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So, apparently there are idiots out there who think the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were caused by karma and are a sort of payback for bombing Pearl Harbor. Well, I only have three words for those people: San Andreas Fault.

I know that not all Americans are like that (I hope they are just a minority but hey, they elected Bush twice), but reading such comments really makes me sick


Oct. 3rd, 2010 04:06 pm
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Yesterday was definitely not my day. It all started with a little thing, i.e. one of the two claw clips I was wearing snapped and broke - something that happens pretty often, my hair is murderous. I didn't have time to go back home and grab something else, and those were the last two small clips I had anyway, so I made do with just one. Then, while I was driving to the underground station, I moved the rear view mirror slightly (I cleaned up my car the other day so it was a bit out of place) and TLAK, it came off. I was like "Ffffffuuu, what do I do now!?" In the end I just kept driving using only the side mirror. Then, in an escalation of bad luck, while I was going to a Japan fair (which was very poorly organised and definitely overpriced), I sprained my ankle. It's something that happens at least once every couple of years, so I thought nothing of it at first, but I ended up standing and walking around a lot, so by the time we sat down in a pub, it hurt like hell. And, last but not least, as soon as we left the pub, I started feeling sick and half-fainted on the way to the underground. Again, that's not too unusual, but it usually happens in summer, when my blood pressure is very low, or when I haven't eaten properly, whereas last night I had just eaten. Maybe it had something to do with my ankle, which was swollen and twice its normal size, I don't know. Anyway, I put some ice on it when I got home last night and today it's much better, but it's still swollen and red and it hurts a bit. Luckily I didn't have any plans for today, but it's still annoying. =/

Job hunting

Jun. 7th, 2010 02:32 pm
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So, I started job hunting again. I already sent a few emails while I was still in Berlin and of course I got no replies. I know this is the norm in Italy, so I decided I'm going to give them a call: I don't care if I come across as a pain in the neck, I'll just say I wanted to be sure they received my email.

Yesterday I also thought I could look for a job in Canton Ticino (the Italian part of Switzerland), because, really, anything to get away from this country. I had taken into account that some job offers would require French, since it's one of the three official Swiss languages; what I wasn't expecting was the required knowledge of Swiss German. I'm ready to learn French if I have to, but Swiss German? I have enough problems with Hochdeutsch, thank you very much.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 11:31 am
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I can't fucking believe it. There is another Italian fan in the fanclub, we have the same name and were both born in 1980! :O We are soul twins! :O

Also, Bela's new photos are criminally beautiful. Why is his girlfriend so talented? ;_; You can find three of them and an interview here:

Two more are on his MySpace:

Also, if I had known there's a hostel in Montreux, I would have booked a bed there. But I wasn't even sure I would go until last Thursday and now there aren't free beds anymore. Oh well, Die Ärzte are going on stage at midnight and they're probably going to play a couple of hours (they did play almost two hours at Frequency two years ago, and they started at 1 AM!), I'll just spend a few hours at the station and take the first train in the morning.

And what the fuck. Someone wrote me a message on the DÄOF forum and asked me how the concert in Hamburg was. This guy had already sent me a message some time ago, I said it was great, he asked me where I was standing and when I replied "Second row in front of Farin" he said "Well, you're not so young anymore, do you really need that?"

WHAT THE FUCK!? I'll stay where the fuck I want to, thank you very much! >:O

Holy fuck

Jun. 15th, 2009 10:56 am
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Last night there was an explosion at the power station, which is 5 minutes away from were I live. I was watching TV when the sky turned bright orange and I heard a low, deep rumble. At first I thought "Who's the idiot playing with fireworks?" But I quickly realised the light was just too much and it couldn't be fireworks. I went to the window and saw a big column of fire that turned into thick, black smoke. A typical mushroom cloud. I live on the first floor and, even if there are houses between my block of flats and the station, I could still see the tips of the flames.

We still don't know what caused it, nor if there were casualties, hopefully everyone's all right.

Article and photos:


Apr. 8th, 2009 04:08 pm
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For the LOL: Wort des Tages @ [ profile] deutsche_kultur is "Pizza". Since when is pizza a German word?! TS.

For the RAGE: a journalist of the TG1, the most important Italian newscast, bragged about the audience share they had with their earthquake specials. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Here, for those of you who can speak Italian:

I'm disgusted.


Feb. 26th, 2009 05:21 pm
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Sammy, don't get mad, but the way this girl talks totally reminded me of you. XD


And another one:

Infant thongs! XD
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Please, tell me that's a fake tattoo.

