May. 13th, 2013 04:35 pm
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Okay, I've come to the conclusion that, to avoid getting mad every single day at work, I'll just have to assume that everyone is an idiot. Everyone. The latest example: students who enroll for a school year or semester in the USA need to send us a copy of their immunisation history, we translate it and forward it to our American partner. Said American partner informed us that some schools may want to see a paper copy of the certificate, so students should bring a copy with them. So I sent an email saying "Please bring a copy of your updated immunisation history with you." My boss made me add "Please bring a copy with you in the USA, do not send it us." I thought she was exaggerating.

Today I receive a reply from one of the students: "Here is my certificate, it's attached."

If you heard a thud a couple of hours ago, it was my head hitting the desk.

So, yeah, I'll just laugh about this. And look at the pretty new pics of Scott out and about in LA looking adorable with a bit of white in his beard.

Two pictures here )


Sep. 14th, 2012 10:53 am
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Okay, this? Is the most adorable thing I've seen all week:

Don't worry, no spoilers )

I'm not very active on LJ these days, I mostly don't feel like getting online when I get home in the evening, so I just sneak in at work when there's nothing to do. And I never mentioned how last week's concert went. I'll just say this: not only did my friend win 2 tickets, we had free parking, a private area that we shared with 4 other people (a bit too far away from the stage for my liking but, hey, free tickets, right?) and access to a bar with free drinks and a small buffet. I could get used to that. :)
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I saw these pics earlier and thought back of my surf lessons in Santa Monica. Sigh.

But this made me smile again: socks! :D

And I think we're all jealous of this woman:

Source and full size: Twitter

Right. It's Friday! Only 5 minutes of work left! And tonight I'm going to a concert with a friend who has free tickets AND is driving! Whoo! \o/

(We're going to see Negrita, I like them but I've never seen them live, so I'm looking forward to the concert. And I've just found out they'll be on tour in the USA next month. I'm impressed.)
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Ready to go and see "The Exorcist" on stage at the Geffen Playhouse. But not before I show you this:


Scott looks so tiny when he's all snuggled up against standing next to Alex. :3
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Man, knowing that Alex and Scott are just a couple of miles away from me has been driving me a little crazy today. I had already planned on going for a walk in Beverly Hills today and when I found out that the CBS TCA thing was being held at the Beverly Hilton I couldn't help making a little detour to see if maybe I could catch a glimpse of someone. Of course I didn't see anyone, but thank God for Twitter which brings us stuff like this:

And pictures like this:

And this:

They obviously know what they are doing and have a lot of fun doing it.

In other news, hi, I got back from San Francisco safe and sound. Did I even mention I was going to SF? Maybe not. Oh well, the trip deserves its own post, so for now let's just keep fangirling. Seriously, these two... ♥♥♥
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Source: Twitter

EDIT: Apparently it's an old picture, but I'd never seen it before.

Right, I'd better go to sleep now.
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I think the subject of this entry says it all, but let me repeat myself: I GOT A HUG FROM SCOTT CAAN! ASDFGHJKL!

Okay, let me start from the beginning. So, it was closing night tonight, I arrived at the Falcon early as usual because of the bus and spent 40 minutes or so at Priscilla's, the lovely little café where I'd gone with [ profile] bluedelft, her sister and [ profile] gyri last Sunday after the show. I had some coffee (I was craving caffeine) and a delicious muffin. Around 6:40 PM I headed over to the Falcon and was so relieved to see Scott's truck there. Before the play I bought a copy of "Two wrongs" and spotted the actor who plays Deeks in NCIS:LA, the blond actress from Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (I'm sorry, I don't even know their names, I should look them up) and Claire van der Boom (Rachel in H50). I overheard Claire telling Kacy "You're going tomorrow!?" I'm glad that poor Scott won't have to take a red-eye to Hawaii straight after the performance, poor thing. But yeah, he won't be at the blessing ceremony tomorrow. There were also quite a few familiar faces, but I couldn't quite place where I'd seen them.

