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I'm enjoying a well-deserved day off after last night's concert (I still did something work-related this morning, but at least I got to sleep until 9:00 AM).

Yesterday I saw The Cure live after... I don't actually remember when was the last time I'd seen them. 2008 probably. They played in Milan in 2012, but I was in Los Angeles at the time (I was SO pissed off when I found out); then in 2014 they played in London and I was really tempted to go: it was on my birthday's weekend and Suede were playing the day after, but I was in the middle of changing job, so I couldn't.

Anyway. The concert itself was great, at the end I couldn't believe they had actually played for 3 whole hours. The only negative thing was that I was standing very far away from the stage: when I bought the ticket (4 days after they'd gone on sale), the ones for the pit were already sold out (WTF), so I bought a "cheap" one for the section further away from the stage hoping I'd be able to make my way at least halfway through. I did manage to get closer, but then got blocked and couldn't go any further. The spot I found was actually great, I could see perfectly and had a lot of room to move about, but I'm just not used to stand so far away. (Also, I use the word "cheap" with inverted commas: the ticket was €56 FFS).

They played songs they don't often play live, like "Burn", "Never Enough" and "Wrong Number" (during which Robert actually said "Pronto! Pronto! PRONTO!", which is the Italian for "Hello!" XD). Also, during a song (I don't remember which one, could've been "Trust") Robert and Simon played leaning against each other. It wasn't the classic back-against-back leaning, it was like a half-embrace, shoulder against shoulder. And Robert completely forgot the lyrics for the first verse of "Lullaby" and just came up with random words. XD Oh, Robert.

And Simon is currently rocking a Clash/rockabilly look. I approve.

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Aww yiss, I love days off in the middle of the week.

I wanted to write this yesterday, but I received a last-minute invite to dinner + '80s night, so I didn't have time: the other night I dreamt Die Ärzte were playing in my hometown. The venue was tiny, I was standing in the front row and it was GLORIOUS. I think my subconsciuos is trying to tell me something. XD

And while we're talking about fandoms, I realised the following about 2016:

- new Sherlock
- new Star Trek
- new Harry Potter (sort of)
- Cure concert

- a potential trip to Berlin (not confirmed yet)
- a potential trip overseas (business+pleasure, not confirmed yet)

I'm gonna die! XD


Nov. 27th, 2015 09:04 pm
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Ticket for next year's Cure concert: bought! \o/

The shows are almost sold out and the best tickets have already gone, but I'm sure I'll find a way to sneak closer to the stage at some point. It feels good to finally be able to make long-term plans again. Now I just need to wait eleven (!) months...


Dec. 25th, 2013 07:51 pm
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Merry Christmas! I survived the usual intense eating and I'm finally ready to post the Christmas cards I sent my LJ friends. Oh, btw, [identity profile], I got your card on the 23th, thank you! I don't know if you got mine before flying back home, but this year's card isn't very Christmassy, I wanted to be original but I don't know if it worked.

Anyway, here are the cards:

Clic for a bigger version

Bigger individual pictures under the cut.

Christmas cards )

Anyway, I hope everyone liked their cards, I loved yours and had a lot of fun drawing them, these were pretty much the only drawings I did this year. That will have to change next year.


Oct. 9th, 2013 05:02 pm
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I've seen so many posts about The Cure on my flist recently that last night I dreamed about them. First they came over to visit me at my place, then we all went to see a concert. I walked straight to the front row, Robert reached me there and started singing at the top of his lungs. After a while I walked to the back of the club, had a chat with Simon and asked if I could take a picture with him. I remember being very nervous about this, because even in my dreams I'm a total Simon fangirl. It was the line-up with Perry, Jason and Roger.

My mind is a weird place.


Jan. 19th, 2012 12:07 pm
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Of course the year I plan to spend July and August outside Europe, my two favourite bands go on tour. Not only Die Ärzte, no, that wasn't enough, I've just found out The Cure will be playing a few festivals in the summer and will be in Milan in July. Great. I mean, I still don't know where I'll be, I'll have to wait and see if my application for the workshop is accepted, but it's still annoying.

(And bloody hell, 63 euros? WTF. OK, it's a festival, so it's more expensive than a normal concert, but still. Robert, I hate you.)


Oct. 31st, 2008 05:09 pm
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Man, I really don't feel like going out tonight. It's mainly because I don't want to drive in the rain, but also because I'm not in a "clubbing" mood. I'm sure if I go out, I'll have fun but... Meh.

I've been watching Farin's interviews today and my colleagues must think there's something very wrong with me, I've spent half the afternoon grinning and trying not to burst out laughing. Also, when I saw he talks about "In Between Days" by The Cure here, I thought "OMG, I have to watch it NOW!" And HAHA, Farin, Markus, ihr seid Anfänger. "Japanese Whispers" was released in 1983 and between that and "The head on the door", which came out in 1985, The Cure also released "The Top" in 1984. Just so you know.