Screencap from this video, thanks to [ profile] flaschengeist for posting the link.

The little star-tattoo was so cute... ;_; Did he cover it up because it reminded him of his ex?
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Why can't people spell my surname correctly? It's only 6 letters, it shouldn't be that difficult. All right, it's not so popular like those typical Italian surnames (Rossi, Esposito etc), in fact, if someone has my surname, you can be sure they're related to me. But really. Six bloody letters.

First, this morning I finally got an entrance badge at work, after I've been working here for, oh, 10 months? So I won't need to ask the receptionist for a temporary badge every morning. And guess what, on the list my surname was spelled wrong. Wow, I've only been filling in your bloody entrance form every morning for the last 10 months, you could at least check.

Then, ten minutes ago, I got a phone call from a job agency that began like this:

Guy: "Hello? Miss Oxxxxxx?"

Me: "It's Oxxxxx."

Guy: "Oh, sorry."

WTF, people. Besides he said he was calling me because I had answered one of their job offers last November, but he wasn't actually calling me about that specific offer, but since they had my name in their database maybe I was interested in working as a SAP consultant for one of their consultancy agencies?

Whatever. I refuse to let the stupidity of mankind ruin my good mood. I'll just think of being in Berlin in less than 2 months and seeing Bela and listening to his wonderful voice and pretend the real world doesn't exist.
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I was having a look at Kai Sehr's website (the guy who directed the "3-Tage Bart" video) and stumbled upon this ad:

All right, it's just an ad. All right, I make fun of all those "stereotypical Italian clichés" as well. But it's starting to annoy me. Also, I'd like to know something:

Dear non-Italians on my flist, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Italy? Be honest, please, I'm not going to get offended if your first thought is "mafia", "pizza", or "Berlusconi", I'm only curious.

And, speaking of Italy and Italian, I'm translating the lyrics of all the songs from "13" in Italian for a friend, and I'm having a lot of fun.

EDIT: Another video on Italian stereotypes, this one made me laugh so much I had tears in my eyes:

Unfortunately it's in Italian with Dutch subtitles, but the story is: family goes to an Italian restaurant, Italian waiters and cooks comment on the daughter's beauty and say unfortunately she's going to become just as ugly as her mother in a few years, everyone laughs, father gets annoyed and says (in Italian): "Hey, you spaghetti eater, if you're done chatting with your pals, can you bring us our food?"

I found that hilarious because it's SO TRUE. Generally speaking, Italians don't speak foreign languages, maybe they can speak some English, but that's it. Therefor, they think foreigners can't speak Italian, and feel free to comment on them. Very loudly. I say "they" and not "we" because I'm always very careful when I'm abroad, I don't want to end up in situations like that. XD

Be careful, fellow Italians, be careful...


Dec. 23rd, 2008 04:41 pm
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Apparently there was an earthquake not too far away from here less than half an hour ago. I didn't feel a thing.

Other than that, the FURT concert was great, Ste and I stuffed ourselves with food like we always do when we go to Germany together and we had a lot of fun in Hamburg.

Concert report and pictures will follow.

EDIT: You probably won't be able to read it today, but:


Why? WHY?

Oct. 14th, 2008 01:15 pm
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I opened to see the weather forecasts for the next weekend in Zürich (yes, I know it's still early, bear with me) and was greeted by this picture:

I thought "Oh God, what did he do NOW?"

Well, he did this:

*headdesk* And the photo! They look like a married couple or something. *washes brain with bleach*

Well, at least I have some good news too: I bought the tickets to Zürich for less than half the price, 49€ instead of 104€, because there's a special "Switzerland promotion". Everything is going SO well, I'm afraid something terrible will happen to compensate. Or maybe... IT'S THE POWER OF ROD'S LOVE! He's doing all this so I can see him! YES! XD

And they opened a new ticket office in Milan's Central Station and, man, it looks like a European station now, not a Third World one. Finally. I only hope they'll remember to put on signs in English too, now there are Italian-English signs but in some places, like near the old ticket office, the signs are only in Italian. Ehm, hellooo, how are foreigners supposed to understand where the new office is? *shakes head* That's the Italian way, baby.


Oct. 10th, 2008 05:05 pm
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So, has a shiny new layout, and when I saw this pic I just had to turn it into an icon.

