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So, I gave in to my curiosity and watched Sherlock in Italian. To sum it up in 2 words: "bloody" and "awful". At one point I actually said "There are no words to express my disgust", I really did.

I only watched part of the first episode, there is just so much I can take. Let me point out a few things:

- I already knew the actor they chose for Sherlock has a completely different voice, but I also know it must be difficult to find someone who can talk as fast as Benedict, so I decided to give him a chance. Sadly, his performance was disappointing and his voice sounded totally wrong.

- For John they chose the same actor who dubs David Tennant in Doctor Who. And that was very weird. I mean, he's a good actor, but I was expecting the TARDIS to appear any minute.

- Lestrade and Mycroft's voices were surprisingly decent. And Mrs Hudson's was spot on. I supposed there's just so much you can mess up, something must be acceptable. For statistical reasons, at least.

- The translation. Oh, man, the translation. I know I'm a perfectionist and I've known from the start that the opening scene of "The Great Game" would be impossible to translate (I watched those 5 minutes out of curiosity and they did mess it up), but it was even worse than I feared. English dialogues tend to be shorter than Italian ones, so sometimes you just have to cut a few bits to keep the voices in sync, but entire parts got cut off for no reason! Not very important parts, but it was still annoying. For example, at the end of "Study in pink", when Lestrade tells Sherlock to meet him the next day and then says "Off you go". It's said very quickly and it's not essential to the plot, but there was still time to add a quick "Vai" ("Go") at the end. But they completely skipped it, so you can see Lestrade nodding and moving his lips and not saying anything. (EDIT: All right, I watched that bit again and it's not so badly done. Could've been better, though.) And the "Try not to start a war" line, they completely cut off the "You know what it does to the traffic" part! That way the sarcasm gets completely lost! *curses*

- The courtesy form. All right, it's always a bit of a problem, because there isn't such a thing in English and people doing the translation have to decide when 2 people stop using it. But, for heaven's sake, they kept using it throughout the whole episode. They're two 30-something men, they become flatmates and the story is set in today's London. When John goes to see the flat and Sherlock tells him "Oh, don't call me Mr. Holmes, just Sherlock", well, I was expecting that would be it, they're on a first name basis now, you can drop the bloody courtesy form, thank you very much. But they didn't. It was so irritating. Thank God they switched to the normal form in episode 2 (I only watched a couple of minutes of it to check).

- Some sentences sounded positively ancient. We're not in the 19th century anymore, for fuck's sake.

- They fucked up Moriarty's name. Let me try to explain. A lot of English names aren't pronounced correctly in Italian and I can understand that. We don't pronounce the H in Holmes, for instance, and that's OK, really, it's not a problem, I do it as well. I was half-expecting them to change the accent in "Anthea" because, for an Italian, it would be natural to put the accent on the E, not the first A. But no, they kept the correct pronunciation. Only to change the one for Moriarty. If an Italian saw the word "Moriarty" and had to read it, it would probably put the accent on the A, which, by pure luck, is close enough to the original pronunciation. So why the fuck did they have to change it? *curses some more*

All right, this was long and ranty and utterly useless, but man, I needed to vent.
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Been trying to write Sherlock/John. Fic turned out incredibly angsty - and not in a good way.

Been trying to draw Holmes/Watson. Finished pic. Realised I hate it.

Well, at least I've got tea. Sigh.
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First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE! I wish you tons of happiness, you sure deserve it. *hugs*

And then.

I'm quite pissed off. As you probably know, I'm helping a certain party with the local electoral campaign (somewhere along the way I became a candidate too, but that's not important). The elections are getting closer, and the people in charge decided to invite a very famous politician for Sunday. Someone thought it would be a cool idea to have a band play as well, so I told them some friends of mine play in a band and sent them the link to their MySpace page. And that pretty much started the list of things that are currently pissing me off.

1) No one replied, not to the email about the band, nor to another one in which I'd asked something about the campaign. So much for internal communication being important.

2) I met the guy who was supposed to choose the band and he told me they can't let my friends play because of their name. They're called "Deluded by Lesbians", the name probably disturbs the Catholic part of the party (which, unfortunately, is quite strong, I've noticed). All right, you don't want them? Just fucking tell me so I'll inform them, they can't sit around all week not knowing whether or not they're gonna play on Sunday.

3) No one had thought of informing the head of the party about the concert. One of the councillors was there and she was quite pissed off when she found out.