Why, yes, I am a Curehead. In fact, I'm going to see Easy Cure, the official Italian Cure cover band, tomorrow.

*goes back to watch Farin talk nonsense as usual*

EDIT: Oh, God. Farin singing the bass part I mean the intro of "A forest".


I LOVE THE '80sssssssssssss!!!!!
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Copy&Paste of my MySpace Blog - which I update about twice a year:


This is what I saw on the MySpace homepage 2 minutes ago:

The Cure – Album Exclusive

The Cure return after an 8 year break from the studio with their new self titled album. Hear the whole thing only on MySpace.

Excuse me, but The Cure are back after 4 years, not 8 years, and it was their 2004 album that was "self titled", not this one, which is called "4:13 Dream".

Dear MySpace people, please check your references before you press "publish" next time.



Is it really so difficult to look things up before you publish something? All right, I do tend to be a little know-it-all (I still think "Klugscheißer" is a much better expression for it), but come on, you don't need to be a fan, just use Wikipedia, for heaven's sake. Once Demi told me I should become a music journalist, and I told her I can't because I'm not competent enough, but when I see things like that I think maybe I'm underestimating my skills. Or overestimating the journalist category. It's probably the latter.
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Click to enlarge

More pictures here

Oh boy, oh boy. I saw The Cure live in Milan last night and it was... it was... Damn, I have no words. 46 fucking euros and worth every cent. I'll post just a few random thoughts because that's all I can write right now.

- Simon is still damn hot

- Porl turned into Billy Corgan (shaved head with crazy paintings on it + weird black skirt)

- Simon looking surprised and smiling shily when the crowd calls out his name is the most adorable thing on the planet

- "The Kiss" is the most amazing song to hear performed live

- Simon is still damn hot

- Jason is a great drummer, no matter what the Boris's hardcore fans say

- I love it when Simon crouches down and waits for his part to start

- Robert is still damn charismatic

- Did I mention Simon is still damn hot?

Yes, I have a soft spot for Simon and his ever changing hair colour (yesterday it was back to black, after being blond first and then bright red in the last few concerts), he's the reason I started playing bass to begin with. And of course the first song I've ever played was "A forest". But his new tattoos are awful. And talking about bass, maybe it was because there were no keyboards (a Cure gig with NO KEYBOARDS???) but the bass sounded SO FUCKING LOUD, I LOVED IT. After such a concert I just want to play till my fingers bleed but I can't, because our drummer has my bass. Argharghargh.

But oh, it was wonderful. I didn't meet up with our keyboard player, but I met another friend who's a huge Cure fan, a girl who lives in London and whom I met at the Curedrink a couple of years ago, who saw the concerts in Rome and Milan, and the guys from Easy Cure, The Cure's official coverband. I was so happy to meet everyone after such a long time, I've lost contact with most of the people from the Cure Forum in the last year and it's a pity. But they still remembered me and seemed happy to see me. Sigh.

And last night after the concert I dreamed I was at an ärzte concert, the actual concert was over and they were meeting fans, everyone wanted to talk to Farin and was constantly bothering him, so he said he was going to answer only to a few people's question and at some point some girl bit his index finger. He looked at her, looked at his finger and said "Ouch!"

Why do I always have such crazy dreams? XD

PS I finally have a Cure icon, I hadn't had one since I deleted my old Simon/Perry one...
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And now, for the random gayness of the day:

1) Guy 1: "Paul?" (fake name to protect privacy)
Guy 2: "Yes, love?"

2) Guy 1: "How do you say 'attivo' in English?" (as in active, involved)
Guy 2: "Top."
Guy 1: "... Bitch."

These people have a very dirty mind.

Aww, look what I found on Wikipedia:

A panoramic picture of the U-Bahn station "Eberswalderstrasse" in Berlin, the miniflat where I was staying last year is 10 minutes on foot from there. *seufz*

And Bela now has mahogany/burgundy reddish brown hair.

Damn, any colour looks good on him. ♥ All right, I'll just turn this post into a DÄ picspam post.

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It's bloody hot outside, so what do I do? I write a drabble on the theme "Snow", of course. I rule.

Title: A roll in the snow
Fandom: Die Ärzte (RPF)
Characters: Bela B, Farin Urlaub
Prompts: 067 - Snow
Word Count: 110
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Contains slash

'Jan!' )

Previous [ profile] drabbles100 entries can be found here.

And I found the end of "Show", a Cure live I have on VHS, on

It's the very end of "A forest", when Simon goes crazy and plays like a madman. Poor dear, he was under a lot of stress back then, he even had a nervous breakdown. *huggles*

Damn, I need a Cure icon.

EDIT: a colleague told me Decathlon is selling football jerseys at 5 euros! Argh, the temptation... Speaking of football, isn't this pic the sweetest thing ever?