Other than that, I missed a phone call yesterday, it figures that I had to get it in the 2 minutes I left my cell phone on the desk to go to the toilet. I searched the number on the white and yellow pages online but couldn't find it and thought "OMG, what if it's someone calling me for a job?!" I called them back, but there was an answering machine, and there wasn't even a message, only a *BEEP* and then "Recording". Yes, in English. Weird. I tried again today, and it was indeed job-related, but it was the CONSULTING AGENCY OF DOOM! I'm not gonna mention names here, but that's the WORST agency I know of, you always have to work extra-hours, they send you here and there without even asking if that's all right and, even if you've done all your work, you have to stay in the office until at least 8:00 PM to show you're working.

And people working there think they're better than anyone else because, hey, they work for the biggest consulting agency in the world. I know a few people who used to work there, and they all ran away at the first chance. I also had the misfortune to work with them before, so I know what I'm talking about.

And this is the third time they've tried to hire me. I'm glad they think I'm good enough for their precious company, but NO THANKS, YOU'RE EVIL INCARNATE!

PS And why did I get paid €200 less than last month?! *rage*
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I should be working on a program but I need a break, so I'll just write about the amazingly weird dream I had last nighty.

I was at a DÄ concert (oh my, what a surprise!) with my friend Sara, we were standing in the fourth or fifth row on the right, and when the concert was about to start, I thought "Fifth row isnt't enough, I wanna get to the front!" I started squeezing my way towards the center and spotted Almut, but when I reached her, a lot of people went away and the roadies started taking the barricades down. After a few confusing moments we were told the concert was going to take place somewhere else. We were in a sort of park and I knew there was another stage outside, so I rushed out. The other stage was separated from the rest of the area by huge, massive doors, and just as I was approaching they slammed shut. I shouted "NOOO!!!" and was ready to kill someone, but when I pushed them, I realised they weren't locked. I got inside and saw three people on stage, talking with the audience. The were dressed in marines uniformes and, at a first glance, looked like BFR. When I got closer, though, I saw they were only lookalikes, and they were explaining the concert was going to take place somewhere else and the real BFR wanted us to guess where.

I walked outside and went to another area, where fans were already waiting in front of a small stage. The left part was completely empty and I thought of sitting there in the front, but then I saw the left part of the stage, the one where Farin stands, was completely occupied by shelves and I thought "Wait, they can't play here! It has to be somewhere else!"

But before I was able to discover where the real concert was going to take place, I woke up.

Yes, that was a weird dream, but I wouldn't put it past DÄ to organise a treasure hunt like that. Maybe that's what Bela meant when he said next year DÄ are going to do something no one's ever done yet? :P

And while I'm talking about concerts, a couple of funny quotes from Budapest.

Farin: "One... MWHAHAHA... Two... MWHAHAHA... Three... HAHAHA: The Count!"
Rod: "Did you say 'the cunt'?"

Farin: "Why you people keep throwing up your arms?"
Bela: "Why you people keep throwing up?"

*shakes head* Who is crazier, the band or their fans?


Sep. 24th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Well, our new dentist sure has a subtle sense of humour. There's a fish tank in his waiting room and guess what fish he's got? This, this and this. HAHA.

Also, yesterday I got the results of my latest blood exams (I get checked every time I donate blood, which is about every four months) and looking at them, you could think I'm an anorexic girl about to die:

Red blood cell level: too low
Haemoglobin level: too low
Hematocrit level: too low
LDL cholesterol level: too low (I got 63, expected value is 130-200)
Triglyceride level: too low
Ferritin level: too low

Doctor's note: eat more red meat.

D'oh. Well, at least they didn't give me pills against anemia this time. I guess I'll just never be a vegetarian.

Anyway, things to do today:

- Work (Boo)

- Finish Budapest Konzertbericht

- Finish BBYLH comics

And, related to the video I linked to yesterday: Germans make fun of us, yes, but we make fun of them too:

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Still not done with the BBYLH comics, I wanted to draw more last night, but fell asleep around 10 PM. Meh. Besides, I'm writing a concert report for the DÄOF fanzine, they still need reports for a few concerts, and I decided to give it a go and write about the Budapest gig. I think I'm writing too much, though. I'll probably post it here before I send it, so my almighty German-speaking friends can tell me what they think of it, ie: how many mistakes I made and how many Konjunktive I I've forgotten. :P

Other than that, I've been wanting to post about this for some time: you know the Leo online dictionary, right? A few months ago, they added an Italian version (yesss), as well as a Chinese one. Every language has its own little Leo mascot and I had a big WTF moment when I saw the Italian one:

Plain Leo

English Leo

French Leo

Spanish Leo

Chinese Leo




WTF Italian Leo??? XD

The Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau are the smartest ones, the Spanish and Chinese ones are just your typical "traditional clothes" version, but what's the Italian one supposed to be??? Should it be a mafioso? It looks like something out of Saturday Night Fever to me.