4) No one had thought you need to actually organise things, a concert won't just pop out from nowhere. One of the guys told me some time ago he was very happy I decided to help them, because he wouldn't know where to start if the had to organise an event. Yet, I was told nothing about this big event. I thought that maybe they had asked a pro to take care of things, what with the big politician coming to our town, but no, it's quite the opposite. You want to know just how disorganised they are? This is the state of things as of last night:

- The event should take place in a park and no one thought of asking a licence to play a concert on public ground. They just took it for granted they'll be allowed to, because the councillor is one of us. Needless to say, the councillor was not amused when she found out.

- No one thought of asking a permit to use electricity. Hello? How do you think all that stuff is going to work in the middle of a park?

- No one thought about getting an amplifying system. But if they didn't think of electricity, how could they have thought about amps?

- They didn't think of getting a STAGE! But this is something the head of the party should have taken care of. What the fuck, an important politician is coming over and you don't even have a small stage and a mic? They are going to have a stage somewhere else on Friday, but they can't pull it down and put it back up in the park on Saturday, because they have no technicians in the weekend. Well, why didn't you organise the two events in the same location?! That would've saved you a lot of troubles!

I don't know, maybe I'm too fussy, maybe these are details I only noticed because I want to work in that field, but things like these really piss me off. I mean, putting up a concert isn't so difficult, the only difficult part is finding the money. As for the rest, you just need to sit down and make a list of the things you need. Hell, I'm not a pro and I've never organised a concert from scratch, but I've been to enough gigs and studied event management after all, if they had just asked me, I could've explained them all the things they needed to do. Most of the work consists of getting licences and permits, anyway.

Also, I find it quite disheartening that one of these people is a young environment engineer and he had no idea you need to contact the electric company to use electricity in the park. What the fuck do they teach in university these days?
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Looking at pictures from last night on the DÄOF forum makes me so envious. ;__;



Today I sent a story to the Arthouse Tacheles in Berlin! They're organising an event with Italian artists and are looking for artists, musicians and writers. They're never gonna choose me, but I decided to give it a try anyway and sent a story I wrote a long time ago, but that was completely rewritten for the occasion. Keep your fingers crossed for me! >_<

And now: rant time! A few weeks ago I wrote about a super secret graphic commission I got. Well, since it's over I guess I can talk openly about it now. I'm collaborating with the Democratic Party for the local elections and they asked me to draw their logo. I accepted and asked them if they had already something in mind, like certain colours, certain symbols etc. They said I could do whatever I wanted. After a quick brainstorming with one of the guys who are in charge, we decided to do something using either white, green and red (the Italian flag colours and the colours of the national Democratic Party logo) or something with blue and green, our town's colours. I did a quick sketch when I got home that night. The next day, the guy calls me and says "Say, can you finish the logo tonight? We want to send it to the local newspaper." I panicked a little and told him I had only done a rough version of the white/green/red one, if he gave me more time I could do a few different versions so they could choose the one they liked best. He said not to worry and to just send him what I had. The next morning I get an email from another of the guys saying not to use white/green/red, but blue, green and orange instead. Orange? Whatever, that's your logo, not mine. I come up with a couple of versions at work (luckily there wasn't much to do that day) and send them over. He's not really convinced. I work on them some more at home and send him the new versions. He says maybe they'll wait and send the logo to the newspaper the following week, so I'll have more time to work on it.

And that was it. I asked him about it the next time I met him and he said they still hadn't made up their mind. Then a few days ago they sent me another email asking me if I could fix another logo, changing the name of the candidate and turning "President" into "Mayor". I did and sent him the finished pic. After a couple of days I wrote to him asking if the second logo was all right and if they had news about the first logo. He replied the second one was great. As for the first one, they decided to have it done by a professional graphic designer.

Now, the first thing I'd told them when they asked me to draw their logo was "Are you sure? I'm not a pro." They were sure. I also told them that if they didn't like it they just had to tell me, it wouldn't be a problem, I wouldn't get offended. But now I'm quite annoyed. I mean, you want to go and get a pro? Fine, just tell me. What if I had wasted nights working on it? I'm doing you a favour here.

