Mar. 10th, 2010 10:04 pm
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I totally saw Rod's gay twin on the U-Bahn today! Imagine Rod, just a bit slimmer, with perfectly plucked eyebrows, carrying a Gucci bag and wearing black shoes with applied rhinestones. And walking in an extremely effeminate way. I felt bad for staring but, come on, you would've done the same!
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The Abwärts concert last night was great! The SO36 is such a great location (ah, the memories, I saw my first Ärzte gig there.)

It was my second Abwärts gig and it was just like I remembered: loud and rocking. I got there around 8 PM (it takes me less than 20 minutes to get there :P) and as I was waiting to get in I heard people talking in Italian and trying to understand what Abwärts was ("Is it, like, a band or something?" lol) I turned around and told them that, yes, that's an "electro-punk band" and I think I convinced at least one of them, because I saw him in the audience later. XD

The opening act, Amplify, wasn't bad, but man, they were so... young. When I saw them I thought "They are... children!" *feels old*

Before the concert I met [ profile] black_plec and another girl I know from MySpace, then [ profile] achtanablah arrived and, during the Amplify show, [ profile] killer_ameise and Melina. I meet more people here than in Milan. XD

Rod was fucking HOT as usual and really seemed to have a damn good time. Want proof of that?

<333 ♥♥♥

More pictures here. They don't look very good, I didn't put much effort in them, I just wanted to enjoy the show. :P

Personal highlights of the night: Rod singing "Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, Mc Donald's" (as seen in this short video, around 00:19 ) and then singing... Körperzellenrock! XD My God, that's such a running gag between [ profile] flaschengeist and me, I had to write her an SMS after the concert to tell her. I couldn't catch the moment, but I have this short video as evidence:

Also, there's something so damn sexy about Rod singing "A-ha... Oh, yeah..." It's the way he draws out the "yeaaah"... *dies a little inside*

Almut slept over at my place and took the train back this morning, it'll take her almost 7 hours to get home, poor thing...

And next Friday... BELA B! Yeah, I gave in and got a ticket to Dresden. I couldn't possibly wait until the 6th December, I'm so weak. :P

PS Also, lo and behold my brand new icon. The Hand of God indeed...

EDIT: Just remembered a detail: the guy wearing the fez you can see in one of the pictures brought shots to everyone and when Rod knocked down his, he almost bent in two backwards. I had to think of that scene in the Schattenreich DVD when they're practicing martial arts. All right, it wasn't so extreme, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Still pretty flexible for a middle-aged man. :P


Jul. 6th, 2009 05:19 pm
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In case anyone's interested (and happens to be in Berlin in July) Rod will do a DJ set at SO36 in Kreuzberg on the 24th. July program:

Ah, the memories, that's where I saw my first Ärzte concert.

And Bela will be at "Ein Hartz für Berlin" at the Zitadelle Spandau on the 19th.

Ah, the Zitadelle, the place where I first did kiwido juggling.

Why don't I live there?

With my luck, even if I got to move to Berlin, it will be next year, when DÄ will be on hiatus.
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One of my friends wants to go to Montreux with me! All right, he's only interested in Alice Cooper, but it would be great to have someone to travel with - and spend a few hours at the station waiting for the first train in the morning. He's the same guy with whom I went to the Sziget Festival last year, haha, two DÄ concerts in little more than a year and he probably couldn't care less, poor thing. Now I just need to convince my mother that our cat will survive if I leave him alone for one night. I'm not even considering the fact I could get a reply to one of the countless job offers I've answered, I don't really have much hope anymore.

Anyway, this needs celebrating! First of all: kitteh time!

Cat vs pigeon

Hunting cat

And Count time!

The Count as elevator operator, featuring Kermit:

And two Schwarwel sketches I found on MySpace:

Sprachloser Farin XD )

Verknallter Farin X3 )

Hey, it's almost 6:00 PM already! Yay!

PS A quick "Rod goes to Sesame Street" sketch I did yesterday, for those of you who haven't seen it:

You know who's moving those two puppets, don't you? ;) )
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I'm going to be spammy today, sorry in advance. But I couldn't NOT share these two videos with you. ROD IN JAPAN!!! And he makes okonomiyaki in the second one! >_< *dies*

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Christmas Eve at work means: I'm going to waste the whole day on line, thank you very much.