The play was brilliant again and the audience was really loud. And I mean, really loud, it felt like watching a sitcom with fake laughter in some points. Weird. Also, for the people interested (you know who you are), Scott was wearing black socks with multi-coloured polka dots.

The rest behind a cut because it's getting long )

My God, this entry turned long and fangirly, but I'm not surprised. AT ALL. Also, if somebody is interested, the song playing after the first scene is called "16th & Valencia Roxy" and is by Devendra Banhart. I think it's officially become the song of this summer for me.

And now I can try to get some sleep.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 09:28 pm
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Just watched "Mercy". And I'm so glad I'm alone in the apartment right now, because I swear, I was about to cry when the story reached a certain point (not gonna spoil, if you watched the film you know what I'm talking about).

And, interestingly enough, the story has pretty much the same structure as the one I'm writing for the workshop, going back and forth through flashbacks, so I can use it as a loose template. Actually, our assignment for next week is to watch three films, analyse them and break them down on a timeline/plot structure, so it was a very lucky coincidence that I watched this movie today. I had actually planned to watch "A beginner's guide to endings", but it wasn't available on Netflix. Oh, and Netflix. Thank God for Netflix. Too bad we don't have it in Italy, I guess I'll just have to watch as many films as I can in these 2 months.

Also, I recognised Holly Valance even before she turned towards the camera. In my defense, I knew her well before I'd even heard about Alex.
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A few days ago I read somewhere that the production of Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0 would start on July 9. That is, the day right after the closing performance of "No way around but through". But I thought that "production" doesn't necessarily mean that they'll start shooting right away and even if they do, they could start with scenes without Danny in them, because poor Scott, give him a couple of days to adjust.

But then this morning I read that the blessing ceremony for Season 3 will take place on July 9 as well. In the morning. And I guess Scott will have to be there, right? Which lead to this terrible thought: what if he's not there for the last performance on Sunday night? I mean, the play is brilliant and I'll love it anyway, and I'm sure the understudy is good too, but it wouldn't be the same without Scott.

And now this thought will be nagging at me until Sunday. Boo. :(
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Seeing Scott's play made me realise I should go to the theatre more often. I could even go to my town's theatre for free (the perks of writing on the culture page of a local newspaper), but I usually feel bad playing the "press ticket" card. And there are so many theatres in Milan, still I just go maybe once a year. That's a pity and will have to change in the future.

That said, I leave you with this:

Clic for full size and source

You're welcome. Goodnight.
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I couldn't fall asleep last night and I'm pretty sure things will be the same tonight (and that coffee I had after the show may have something to do with that but man, was it good). So why not update LJ right away?

I'm so glad I got a ticket for tonight. It was a very spur-of-the-moment decision (made at 1 AM), but a really good one. I started squeeing even before I got to the theatre, as I was still on the bus I swear I saw Scott's truck driving in the opposite direction. I mean, it's a very peculiar truck. And when I arrived, his truck wasn't there, so it might as well be him.

Kacy was there, like yesterday, and Lauren German was in the audience too. I chatted with [ profile] bluedelft and [ profile] gyri (and the invisible sister ;)) before the show and during the intermission and I actually got to talk to Scott after the show! I didn't say much, but as he was signing authographs and [ profile] bluedelft said the trip had been worth it, I said my trip had been worth it too, so yes, I played the "I came ALL the way from Italy" card. And he was like "Oh, really?", looked right into my eyes and rubbed my arm. As he was walking away I added "I'll see you next week." He thanked me, smiled that sweet smile of his and rubbed my arm again. ASDFGHJKL

Then we went to say goodbye to Val Lauren, who was chatting with Lauren German, and everyone was saying how glad they were they had come from Boston or Maine and I said I was glad I had come from Italy. Lauren was all "Really? WOW" and Val seemed really impressed, he just looked at me with big eyes, said something like "That's hardcore" and gave me a high five. More ASDFGHJKL.

I had planned to take the bus to get back and, as it was still relatively early, we went to a café nearby to chat a bit (hopefully I didn't make a total fool of myself there). But I never got to take the bus because it just wouldn't come, so I just called a taxi. Who cares, I can spend a few more dollars, I'll start saving when I'm back home in September.