Aww... )


Dec. 21st, 2005 03:38 pm
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WOW. Can I just say WOW? Last month a couple of my Cure fics got nominated for the Cure Slash Awards and one of them won! It's "I didn't mean tobacco" and it won the award for the shortest fic. Heh, I've been writing mainly drabbles and ficlets lately, so it figures. I have to admit I'm fonder of "Two of a kind", which was nominated for best crossover but didn't win, but I'm not complaining.

And the winner is... )

I'm still amazed that I actually won something, I'd never even got nominated for anything before. I don't write much Cure slash these days, but that was my first online fandom, the one that made me discover fanfiction and slash and that started all this madness. I can say without fear of exaggerating that it changed my life. For the better. I'm very grateful to those who like my fics and read them and leave comments and of course I'd like to thank the people who voted for my ficlet.

Man, that sounded like some cheap Oscar speech. :P

PS: Also, I had to show off my new icon. X)
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Ohmygod I've been looking for this pic for ages and someone posted it at the Cure Forum and I'll just have to post it here as well because it's Siiiimooooonnnnnn!!! >_<

Siiiimoooonnnnnn! )

And a couple more, because, guh.

More Siiimooonnn )

How can someone look so sweet and yet so sexy? *happy sigh*
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Finally. I've wanted to write this ever since I posted that Simon vs Bela entry a few weeks ago.

The Cure/Die Ärzte crossover! Posted at [ profile] deine_schuld.

"That's my beer."
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I obviously have too much free time on my hands.

Simon Gallup (The Cure) vs Bela B. Felsenheimer (Die Ärzte)


More behind the cut )

What else could a girl want? *sigh*


Jun. 20th, 2005 11:27 am
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Image hosted by

The girl who took this pic is:

a) very lucky, because she went to a number of Cure concerts, was very close to the stage and got to meet them a few times (>_<);

b) very talented, her photos are amazing;

c) very nice. ^_^

So, go visit I've only browsed the Cure section but, boy, the pictures are brilliant. ♥
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So. Porl Thompson is back in The Cure. "For the Cure shows this summer" the official site says. "Pfff" I say. I want Perry back. Sure, Porl is a great guitarist, he was in the band for 10 years during their best period (he played in Disintegration and Wish, just to name their 2 most successful albums), the fans worship him and all that jazz. I know. And I'm sure the summer shows will be brilliant, I hope I'll be able to go to one.

But I want Perry back. *sulks*

Well, the positive thing is that if Porl came back after 12 years, maybe someday Perry could be back too. *sigh*

Bah. I'm still tired and cranky from last night. Just ignore me like you always do.

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Heee! [ profile] hjbender posted some adorable Good Omens dolls in [ profile] lower_tadfield and I just couldn't resist. So, I bring you...

Perry Bamonte and Simon Gallup!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Aren't they just lovely? >_< I could do a Robert and a Jason doll too (mmh, am I forgetting anyone? :P) but I'm lazy. Later, maybe.

ETA: I used this site to do my lovelies. Just in case you want a few dolls of your own. ^_^

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Taken from the news page at

Line-Up Change
5/27/2005 8:56:24 PM - by geffen

The decade old line-up of The Cure has changed - Perry Bamonte and Roger O'Donnell are no longer in the band.

The forthcoming summer shows will be performed by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and Jason Cooper... And others???

More news soon.

I'd like to be reasonable about this. I'd like to be able to say that line-up changes are typical of The Cure and the Smith-Gallup-Bamonte-Cooper-O'Donnel line-up lasted 10 years, we shouldn't be surprised someone's quitting and, really, the only constant is Robert Smith.

But I can't. I know there have been many line-up changes, but when I became a Cure fan that was the line-up and I've always taken it for granted. I thought that after so many years, that could be the definitive one. After all Robert and Perry themseles said that was the best line-up The Cure had ever had. "A dream come true" they said at MTV Icon. The again, Robert always says their latest album is the best and last one, but after 4 or so years there's a new one.

It's not a nice thing to say, but I don't care Roger's gone. He's always been my least favourite member. Damn, even if Jason left I wouldn't care much. The truth is, I've always thought the heart of The Cure as a band were Robert, Simon and Perry. I would be devastated if Simon left, just like I am devastated now that Perry's gone. I've never met him personally, but everyone who did meet him says he's such a nice person, always kind with the fans. Maybe that's the reason I like him so much, because he could very well be the guy next-door.

Man, I'm not making any sense anymore. I'll go listen to Trust now, whose music was written by Perry, and cry.

Oh, and I changed my LJ background image. Because Perry will always have a place in my heart.

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Weekend report: met friends. Ate pizza. Spent the night playing Magic. Went to bed at 6.30 am. I'm a bit dead now. -__-

I don't know if any of my LJ friends is interested, but here's a drawing of Simon Gallup, bassist of The Cure.

A bit of backstory: I was looking for 2 MP3s of his former band, Fools Dance, in which he sings. Laura kindly provided them. We both agreed that his voice isn't quite angelic. So, to thank her for giving me the songs, I drew this:

So you say I can't sing, huh?

Silly and pointless, were you expecting anything else from me? =)


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