Or maybe...

HAHA, is it bad that this "typical Italian guy" reminds me of Bela? XD *hides*

We have a word for people like that, btw: tamarro. XD Also, thank God I don't sound like that when I speak German. Hopefully. Really, "lappe-toppe"? o_O

PS Yes, I'm going home 2 hours earlier today!
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OMG, I'm probably the last person on earth to know this, but I've been looking for this comic book FOREVER! It's not the whole thing, but OHMYGOD! *fangirly orgasm*


Stefano finally booked the flight to Hamburg. If he had booked it when I first told him to, about 2 months ago, we would have paid only 99€ but, oh well. Farin, I hope you'll play a brilliant concert, or I'll get really bitchy about it.

Watching Wayne's interview before going to sleep last night caused me to have one of the most absurd dreams ever: I was at home and, for some reason, the next day Bela would be in my hometown for an interview with Lee Hazelwood (WTF?) that would take place right in front of my uncle's home (WTF???) around 10 AM, and I thought "That's perfect, I'm always there around that time!" Because, for some reason, in my dream I was working there. The next morning I woke up terribly late (TYPICAL!) and when I arrived, everyone had already gone and I was desperate, because HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED BELA IN MY HOMETOWN. Someone told me they had sold some tickets for their concert (Bela playing a concert with Lee Hazelwood in my hometown???) and then went away.

I was so depressed I wanted to kill myself, but my aunt saw me (not the aunt who actually lives there, God, this dream was really fucked up) and told me she had something to show me. While we were talking I saw someone in the big parking place down the road and thought "That totally looks like Bela!" Then I saw a lorry parked there with Wayne and Lula standing in front of it and I thought "OMG I have to go and say hello!" At that point I realised I was wearing my pyjamas (WTF???) and my jeans were right next to the lorry! So I would have to pass in front of them, wearing my pyjamas, if I wanted to get dressed. I tried to sneak past it, but of course Wayne spotted me and started chatting in English and I couldn't understand a word, so I just walked to where my jeans were and was like "Uhm, yeah, I'll be right back." Meanwhile Bela had seen me too (and I was still wearing just my pyjamas, God, I wanted to die) and, for some weird reason, the place turned into a big open-space office and the creepy guy from work was there (someone kill me), complaining because I was awfully late.

I think I can sum it all up with a nice WTF?

And because I have nothing to do, a meme.

Concert meme! )

Oh, my...

Sep. 14th, 2008 04:35 pm
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Demi's right, there must be something wrong with me: I've just baked a cake. o_O

The official reason is that my parents are coming back from their holidays tomorrow and I still had all the apples they had left me, so I thought I'd use them that way. But I'm still getting a bit worried, until some time ago the thought of baking a cake would've never crossed my mind, unless my friends were coming over or it was some special occasion.


And while I'm talking about my parents: my dad told me my mother made friends with a group of German tourists at the hotel where they're staying. Of course she can't speak a word of German and only one of the German people could understand Italian, and only a little bit. My mum could make friends with an alien, I'm sure...
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Lat night I dreamed one of my classmates from the Master's Course, whom I haven't seen in months, had a crush on me. And today I saw him! At least, I'm pretty sure it was him, his hair is much, much longer now and he was wearing sunglasses, I was coming back from lunch break with a colleague and only had a quick look, he was cheking some paper and, since I wasn't really sure it was him, I didn't stop to talk to him.

Still, that's really quite creepy. I should just pursue a career as a fortune teller, what's with the premonitory dreams and checking my cell phone 10 seconds before receiving a call or message...

And I'll avoid talking about the latest wave of depression that hit last night. I hope it's just hormone-related. *sigh*


Apr. 29th, 2008 02:46 pm
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Surreal conversation of the day:

Me: *looks at a poster* "WTF??? The Sex Pistols are playing at the Heineken Jammin' Festival this year? Are they still ALIVE???"
Colleague: "Who? I've never heard of them..."
Me: *has heart attack" "They pretty much invented punk back in 1976!"
Colleague: "Oh, OK. And they're playing in Italy?"
Me: "Yeah, at the Heineken Jammin' Festival along with Vasco." (Italian "rockstar")
Colleague: "I've never been to a concert, you know..."
Me: *DIES*


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