :O

Talking about the internet, I don't have a site at the moment, my old one got deleted along with all the other sites hosted at (RIP), I have some free webspace I could use, but I'm thinking of buying a domain and creating a portal for all my stuff, such as the DoitComics project, the Los Helmstedt comics and, of course, my fanfiction and fanart. And eventually adding other little projects if I have the time and energy to do them. It will take some time getting it all back online, but hopefully I'll make it, I've already found a hosting service and decided the domain name, I just need to actually buy it.

I want to play "Du willst mich küssen" and "Erna P." because, damn, the bass lines of those two songs are just brilliant. *goes to tune bass*

But before I go, a little eye-candy. Oh, Bela...

Oh, Bela... )
Found on

Oh, and happy Carnival everyone. *throws confetti in the air*
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So Monday was my first day back at uni. It's been all right so far but I'm feeling sort of jetlagged, I went from working 10 hours a day to only having lessons in the morning, it feels so strange, I still need to get used to it. And I have this weird idea that if I enjoy what I'm doing, then it doesn't really count as working, so I'm feeling guilty for doing a course that will maybe allow me to have an interesting job. Why do I have to be like this??? And some of my "classmates" are so idealistic and naïve, it's obvious they haven't experienced the working world yet, I feel so cynical compared to them. I mean, I've always been quite cynical, but some of their comments made me go "Oh, come on, you can't really believe that!"

Oh yes, today's Valentine's Day. I wanted to post a little present for my LJ friends and, of course, it turned out awful. But I'm going to post it anyway because I'm too lazy to redo it. (I actually tried to redo it, but it turned out even worse. *sigh*)


LJ-cut? What's an LJ-cut?
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Damn, my site is gone. I had a subdomain at, apparently someone else who had a subdomain there was hosting illegal material (as in, copyrighted material) and when the hosting service found out they deleted the whole domain. Luckily I have a back-up of all my files on my PC at home, but it'll take a while to upload them all again. *sigh*

But I have good news too! I got the official confirmation that I was accepted at the masters! YAY! :D Two more weeks and I'll be back to being a student. Gah, that's so strange. The negative thing is that I won't have money (well, I could work in the weekends and/or evenings, but I won't have a steady income like I have now); the positive thing is that I'm going to have 2 months holiday in the summer. :D

And, uhm, when a colleague says "Why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow, my flatmate's away and I'm home alone", he's only saying that because he knows I'm at the hotel all alone and I may like some company, right? He's just being friendly, right? RIGHT? *paranoid*

But tonight was fun, I went with these two colleagues of mine to see Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters in Turin for free. They're really good musicians and even played "Shame and scandal" by Madness! Oh boy, I love that song. And "Messico e nuvole" was brilliant, it was at least 20 minutes long with lots of improvisation and bits of 5 or 6 other songs thrown here and there.

And I met [ profile] schwimmerin yesterday! She's in Italy with her mother for a couple of weeks, I met them in Milan in the afternoon and showed them around a bit, I hope I didn't make a total fool of myself. She gave me a little tiger plushie with a Harvard T-shirt on and I gave her a Farin drawing. I'm SOOO predictable. :P

I'd better go to bed now, I woke up at 5 this morning and I'm starting to feel a bit tired now...

But I must show off my new icon first! It's Wayne and Olsen from Los Helmstedt! The caption is courtesy of Paule. Oh, those two...
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Before I start rambling, here are two little videos I took in the hostel in Cologne and on the train to Frankfurt. Starring Nicole, Chris and me.

Only the best hotels for Ärzte fans on tour

Ärzte fans make the Deutsche Bahn richer

Thank God the week is over. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were a nightmare, I couldn't understand a thing at work, I spent hours just looking at screens and screens of code (think Matrix), trying to figure out what the hell I should do and failing miserably. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown on Wednesday, at one point I went to the toilet and started wheezing and shaking, I was afraid I would break down and cry, but luckily I didn't. That night I went out for a drink with my colleagues, I was tempted to just go back to the hotel because I really wasn't in the mood for going out, but in the end I went, I didn't want to spend another evening alone at the hotel. And then yesterday things finally started to get going. I didn't know how to fix the problem simply because it couldn't be fixed! We need to change a part of the standard code that usually doesn't have to be changed, but we explained our problem to some super-expert and he told us to change it. So the problem wasn't my incompetence in the end, the solution proposed by the super-expert is identical to the one Ihad proposed. Duh.

Anyway, I had the interview at university today and, even if I'll have to wait till next Friday for the official results, they told us that they're probably going to accept all of us (there were about 25 people at the interview.) I'm SO relieved! I guess my almost-breakdown was caused by all the pent up stress related to both work and university and now that things are (hopefully) clearing up, I feel much better.

I also did a bit of shopping today and bought the most adorable skirt ever!