Whatever. I'm going to the theatre tonight, that will definitely improve my mood.
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What do you mean the DÄ concert in Linz is AUSVERKAUFT? What the fuck, I can't make such long-term plans - and more than 2 months in the future is extremely long-term for me right now. I know that, if I really wanted to go, I could find a way: on the fanclub forum there are always people who sell their ticket because they can't go, but it's still annoying not being able to plan one's life in the slightest. Like, I'd really, really love to visit Japan, but I would have to book things with at least six months advance to get cheaper flights and accomodation. And I can't do that right now. Also, I was hoping on a Bela B y Los Helmstedt tour next year, but someone had to go and have a baby, so now who knows when he'll be on tour. IF he's going to tour at all. *frustrated*

Man, I really hope that, even if I can't find a new job, I will at least be sent somewhere else in January, things are starting to become unbearable here. Today we're 12 in this fucking office with no windows and cables everywhere, yesterday we were 13, all sitting at the same table.

Another thing that annoys the crap out of me is the attitude of some of the people here. Like, two different people (men, of course), in two different occasions, said "Well, women have it easier, they always find someone to shag, even if they are ugly." Do you assume we go around asking random guys "Hey, wanna shag?" Jeez. Also, that implies that, if you still don't shag, you must be "worse than ugly". And what could possibly be worse than a tragedy like that? Being invisible? Being a complete and utter loser? No wait, I got it: it's being an arsehole like you, fucker.

Thank God I'm going to see Farin in 3 days.

O rly?

I must iconify this pic.

Found @


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:42 pm
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I knew today's job interview would be completely useless, but they're the only ones who called me for something that isn't SAP-related, so I went. All right, they did call me because they were looking for a SAP specialist (and it turned out it's for the same society where I'm currently working as a consultant - D'OH), but when I told them I'm looking for something else, they said they're looking for a marketing/communication specialist as well, so I decided to give it a go.

Well, besides telling me I don't have enough experience in the field (I already knew that, thank you very much. But I'll never have experience if no one lets me work), the guy I spoke to pretty much told me I've waited to much and it's too late to change job.

What the bloody fuck. I got a degree at 23 1/2, I started working (as in, a real job, in an office and everything) at 24, I got this job at 24 1/2, I got fed up a couple of years later and attended a Master's, now I'm 28 and I'm screwed?

Well, FUCK YOU. You and that son of a bitch of my professor who decided to send that bitch to that music promotion agency where I really wanted to go, without an apparent reason. Three people wanted to go there and he chose her just because. And of course while she was there, one of the assistants of the boss resigned, so they kept her after her internship was over.

It could've been me. It SHOULD have been me. And last time I met her, she even complained because she was "forced" to go to concerts she didn't like, because the bands were too "mainstream".


EDIT And of course my story isn't even among the twenty stories that will be published. Why the fuck do I even bother?
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If you're still wondering why I sometimes feel ashamed of being Italian and why I've been thinking of moving abroad:

Something rotten in state of Italy


And the post I wrote on the subject in my Italian blog: Osteria Italia.

In short: yesterday Prodi (the current-almost-former Prime Minister) lost the vote of confidence at the Senate and all hell broke loose: a senator fainted, some were insulting each others and some were even drinking champagne to celebrate the fall of the Government.

Why can't Italy be a normal country? We've got so much potential, with tourism and art and fashion and design, why do our politicians have to ruin everything?
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A new office. How long I'll stay here is still a mystery. Maybe they'll send me somewhere else on the 4th February.

I'm fed up of this instability. I just want to be able to know where I'm gonna be in 2 months time, I don't think that's asking too much. I hope at least one of the places I'm sending CVs to will answer.

In the meantime I'm translating my CV into English and German and looking for language schools in Berlin. As soon as I have the final mark of the master (I'm going to discuss my final paper on the 14th February) I'll contact the schools asking them if they need an Italian teacher for the next semester.

And I WILL take part in that literary competition this year, dammit.

PS When I read about Heath Ledger's death in the newspaper this morning I thought "WTF? It's going to be all over my flist..." And, of course, it is. RIP Heath.
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I'm totally without voice. Last night I went to Ste's place and V's boyfriend asked me "Did you inhale some helium or something?" HAHA. =/

I lost my voice on Friday night at some point around 11 PM. Did I mention I had to stay at the office until HALF PAST MIDNIGHT? Bastards. There was a program that needed to be done before Saturday, we had been working on it for days, doing and redoing it, with no written documentation that explained us what the fuck the program was supposed to do and whenever we fixed a problem a new one popped up and of course on Friday they found a million problems and bugs no one had noticed before. Typical. Plus my boss isn't answering phone calls and I don't even know where I'll be working next week. Yes, I'm only there because I need the money and only until I find something better, but fuck, things are getting unbearable.

