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OMG I may have found a flat! :O I don't have a definitive answer yet, but this may be it. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, I've been working on that Mystrade fic I mentioned in a previous post. I'm just adding a few paragraphs a day, so I don't expect to finish it anytime soon, but hey, at least I'm writing, right? The Final Problem was such a gift for Mycroft fans and Mystrade shippers, I still can't quite believe it really happened. ♥♥♥
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I haven't updated this in ages. I'm getting lazier and lazier with my online activities, mostly because I really don't want to stare at my laptop screen in the evening. And whenever I do get online, I spend most of the time looking up flats. Which brings me to one of the activities that's occupied a good portion of my time lately: I've been looking for a flat for the last couple of months, but it's not easy. I've visited a few, both in Milan and in my hometown, but every time there's something that makes me go "No." I'll just have to keep looking, I suppose, but it's so frustrating. Also because Milan is notoriously very expensive (unless you choose a sketchy area, which I'm not going to do) and my hometown has become the second most expensive town in the whole province! T_T

Other than that, I started playing the bass again! I went to an Easy Cure concert last week and thought "Right, it's time to dig out the bass." I'm terribly rusty, but it's a start.

I should also finish the Mystrade fanfic I started writing last month, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

What else? I went to see Deadpool yesterday. I had no idea it was going to be so violent. I have to admit I've never read the comics, so it's my fault, but it was really too much. Or maybe I'm just getting more squeamish as I get older...

EDIT: I forgot to mention I also saw the LUPIN III film! My inner otaku has been squeeing ever since! #teamJigen 4EVAH! XD

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My holiday schedule was accepted! \o/ I've already booked my flight and bought the ticket for "Three days in the country"; I wanted to book the hotel as well, but there was a problem with my credit card, so I'll have to wait until Monday.

I'm so, so happy. And because I'm a total nerd, I'm already looking forward to a visit at Speedy's, at Platform 9 3/4 and, possibly, at the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

(The fact that the place where I'm staying is near Baker Street tube station is a coincidence, I swear, but it adds up to the nerd vibe of this trip.)


Jul. 12th, 2015 09:22 pm
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I hope my boss will approve my holiday schedule tomorrow, so I can book my trip to London to see "Three days in the country" with Mark Gatiss and John Simm.

Picture source

Please, flist (that is, the handful of people who are still reading this), keep your fingers crossed for me!
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I'd been looking for a pair of shoes to wear to work and I found two!

Shoes! )

I wasn't sure about the black ones at first, my back and legs hurt if I wear completely flat shoes for too long (I'm such an old lady), but they're not as flat as they look. I also finally got a light jacket (my favourite one got stolen and I couldn't find one I like) and I bought a blouse and a pair of white trousers. Let the summer begin! :D
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So many pictures and quotes and general fandom squee from Sherlocked. I'm sure if I'd gone, I would have spent a small fortune on pictures. Not on photo shoots with the actors (I always look awful in photos), I mean I would buy ALL THE PROMO PICS. Especially these. Predictable? Who, me?

In other news, I survived the first week at work! \o/ I may add more in a locked post, but for the moment I'll just say I'm happy. Oh, and we had ice cream after a meeting on Friday. Yep, it's good to be back. :P
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I have the flu. :( Which means I can stay away from the damn office for a couple extra days (good news), but I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I'm back and all my plans for New Year's Eve went down the drain (bad news).

Oh, well, at least I have something to look forward to: new Sherlock episodes!

But now I'd better get away from the computer, my eyes are starting to feel tired. Sigh.
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I have done nothing but bitch and complain lately (even if I did so in locked entries). To balance things out a bit I'll share this Christmassy link:

Christmas Village

There's a shop in a town nearby that builds a massive Christmas village every year where you can find everything, and I mean everything, you might need to decorate your home for the holidays. I went there with my mother last Saturday and was overwhelmed by the pretty.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and the sun was shining, so I decided to go to work on foot. The wind was cold but the sun was still quite warm and the morning stroll did wonders for my mood. Let's hope it lasts.


Aug. 14th, 2013 11:58 am
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I came back on Sunday night. Two friends of mine got lucky and found a room in the same hotel I was staying in (there was only one room available and it was free just for one night), so they decided to come over for the weekend. They arrived on Saturday, then on Sunday one of them met her boyfriend and they went to another town farther south, while G. and I enjoyed some more time on the beach and then drove back home. We stopped for dinner in a little old tavern just outside Modena, apparently it was one of Enzo Ferrari's favourite places.

And now I'm home. I was supposed to take a day trip with my parents today, but it's raining. We're eating out tomorrow (the 15th of August is a bank holiday in Italy) and I'm going to the lake with my friend S. on Friday.

The only thing I regret is not going to the Ärzte concerts in Berlin last weekend. Oh, well, you can't have everything. And I really needed to relax. Also, they played in Tempelhof, which is right next to where I used to live, I'm sure I would've cried like a baby if I'd gone there...