It's so '50s! )

It's not really the most flattering model, but it's just so pretty, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. They only had 2 left and one of them was my size! That's fate!

Ad just for the hell of it, a photo of my adorable fur ball. His name is Spillo and he's a bastard, but how can you resist those eyes?

*purrrrr* )

And I've got drabbles to post! But I'll do it tomorrow, I think I'll just collapse in bed now.
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I didn't go to the concert on last Saturday, but I saw Afterhours last night. I'd never seen them live before (*cough*Ididn'tevenknowthelyrics*cough*), but the concert was quite good. Demi's boyfriend told us we were lucky, the singer is very moody and gets annoyed easily, sometimes they play for 45 minutes and then just walk away. Insulting the audience. Last night they seemed to be in a good mood though, it was the last concert of the tour, so maybe they wanted to leave a good impression.

Anyway, the mood was ruined when Demi told me she'd heard a few people complain about the Master's I want to attend, saying it was badly organised and that she thought I should look for something else. Damn. Maybe it's just because it's a new course and the first year there are always problems, I hope it'll be better next year. I'm going to the interview in January anyway, I don't want to give up on this, I really don't. She also said "Why don't you go abroad then? Go to Germany!" Well, as much as I'd love to go abroad, I don't have any kind of practical experience in that field, that's why I want to attend this course, to see what it's like from the inside. And then, when I have some experience, I'll think of going abroad.

And in the meantime I'll try to improve my German, which is quite awful at the moment. All right, that's not true, I was one of the best of my class in the course I did in Berlin last summer (typical scene: "Does anyone know what this mean? No one? I'm sure Alex does" :P), but I'm fucking scared of talking in German. Which is stupid, I know, just like I know the only way of overcoming my fear is to actually speak. Being in Berlin on my own helped a lot, even if there were times when I simply gave up and talked in English, because it would have taken me an hour to say what I wanted to say in German. =/

But the night ended on a more positive note. Little premise: there are a few bands I've heard of from people on my flist, or read about on magazines, but I've never actually listened to their songs. Sometimes I discover them by pure chance and think "Oh, that's what all the fuss was about!" Well, last night I finally heard a song by a band I've read much about and that I've been wanting to listen to for some time.

I was driving home with Radio Rock FM on and at one point I heard a song in German, which was very surprising, as the only German band who sings in German known in Italy is Rammstein and that was obviously not a Rammstein song. (All right, there was "Ein, zwei Polizei" too, but that was a looong time ago. :P)

I turned up the volume and tried to make out the lyrics, I'd missed the whole first strophe, but I could clearly understand this:

Ich geb euch Liebe
Ich geb euch Hoffnung

I liked the song very much and was very curious to know who the band was, then the chorus came on:

Gott ist ein Popstar!

And I said "Fuck, that's OOMPH!" I was shocked, I'd never thought I'd listen to them on an Italian radio station. And when the song was over, "Amerika" by Rammstein came on. So weird, two German songs in a row. Maybe if I pester ask nicely they'll play Die Ärzte as well? *big shiny Puss in Boots eyes*

And I dreamed Danny Young was playing in our band and I accidentally met him in my garage. My brain is seriously messed up. XD And while I'm talking about Los Helmstedt...

Oh, I'm such a fangirl... )
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NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I've just found out that Easy Cure, a very famous Italian tribute band of The Cure, played at my favourite club last Friday! TRAGEDY!!! Why didn't I get their newsletter? I usually get it, why not this time??? I wanted to check their site ( last week but I was busy at work and forgot. Aaah, it's not fair!!!

And my right wrist hurts like hell. I shouldn't have played so much during the weekend, but our guitarist keeps proposing songs with bloody difficult bass lines and since I'm not such a great bassist, the only solution is: practise practise practise till your hands fell off. So now my wrist is dead, but I can play "From out of nowhere" by Faith No More half decently. And I found a pair of abandoned drumsticks in the rehearsal room last night, which I promptly grabbed and took home, so now I can practise the infamous "drumstick twirling" HAHA! We're taking a 2-week break now, because our guitarist is going to Cameroon to visit his girlfriend's family, so I have time to recover and practise some more.

On the university front: I told my boss I want to attend that Master's and feel very relieved. I was a bit worried at first, I'm leaving a good job, but I've thought it over and I'm sure about my decision. When I started working here I had decided I would try for a couple of years and then do something else; I had sort of forgotten my original intention but now, two years later, I really have the chance to change. Let's just hope everything works out fine.

And I started writing slash again. I still have that [ profile] drabbles100 project to finish after all... ;)

Oh, and I've just found the BEST quote ever, written by my favourite Italian journalist:

"Un italiano non ha bisogno di assaggiare qualcosa per dire se è buono. Un italiano lo sa."
Beppe Severgnini

("An Italian doesn't need to taste something to say if it's good. An Italian knows.")


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