On the positive side I'm almost done writing my final paper for the master's and last night my friends and I finally exchanged Christmas presents. I got a Lenore Cooties comic, a Betty Boop playing guitar earring and 6 Nightmare Before Christmas guitar picks. They're a bit too thin and soft for bass playing, but they're really cool, with holograms from the film on them, or whatever you call those images that change when you move them (please tell me you understood what I'm talking about), I'll try them out but probably won't use them too much for fear of ruining them.

And I really liked what I was wearing last night: a black long-sleeved turtleneck under a deep red short-sleeved shirt, jeans, my new shoes (nothing fancy, but they're really comfortable and warm AND they were a present), one of those long plastic pearl necklaces (black, of course) that are pretty much everywhere these days, a studded belt and a studded bracelet I got for only 90 cents. I felt very retro-rocker and was even complimented on my outfit, which is always nice.

I think I'd better turn off the PC now, my eyes are starting to burn and I feel like I'm getting a temperature. Damn.
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No. Oh, no. I'm thinking of it again. Searching a job as an Italian teacher and moving to Berlin.

Why should I? I have a good job with a good income. Too bad I hate it. Well, maybe hate isn't the right word, but programming has never been my dream job. It's tedious and nerve-wracking at the same time, I definitely preferred the things I did during the internship at the theatre. But I was jobless when I got the offer 4 years ago and it sounded interesting at the time. And I thought "If I don't like it, I'll look for something else." But actually finding something is another thing entirely.

I've always said I would never become a teacher because I have no patience at all, but everyone keeps telling me I'd do great. I tutored pretty much my whole class during high school, and in Maths, the subject I hated most. Plus some English and German tutoring during university. Teaching my own language shouldn't be too difficult, I mean, I am a grammar freak after all. I even look up the etymology of words in the dictionary and find it funny. A bit of a brush up and...

There I go again. What's this need to leave it all behind and just run away? It must be because yesterday I was wasting time on MySpace and came across Schwarwel's drawing course. I remember I had read about it last summer, when there was still the chance I would do my internship in Leipzig, and since the course takes place there I thought "Whouldn't it be cool if I could make it?"

But things didn't go that way.

And then there's my writing. If only I could find a way to make a living out of it, but finding a publisher is so damn difficult. And all I have are short stories and unfinished novels. I thought of collaborating with some websites, and that's why I opened an Italian blog, but that's not easy either.

Why can't I be happy with what I have? What the fuck is wrong with me?
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I apparently have a new weird kink I wasn't aware of: hair. I saw this picture earlier:

and I had the insane urge to run my fingers through Rod's shiny dark hair. The explanation is quite simple: I WANT STRAIGHT HAIR DAMNIT. Curly hair may be nice to look at, but it's a pain in the arse to manage. There are about 2 millions hairdos I'd like to try out, but they all require straight hair. Or at least 30 minutes of my precious sleep-time every morning to tame the beast living on my head + a ton gel/hairspray and lots of swearing in case of rain or humidity. And since Milan is the most humid city in Italy, it's not really worth it. *sigh*

On to more interesting things. You know the nose piercing Farin got back in 1994/95? I've always found it bloody adorable, but a little bit of out character. Hence this drabble. I'm quite sure at least 2 people on my flist will like it. ^_^

Title: Gold
Fandom: Die Ärzte
Characters: Bela B, Farin Urlaub
Prompt: 099 - Writer's choice
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Contains mild slash

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. The people portrayed in this story are real, but I use their "public personas" as if they were fictional characters. No libel or copyright infringement intended.

Bela enters the bathroom and smiles. Farin is still standing in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection with a frown.

"It looks nice."

Farin goes on studying the brand new golden ring adorning his nose, his brow creasing further. "Does it?"

"Yes." Bela walks up to him and hugs him. He presses a kiss to his shoulder and smiles. "It matches your hair."

"It's weird."

"It's sexy."

Farin rolls his eyes. "You always say that when you're trying to talk me into something. Especially something extremely foolish."

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" He grins. "Now, about your nipples..."