Since a few people have already received their Christmas cards, I'll post them in my LJ as well. The Americans (and Australian) will have to be patient, I don't want to spoil your surprise. ;)

I have to admit the first one is my favourite. I love myself when I get such silly ideas. ^_^

By the way: yes, I love glitters. <333

A Richy/Igor ficlet may follow, let's see if my Muse feels generous today.

Drawn for [ profile] darth_funk
Christmas card 2008: Bela + bat
Clic to enlarge

Drawn for [ profile] achtanablah
Christmas card 2008: Rod
Clic to enlarge

Drawn for [ profile] robtengel
Christmas card 2008: Rod
Clic to enlarge


Oct. 28th, 2008 01:07 pm
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This photo gallery really pisses me off. It contains some adorable pictures of Farin from his interview at Radio Fritz, like this one, but others are blurry and just plain bad. Come on, all the radio staff was there to ogle Farin and no one could take decent pictures? You don't need to have a reflex to make good photos these days, it's just so easy to take great pics even with compact cameras, I can't believe that's the best they could do.

Yes, I am a bit of a photo-nazi, how did you guess? Actually I plan on doing a photography course because I know I'm lacking in technique (aka I suck) and want to get better. There are so many good photographers out there, I hope those pics were just taken by someone working at the radio and not by a "professional photographer", because otherwise I'll... get really angry.

Anyway. From the Radio Fritz page I found the link to this tour:

In the info page there's a short video, you can see Rod cracking up about a minute and 25 seconds into it. It love his laughter. ♥

Also, I'm looking for hostels/hotels in Hamburg for when I'm going to see the FURT concert in December and I have to say I've become an expert in cross-researching. Elements I use when considering a hostel/hotel:

- price

- private/shared bathroom

- breakfast/sheets

- distance from U-Bahn stations (lines working at night are a plus)

I should just work in a travel agency, I actually enjoy doing these researches. It's a pity Elena can't come though, as she'll have to work on that weekend. :( I hope she can get a refound for the plane ticket, or at least change it and use it some other time.

By the way, now we have a spare ticket. Who wants to go to the FURT concert in Hamburg with Stefano and me? We are the coolest Italian Farin fans ever! And probably the only ones, but that's another story...
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Ugh. Is it possible to be hangover without having drunk a single drop of alcohol? I felt awful this morning and only got slightly better after lunch. It may just be sleep-deprivation, but if this is what hangovers feel like, I'm glad I've never had one.

Anyway, pictures time! Behold Rod in all his mighty glory:

Clic to enlarge

Gallery >> Abwärts live, 18.10.2008, Gaswerk, Winterthur

And now the usual rambling report.

I left from Milan on Saturday morning with the 11:18 AM train, figuring it would be useless to take the 8:20 one, as you don't need to be at the club ridiculously early and fight your way to the front for Abwärts gigs. Three and a half hours later I was in Zürich and about 30 minutes later I was at the hostel. You should've seen my face when I saw I had to walk up a hill to get there; my first thought was "I'm never gonna make it when I'm back from the concert tonight." XD

I got to the club in Winterthur around 6:00 PM and, WOW, there was no one there, only a teenage couple snogging. Someone was doing soundcheck and I decided to take a walk around. I came back about 20 minutes later just in time to see the band walk out of the back door and barely managed not to squee when I saw Rod. My God, he should always wear jeans. As I still had a lot of time, I walked back to the station to eat something and when I got back around 8:00 PM the snogging teenage couple had been replaced by three teenage girls, obviously Rod fans, who got all excited when Abwärts arrived, promptly went to greet Rod and, as soon as the band was inside, started screaming in such high-pitched voices I feared all the glasses would shatter.

The concert started around 9:00 PM with two support bands, Snotty Cheekbones and Slartybartfast. I really enjoyed the latter, a pop-punk-rockabilly group, and after their gig I made myself comfortable in the first row in front of Rod. Obviously the Rod fangirls - who were standing right next to me - went wild when he walked on stage, screaming things like "Du bist süüüß!", but luckily after a few songs they calmed down a little. I have to admit I felt like they did about Rod, he's so much prettier in person than in photos, and I was standing so close to him, but hey, I'm an adult, I can restrain myself - even if just barely. :P

The band's performance was amazing, the acoustics was very good and I had all the room I needed to move around, which meant a perfect concert. I liked how, when Frank introduced "Unfall" saying it was a song against traffic, Rod commented "Wir haben Lieder gegen alles." Yeah, I'm easily amused.