Man, this has been great so far, I'm really looking forward to the last show next week!
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I think the title sums it up quite nicely. So, yesterday I went to the Falcon to see "No way around but through". The play was brilliant and Scott was amazing. And I even saw Scott before the play! I arrived early because I was using the bus and didn't want to risk being late, so I was there around 6:30 PM, just as the last people who had gone to the 4 PM show were leaving. I went to the Starbucks Coffee in front of the theatre and just as I was sitting down at a table outside the whole cast came out, complete with Dot. You can tell I was squeeing inside. Then, when I was done with my cappuccino, I went for a walk around the block, as it was still quite early. And as I reach the traffic light, who comes towards me carrying Dot across his shoulders??? God, I had to look away because I was sure I had the most idiotic grin on my face.

The play was great, with a lot of funny lines and moving moments. But I don't think I want to know how come Scott is so good at describing disfunctional relationships. Oh, and the actress playing Gabrielle in Hawaii Five-O was in the audience too. After the play I got over my shyness and said hello to [ profile] bluedelft and we chatted a bit until the cast came out. I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick, I swear. I did manage to get a picture with Scott, but I was really too nervous to say anything and he was talking to someone, so I didn't want to bother him.

I was so excited when I got home that I couldn't sleep. So what did I do? I got online and bought a ticket for tonight as well. Oops? So, YAY, more Scott tonight! \o/


May. 4th, 2012 10:26 am
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Sorry for the capslock, but really, I'm so excited! I bought a ticket for the 30th June and one for the 8th July (closing night). The tickets are second row for the 30th and front row for the 8th. I didn't want to get a front row ticket at first because I tend to get uncomfortable and nervous when I'm in the front (yeah, I know, I'm weird), but then I thought "Who cares!" and got it. *flails*

The animated version of this pic would be very appropiate right now, but I don't have it on this computer. /o\

EDIT: This definitely made me forget about how nervous I was yesterday about an article I wrote. It was just a "Things to do on a spring weekend in our town" article, but I got all anxious about it for some reason.

Wait, WHAT?

Apr. 6th, 2012 11:31 am
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Scott Caan will be starring in a play (that he wrote) in LA in June?!/jazzsquare/status/187711636096815106/photo/1

I am more of an Alex fan, but if the play is at the end of June when I'm there, I'll definitely think about going.

Also, I started drawing that pic I mentioned the other day. The sketch is done, I'll work on it some more tonight, hopefully I'll be able to post it tomorrow. :)
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Oh man, my friends really did surprise me last night. We went to see Easy Cure live and then stayed at the same club because it's one of the few places in Milan that we actually like. After the gig we went outside for a bit and I thought they just wanted to give me my present. Well, it turned out they had a cake in the trunk of P's car! I felt a little bit like Steve in the latest H50 episode and I guess I must've had the same expression too. :3

They got me some really cool presents: this watch, an Asimov book, mascara and shoe laces (pink with black music notes and grey with little black skulls).

The concert was great, Easy Cure are really, really good. We chatted a bit with the singer later on, we had already met him a few times (D. and I even went to London to see one of their gigs a few years ago) and he used to work with my friend V, so it was like a reunion.

But now I'm dead, I'm not used to going to bed at 4:30 AM anymore!

PS Just found this on tumblr. Spot-on, I'd say:

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Lookit what PLenkov retweeted yesterday:

Everyone knows it )
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Because I'm a hopeless fangirl and I clearly spend too much time online, here's the extended version of the Alex O'Loughlin interview I posted yesterday:

I adore this man. The way he goes "WHAT?!" when the woman says Scott didn't want to take off his shirt (yeah, Alex, I bet he takes it off all the time when he's with you) and then just snorts with laughter. And the Star Trek references. And when he says his publicist and all the CBS people were probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of all the bullshit he was saying. Never, ever change. <3

And a Scott Caan interview too:

Oh, Scotty, you're sooo smooth. I loved how he looked lost for a moment there when the interviewer said "I'm not wearing a shirt, I'm wearing a dress". Pwnd, Scotty. XD


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