>>> Table of prompts for [ profile] drabbles100
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The mystery is finally revealed. I didn't get the stuff I ordered on Amazon because all our mail has been lying at the post office for 3 weeks. Because there aren't postmen who can deliver mail in our part of the town.

What. The. Fuck.

People get their mail even on top of mountains and we don't because "There aren't postmen"? And no one even thought of telling us? I was worried and wanted to go to the post office and ask what was going on the other day, because we haven't been getting any post for 3 weeks now, and that's strange, I mean, a least a holiday card? Did the whole world forgot about us? Luckily a neighbour had the same idea, he went and explained us we need to go there if we want our mail. My mother was so pissed off when I told her. Well, what if we were waiting for something important? Fuckers.

Anyway. I was checking the [ profile] drabbles100 table of prompts yesterday and I noticed I've already written 50 drabbles! I'm halfway through! Too bad it took me more than a year. :P

Oh, well. Here, have some random Ärzte photos.

I love Farin's expressions. And Rod's. And Bela's. So predictable. *sigh*
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YES! I pwnd the office proxy! I can check LJ! (Uhm, I hope I won't get in trouble because of this?)

Anyway, onto more serious things.

As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm not particularly proud of being Italian. There are a lot of things I don't like about Italian society and Italian attitude, but I like even less all the prejudices foreigners have against us.

The latest one: an Italian immigrant currently living in Hannover raped and tortured his girlfriend and the German judge accorded him a reduction of sentence because of his "cultural background". Apparently the judge thinks that in Sardinia, where the man was born (in 1978, not in 1878 might I add) it's normal for men to beat and torture women out of jealousy. The first thing I thought when I heard this was "Had he just finished reading Lombroso's theories or what?"

Here's a link to the piece of news, in Italian because I didn't find anything in English (or German):

Is this the image people abroad have of us Italians? I know we have a lot of flaws, most of the time I say we don't even deserve to be in the European Union at all, but seeing that there are still people who think we're all primitive and violent makes me so very sad. It's like saying all Germans are Nazis. So, so sad.
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I've just got an idea for another Los Helmstedt cartoon. Actually, it will be a whole comic-strip this time, but I don't know if I'll be able to draw it. I'll just do the storyboard and see what comes out of it. I also need to get a new website, as the old one is gone forever. *one minute silence*

For the moment here's a drabble.

Title: Last Christmas
Fandom: Die Ärzte
Characters: Bela B, Farin Urlaub
Prompt: 092 - Christmas
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Contains implied slashiness.

"What do you mean, you can't remember what present I gave you for Christmas?"

"Last December was such a busy month, I forgot half the stuff that happened back then."

"And my present belongs to the forgettable stuff, doesn't it?"

"Don't make such a fuss about it. I'm sure it was amazing and I loved it."

"Oh yes, you loved it all right." Farin leaned down and whispered something in his ear.

Bela blushed to the roots of his hair. "Right. That one."

Farin gave him a devilish grin. "You won't forget anymore after I'm done refreshing your memory tonight."

>>> Table of prompts for [ profile] drabbles100



Yesterday was my last day of work, a day which risked to be ruined because a fucking pickpocket tried to steal my wallet at the station in Turin. >:O I was in front of the ticket counter when the girl in front of me told me: "Someone's just tried to steal your purse."

I thought it was impossible at first because I hadn't noticed anything, but when I checked I saw the zip of my bag was open. *cue panic* Luckily nothing was missing, one of the men at the counter had seen everything and yelled something at the thief, who promptly went away. My wallet was under a layer of stuff, tissues, biscuits and a tangerine, and my little bag was so stuffed the bastard would have had some difficulties stealing it anyway, but the fact I didn't notice ANYTHING creeped me out. The guy at the counter even said the thief had opened my bag while I was walking! And I didn't notice! :O

I'm always very careful, especially when I'm in train stations, I always wear my bag across the shoulder and keep it in front of me, sometimes I even turn it around so the front side faces my hip. You need to lift a flap and open the zipper to actually reach inside, so I try to make it as hard as possible for pickpockets, but yesterday it had slid behind my back while I was walking and the bastard took advantage of my distraction at once. *sends curses to the fucker*

The first thing I did when I arrived in Milan was hugging my dad and telling him everything. I didn't tell my mum though, she's already anxious enough. And needless to say, I was so nervous I woke up 3 times last night. *sigh* But nothing happened in the end, I'll just try to be even more careful in the future.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to vent.
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Someone kill me and put me out of my misery, please. Work is driving me crazy, thank God the week is almost over, I really can't take it anymore.