Apr. 26th, 2013 12:02 pm
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Just the other day I was looking at job offers in Switzerland because a) I live only an hour away from the Swiss border and b) getting a Swiss work permit is relatively easy for EU citizens. And then Switzerland goes and "blocks" work permits for EU citizens. Just my luck.

I'll just cheer myself up staring at these pics of my latest TV crush.

Lino Guanciale, Italian actor )
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These PHD comic strips pretty much sum up my life.

Source: here and here

The last panel? That's me every other day. I'm not a teaching assistant but I have to fight with students and parents (especially parents) to have all the paperwork we need before the deadline. The latest case was a girl who took ages to make up her mind and decided to enroll after the final deadline. We usually have a couple of weeks of flexibility, but that means families have less time to complete the application.

When I created her account and sent her username and password I specified that she only had two weeks to do everything and I wrote the deadline in bold. I got no reply, so I called them to make sure everything was okay. The mother told me they had everything and they would start working on the application the next day. After a week the application was still completely blank (we can check the status), so I called again, I spoke with the student and she said they had gone on holiday, but she would start working on the application asap. Two days before the deadline, I got an email from the father saying they never received username and password. I saw red. I called them asking why they didn't tell me before, since we spoke on the phone three times. I said I would send the username and password again but they had to hurry up because they only had two days left. In the email I pointed out again what the deadline was.

And you know what? The mother complained with my boss because she "didn't like the tone of my email". Which had been read and approved by my boss before I sent it, by the way.

This is what I have to deal with every day. This and people who come up with the most ridiculous excuses to avoid paying us. The richer they are, the worse they behave. Excuse me if I'm stressed out.
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My [community profile] trope_bingo fic is over 5000 words and I'm not done with it yet. Wow. I wanted to stop it at a certain point, but it didn't feel right, so I continued. It's almost finished though, so hopefully I'll be able to post it soon.

I'm also collaborating with a mini TV-series! Last summer in LA I met an Italian girl who was attending the production summer workshop at UCLA (I was attending the screenwriting workshop), now she's working on this mini-series for a local TV (she lives a couple of hours away from here) and said they needed a "supervisor" who could give them some advice and improve the general feel of it and she thought of me. It's basically like being a beta-reader for a screenplay. I'll post the link if the episodes are viewable online too.

It's snowing again. And today and tomorrow it's election days. Please, keep your fingers crossed and pray that Mr B. doesn't win again. Sigh.
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I'm too old to come back home at 5 AM. But last night was V's hen night (or hen party or bachelorette party or whatever you call it) and some celebrating was in order. Her fiancé was in London with his friend to celebrate, we didn't have much time to organise, so we decided to do a surprise party at her place. She was supposed to have dinner with her maid of honour (well, our equivalent of the maid of honour, we don't have bridesmaids in Italy), we all met and waited until she was inside, then rang the bell and screamed "Surprise!" when she opened the door.

It was a funny night: we dressed her up in a wedding dress made of toilet paper, made her sew a sock and had a little quiz to see how well she knows her future husband. Of course for each wrong answer she had to drink a glass of wine. It was a simple, laid back thing, but we all had fun.

I'm still half-asleep, but this H50 pic put a smile of my face:

No spoilers )


Jan. 23rd, 2013 09:43 pm
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I could bitch about my boss (really, I have no more words) or about the fact that first I got otitis, then I got bronchitis and now my ribcage hurts so much my doctor thinks I may have cracked my ribs from too much coughing.

But I'm not going to. Because I got myself a very early birthday present the other day: I bought a ticket to see Luca e Paolo's play in March (it's the same play I saw 2 years ago, but I never get tired of those two). Also, I'm done writing the articles for this week, so I can relax and watch the two latest H50 episodes. Thank God I downloaded them yesterday, my internet connection is so effing slow tonight.
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I survived the arts and craft fair. I used to go every year to buy Christmas presents, but I didn't go last year and the one before and had forgotten how huge and crowded it is. There are stands from all over the world, with lovely handmade objects and delicious food, but man, I'm exhausted now.

[ profile] polarforscherin got my Christmas card! She asked for "Sherlock harpooning a pig in Mycroft's office/Diogenes Club". I didn't draw exactly that, but hey, there's a pig in the picture!

Can you imagine Mycroft's face? )
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- I thought last week was busy. This week has been CRAZY. TGIF.

- I finally had time to watch the latest H50 episode last night. Oh, Danny. Oh, Steve. ♥

- My mother is the biggest Danny fangirl on the planet and shows the picture I took with Scott Caan in LA to everyone who visits her. (Thank God I'm not around when she does that.) She also keeps asking me "Does he really talk like that? Does he really walk like that?" And she's envious because I met the actor who plays Deeks in NCIS:LA too. She only wishes I had met Michael Weatherly from NCIS as well. When I was in Los Angeles, every time I called home she would ask me "Have you met DiNozzo yet?!" Fangirlism is obviously hereditary.