After the concert a guy randomly walked up to me and asked me if I was an Abwärts fan. I said I was and he asked me if I wanted the setlist (he had taped it on the front of his T-shirt.) I said "Uhm... Well... If you don't want it..." And he just gave it to me. o_O I wanted to wait for the band, but after a while I got bored and thought "If they don't show up by 2:00 AM, I'm going away," because I still had to catch the train back to Zürich and the night bus to the hostel. Shortly before 2:00 AM the drummer showed up, only to disappear backstage after 5 minutes, and I decided to stay a bit longer. Only a few girls stayed around and we moved outside, but at one point it was only another girl and I there and I felt too much like a crazy stalker, so I just said goodbye and made my way back to the station. I wasn't even disappointed about not meeting Rod after the concert, well, not too much, because it was such a great gig, it was definitely worth travelling to Winterthur to see it.

By the time I arrived at the hostel it was 4:30 AM, I was dead and smelled like smoke from head to toe, but I was too tired to take a shower, so I just climbed onto my bunk bed and passed out. The next morning I was tired and slightly depressed and cursed myself for booking the 5:09 PM train instead of the 3:09 PM one, as I really wasn't in the mood for visiting the city. I was feeling pretty much like I did after the Prague concert, only this time there was no Stefano to cheer me up. But it was a nice sunny day, and I decided to ignore my bad mood: I wandered around, took a walk along the lake and visited the city centre. Since I was pretty tired I got back to the station early, read a couple of Farin's interviews in a kiosk (sorry, I'm not gonna spend 18 euros to buy two magazines) and was quite happy when I finally sat down in the train. Too bad a random African guy started chatting with me and saying he didn't believe I was Italian because of my English, my looks etc etc, when all I wanted to do was pass out in my seat. Luckily we had to change wagon because we were in the wrong one (there were no numbers anywhere) and my seat was far from his, so I could finally rest a bit.

As usual, this entry was rather long and pointless, and only a very small part of it was about the concert. Sorry for boring you all to tears, hopefully you enjoyed the photos. :P

PS During the long, boring journey back I had an idea for a silly little ficlet, I'll write it down as soon as I'm feeling less drained.
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Quick post from Zürich. The concert was FUCKING GREAT. Rod was FUCKING HOT. I was standing right in front of him and I thought I would die from fangirl overload. Btw, message for [ profile] flaschengeist: I'm sorry, but he didn't smoke a single cigarette last night (it must be the first time), so no smoking picture for you. Sorry. :(

Last night I was all hyper, then this morning all depressed (typical post-concert depression), and now I just wanna go home.

A more coherent post and pictures probably tomorrow. Poor Rod has red eyes in most of them, but some are AWESOME.

PS People from Zürich think I'm German. HAHA, yesss, my German is great. But Schwyzer Dütsch will be the death of me. D:


Oct. 15th, 2008 10:03 pm
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All right, I'm totally blind and saw you can make ticket reservations on only today. Doh. Anyway, now I have everything:

- train tickets
- hostel reservation
- concert ticket reservation
- Zürich guide

Aah, I hope everything will go well. >_<

Today I was so busy at work, I thought I was going to explode. I would fix a bug in a program and another dozen would come up, I wanted to strangle someone. I was supposed to leave a little earlier so I could go to the library to pick up the Zürich guide before dinner, since my cousin is here tonight (he's in the living room watching the football match with my dad at the moment), but I was terribly late and only came home around 8:00 PM. D:

But the thought of Saturday's concert makes me forget all about job problems. And according to Bela's MySpace (and Wayne's latest bullettin) he's started working on his new album. Yes! I can't wait to see him live again! :D
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All right, I've gone mad and I'm trying to go organise a little trip to see the Abwärts concert in Winterthur next Saturday. Problem is, it's too late to buy tickets and get them by post. Do you think I will find a ticket there, or are they going to be sold out? I don't want to spend 5 hours on a train and pay for a night in a hotel and not be able to see Rod... I mean, the concert. :3
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And with this nice image in my mind, I go to sleep. Long live the Elite!