Last night I FINALLY saw Brokeback Mountain. And of course I had to write a ficlet about it. *shakes head* It's in Italian, I'll post it at [ profile] slash_it in a day or two. I wanted to write a Bela/Farin drabble for [ profile] drabbles100 too, but I neither have the time nor the energy at the moment. Damn job.

Also, a couple of days ago there was a story in the news about an Italian who had been beaten up by a group of skinheads in Berlin. Well, it turned out he wasn't beaten up at all, he was just totally drunk and tripped in the U-Bahn station of Alexanderplatz, as proved by the security cameras. The world is full of idiots.

And the new Government doesn't convince me at all. The only positive thing so far is that the Environment Minister comes from the Green Party, as for the rest... There are 25 Ministers. What the fuck, we don't need so many! They are just trying to give a slice of power to everyone, so they won't protest too much once things get going. And of those 25 Ministers, only 6 are women. In Chile there are 20 Ministers, 10 men and 10 women. And the Prime Minister is a woman. Why do we have to be SO behind? It's a wonder we're even in the EU, I'm afraid one day they'll just kick us out.


But hey, there's some good news too! I ordered Bingo at! With a discount of 1 euro! X) Now I just have to wait, it should arrive in the last week of May. Mmh, Bela...
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We won. I am somewhat relieved, but disappointed too. Berlusconi got 24% of the total votes. That's an awful lot, are Italian so blind? Or naive? Or just plain stupid? How can people still believe what he says? Can't they see he's only worked for his own interests in the last 5 years? He doesn't care about Italy's problems, he's just trying to stay out of jail and make as much money as he can in the process.

And someone's already talked about election fraud. Che paese di merda.

But anyway, there's some other good news: the mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano was finally arrested today. He had been on the run for 40 years. And where did they find him? In a small house in a Sicilian village, does the name Corleone sound familiar to you? Yes, the one from "The Godfather". And then I wonder why there's the cliché of Italy = mafia... *shakes head*
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I wanted to write about my weekend. I wanted to post pictures. I wanted to rave about how scorchinlgy HOT Bela looks in the "Mein Teddy" video.

But I won't. I won't because I'm just so angry right now. I really shouldn't watch the news while I'm having breakfast, it always ruins my day. Dear foreign people on my flist (that is, 90% of my flist), if you're thinking of coming to Italy on holiday, go ahead and do it, we've got beautiful towns, the weather's usually nice (the stress being on usually, so don't expect eternal summer or something), the food is good. But if you're thinking of moving to Italy to live here, let me tell you just one little thing: don't. Please. For your own good.

Italy is fine for a holiday, but it's hell to live here. We've always been behind compared to the rest of Europe, it was a common condition among Southern European countries, but while countries like Spain have evolved in the last decade, we stayed where we were. And the current government only made it worse. I've never been so ashamed of being Italian. Sure, I've never been particularly proud of my country, but things are ridiculous now.

We're the joke of Europe. And not a funny one. Our Prime Minister is a corrupted thief who collaborates with the mafia, owns 3 private TV channels, dozens on magazines and "indirectly" controls public TV. Cardinals and bishops have more power than politicians. Rents in cities like Milan are ridiculously high. When my friend A. from Berlin came to visit us last month he went to greet the guys with whom he shared a flat when he lived in Milan and told us that now they pay 490€ each for the rent. I don't remember if 3 or 4 people live there, but even if there were only 3, that would make a total of 1470€ a month.

What. The. Fuck. And it's even close to the Politecnico (technical university), so there are a lot of students in the area, students who have to pay almost 500€ a month for a room. My friend told us that he pays less than 490€ a month for a whole flat in Berlin. Sure, it may not be in the centre, but it's 10 minutes from the S-Bahn in the B-zone, just like his flat in Milan wasn't in the centre but was 10 minutes from the underground. And people wonder why so few students go to university.

I know that every country has its problems, but we're a desperate case. We're going to end up like Argentina, we'll wake up one day and have nothing left. I've always said that I want to go away, but recently my parents said they're scared of living in Italy too. I just hope that with the elections next year something will change. But Italians are so stupid that they may even vote Berlusconi again. If that happens, I'll seriously start thinking of leaving the country.


There. I needed to vent. See you tomorrow for the usual carefree, fangirly post.


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