- A spoilery pic tweeted from PLenkov under the cut:

Warning: potential cuteness overload )

Right, back to work. /o\
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I survived the visit to my old school. The new building is wonderful, I'm a bit envious. But the teachers are still as insane as ever. Yes, it's one of the best schools in Milan, but get the fuck over yourself. It's just a high school, not fucking MIT. Just to give you an idea of what pompous pricks some of my teachers were: first day of school, my Italian and Latin teacher told us we should feel superior to the losers attending the school two streets away, because our school was the best in Milan. WTF? I'm so glad my boss and I only spoke to the principal and the person in charge of the exchange programs, if I met that teacher I would probably insult her.

Going there brought back a lot of bad memories I didn't want to remember. But I'd love to meet my old history and philosophy teacher, he was one of the few teachers who really loved his job and it showed.
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Man, this week has been hectic. And it's only Wednesday! D: But I did almost everything and even found the time to watch the latest H50 episode. I had to do everything in a hurry to be able to find those 40 minutes, but I really didn't want to wait until Friday night to watch it.

I've been super busy because I had to work some extra hours and I'm going to a workshop organised by the Australian Consulate later today. And isn't it typical that in the week when I have less free time I also have to write twice as much as I usually do? *headdesk* I write my articles for the newspaper in my free time, so less free time = more stress. Also, finding the people I need to talk to can be quite tricky when I can only call them during lunch break or in the evening.

Whatever, I'm almost done. And I find it funny that this workshop + cocktail is held in the same place where we do our USA pre-departure orientation meeting. It's a small world indeed.
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Guess what I did yesterday!


No, I didn't set stuff on fire, I was there to take pictures for the newspaper. The issue was pretty much ready and we were just about to go home, when we got a phone call telling us there was a thick column of smoke coming from the direction of the local mall. We couldn't see it from our windows, so I went down in the street and saw it. I left my colleague in the office to deal with phone calls (local police, fire brigade etc), hopped into my car and went. My dad called me and said the smoke was coming from the local power plant, but as I was getting closer I realised it couldn't be there: I'd have to turn left to go to the power plant, whereas the column of smoke was on the right. So it must have been somewhere in the "industrial district". Turns out I was right: there was a fire in a warehouse, the street officially belongs to the town nearby, but it's just a few meters away from where our town starts.

So, yeah, instead of going to the gym, I spent my evening dealing with this. Every radio station and information website was talking about it and it even ended up on national TV. But I got really mad at something I read on the website of "Corriere della Sera", which is supposed to be the most important Italian newspaper. Because the warehouse belonged to Chinese people, they instantly assumed there was something illegal going on. An article on their website said "About 10 Chinese people ran away. Surely they were trying to escape from the police because their business was not legal and probably their passports weren't valid either." Excuse me? I would run away too if the building I'm in was on fire! WTF? Someone should remind this "journalist" that, while some Chinese businesses are indeed far from legal, so are a lot of Italian ones. And that they could be sued for implying something like that. I write for a small local newspaper, but everyone is very professional and we're always extremely careful about what we write and how we write it. This is just one of the many reasons why I despise most Italian journalists.
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Woo-hoo, Euro final here we come! Sorry German friends. ;)

No, I didn't watch the game, I was busy doing a little exploratory expedition around Burbank to make sure I don't get hopelessly lost when I go to see Scott's play on Saturday. It takes a while to get there from Westwood, but it's not too bad. I'm going to take a taxi to come back, though, I don't really feel comfortable wandering around Los Angeles at night on my own. Even if I did come back from West Hollywood with the bus the other night, but it was only 9 PM. And the whole time, I had a friend's voice in the back of my mind saying "Don't go to Hollywood at night!" Oops. XD

In other news, I went to Santa Monica yesterday, dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean and PLAYED STREET FIGHTER 2 AT THE ARCADE! OMG I'm so old school, I wanna go back and spend all my money on that game. Well, no, not really, but I'll definitely go back for a bit of shopping (or window shopping at least) and play again. Street Fighterrr!

Later as I was getting back from the beach a man asked me "Has it been this clear all day?" I told him "Um, I don't know, I just got here." And he went "Are you from Europe?" Busted. XD Also, there was a girl standing on the pavement holding two snakes with the Star Wars soundtrack blasting from a loudspeaker. And I ate a delicious chocolate coconut cupcake at Yummy Cupcakes. Yummy indeed.

And now for something completely different, look what I bought today:

Hey, I needed something to write my travel journal in! Well, no, actually I already had a notebook for that, but I've been lazy and haven't written anything in it yet. But now that I have this cool journal things are gonna change, I've already caught up a bit with what's been happening these first 6 days in LA. Man, has it been 6 days already? I should also update my Italian journal, the one I had in Berlin, so my friends can read what's going on. But I'm lazy and I still fall asleep quite early at night, must be a combination of the time zone and walking around in the sun all day. Excuses, excuses...


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