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I apparently have a new weird kink I wasn't aware of: hair. I saw this picture earlier:

and I had the insane urge to run my fingers through Rod's shiny dark hair. The explanation is quite simple: I WANT STRAIGHT HAIR DAMNIT. Curly hair may be nice to look at, but it's a pain in the arse to manage. There are about 2 millions hairdos I'd like to try out, but they all require straight hair. Or at least 30 minutes of my precious sleep-time every morning to tame the beast living on my head + a ton gel/hairspray and lots of swearing in case of rain or humidity. And since Milan is the most humid city in Italy, it's not really worth it. *sigh*

On to more interesting things. You know the nose piercing Farin got back in 1994/95? I've always found it bloody adorable, but a little bit of out character. Hence this drabble. I'm quite sure at least 2 people on my flist will like it. ^_^

Title: Gold
Fandom: Die Ärzte
Characters: Bela B, Farin Urlaub
Prompt: 099 - Writer's choice
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Contains mild slash

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. The people portrayed in this story are real, but I use their "public personas" as if they were fictional characters. No libel or copyright infringement intended.

Bela enters the bathroom and smiles. Farin is still standing in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection with a frown.

"It looks nice."

Farin goes on studying the brand new golden ring adorning his nose, his brow creasing further. "Does it?"

"Yes." Bela walks up to him and hugs him. He presses a kiss to his shoulder and smiles. "It matches your hair."

"It's weird."

"It's sexy."

Farin rolls his eyes. "You always say that when you're trying to talk me into something. Especially something extremely foolish."

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" He grins. "Now, about your nipples..."

>>> Table of prompts for [ profile] drabbles100


Jun. 5th, 2007 10:17 am
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You have the original, but I'll post your little bday card here as well.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Click to enlarge

You're a wonderful person, I'm really happy I got to know you. :D

And now a more detailed entry about the Rock im Park weekend. It'll probably get quite long, feel free to skip.

Rock im Park 2007 )

Damn, this has got ridiculously long. Sorry, but I wanted to write down everything before I forgot. And I forgot the pictures at home, I'm an idiot.

Anyway, it's Bela's turn now, with his concerts in August. Die Ärzte will be touring in November/December and I'd LOVE to see a few gigs, but I can't buy tickets yet, I still don't know anything about my internship, which is supposed to start around October. There shouldn't be problems if I take a couple of days off saying I have an engagement I can't put off (hey, it's worked before), but you never know. I think I'll just buy the ticket for Berlin and hope the other shows won't sell out too quickly. =/

And now I'll just shut up and go to class.
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Daaamn. I was tidying up some folders in my computer when I came across my all-times favourite picture of Rod:

Caution: HOT! )

Grargh. SO HOT. Look at that naughty look, look at his hair! Don't you just want to run your fingers through it? And the cigarette. Yes, I know smoking is badbadbad, but I have such a big cigarette fetish. Uhm, I think I've just got an idea for a ficlet.

And then someone posted the link to the "Leave" video on the forum:

I've only seen the first half of it because I have dial-up at home, but DAMN, BELA IS SO FUCKING HOT! Here, have a screencap:

Yes, I'm in full fangirl mode today, must be the spring approaching or something.

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So Monday was my first day back at uni. It's been all right so far but I'm feeling sort of jetlagged, I went from working 10 hours a day to only having lessons in the morning, it feels so strange, I still need to get used to it. And I have this weird idea that if I enjoy what I'm doing, then it doesn't really count as working, so I'm feeling guilty for doing a course that will maybe allow me to have an interesting job. Why do I have to be like this??? And some of my "classmates" are so idealistic and naïve, it's obvious they haven't experienced the working world yet, I feel so cynical compared to them. I mean, I've always been quite cynical, but some of their comments made me go "Oh, come on, you can't really believe that!"

Oh yes, today's Valentine's Day. I wanted to post a little present for my LJ friends and, of course, it turned out awful. But I'm going to post it anyway because I'm too lazy to redo it. (I actually tried to redo it, but it turned out even worse. *sigh*)


LJ-cut? What's an LJ-cut?
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...I will not buy the Ärzte Wandkalender at the shop... I will not buy the Ärzte Wandkalender at the shop.... I will not buy the Ärzte Wandkalender at the shop...

Maybe if I repeat it long enough the temptaion to just buy the damn will go away. Paying 12 euros for shipping costs when the calendar itself costs 11.90 is not a smart thing, also because I would have to buy something else as well, as orders must be of at least 15 euros. Bah.

I almost finished "Three", hopefully I'll be able to post it in a couple of days. I wanted to write more today but only managed a few paragraphs because I had to actually work for once. *cough*

But I found the sweetest photo ever and want to share it with all the Rod fans on my flist.

Guapo )

And another photo, just for the hell of it. A notebook on the very messy mess also known as my writing desk.

Still life #1 )


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