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Elections are over. We don't have a clear majority and forming a government will be nearly impossible. Millions of people still voted for you-know-who after everything he's done. Still a few hours before we find out who the new local governor in my region (Lombardy) will be.

I'll just ignore everything and distract myself with this pretty picture:

H50 Ohana behind the cut )


Feb. 15th, 2011 09:39 pm
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Guess what was the first piece of news on the BBC News website 5 minutes ago?

Of all the things he did, he might go on trial for that? And I say "might" because, knowing him, he'll think of something to avoid going to court. What a laughable country.
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These are a bit old, but it's incredible how the first one is still so topical. Even more topical now than when it was first broadcast.

And this is the only reason why I'm proud to come from Milan:

It's funny, yes, but if you really think about it, it's pretty tragic too...


Dec. 14th, 2010 03:44 pm
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[ profile] schwimmerin! [ profile] flaschengeist! I got your cards today! :D

Jenny: your card is adorable, both the illustration and what you wrote, I had a :3 face the whole time I was reading it. <3

Maike: the card is hilarious! Poor Santa, is he allowed to bring liquids on board? XD And the fic was fantastic, especially Lestrade's comment at the end. XD

To anyone who asked for a Christmas card: please let me know when you get yours, so I know it didn't get lost.

I've had a hell of a cough for the last 3 days, I can barely talk. But there's some good news too: today I was told that, starting from January, I'll get paid for my articles! It's just a small reimbursement, but it's still better than nothing at all.

In other news:

Photoshop crashed (twice!) while I was trying to save the pic after resizing it. Photoshop must be a filthy communist...
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On the 28th and 29th March, some Italian regions are going to vote for the local elections. Among others Lazio and Lombardy, two of the biggest and most important regions. Every political group has to collect a certain number of signatures to be able to take part in the elections.

In Lazio, PDL (Berlusconi's party) handed in the documents after the deadline.

In Lombardy, PDL (Berlusconi's party) handed in documents containing false signatures and signatures coming from dead people.

Yesterday the government (Berlusconi's party) wrote a decree that allows them to take part in the elections even if they shouldn't, because "laws can be interpreted".

What's there to interpret? If I hand in a document after the deadline or I sign under false name, I must face the consequences of my actions. They, on the other hand, can do whatever the fuck they want.

This isn't Europe, this is South America. 1970s South America.
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Yes! My home connection lives! :D As I suspected, the problem was the modem, maybe it got damaged during last week's storm, when the elecricity was cut off. I usually unplug the PC during storms, but it happened at night and I had no way of knowing, it wasn't even raining when I went to bed. Luckily I tend to never throw away anything and still had my old modem, I couldn't find the serial cable at first but then I found it and it still works! A modem I bought in 1999 and used on Windows 95! Whoo!

Anyway, I wrote about our new mayor in my last post. Well, I found out that before the Council meeting started, some people from one of the left-wing parties that didn't make it into the Council were handing out flyers to protest against the mayor's decision to remove peace signs from our town name. The coordinator of Lega Nord (our mayor's party) told them they couldn't do that and head-butted one of them! What the hell. Well, at least we now have proof those people can use their head. Quite literally. -__-
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I am so fucking angry. Last night I went to the first meeting of the new City Council and you know what's the first thing our new mayor wants to do? Remove all the signs saying "Città per la pace" ("Peace city") that are placed above our town name (like these ones in Monza, which were removed by the new mayor two years ago). Reason: after the elections, it's clear the our town is not antifascist, but anticommunist. What the fuck. And people clapped when he said that! Luckily other people protested and reminded him he had just sworn on the Constitution, and the Italian Constitution is antifascist. He ignored them, of course.

Second thing that needs to be changed: the Council Statute, so he can nominate 9 councillors (or whatever they're called in English) instead of only 7. So much for saving money.

Third: he'll change the name of the "Foreigners Office" to "Integration Office", because, and I quote: "If you want to come here to work, you're welcome, but if you want to come here to be a criminal, get the fuck out." A gentleman, our new mayor.

And the other day he went to the people who manage the bar in the park, who also organise concerts in summer, and threatened them saying they don't have the permits they need and he would close down the place. For the record, the people working there are close to one of the left-wing party.

How the fuck did we end up like this?
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Look at these pictures:

Do you think those are photos of an SS meeting from the '30s? You're wrong. Those are volunteers from the newly born association "Guardia Nazionale Italiana" (Italian National Guard), whose purpose is to improve national security by going around in groups and "controlling" the streets.

I am disgusted. But you know what's worse? (Yes, it gets worse.) People actually agree with them. I read an email in a local newspaper this morning that said "Well, there were groups like that during the Fascism and everyone was happy, weren't they?"

Yes, really fucking happy. I'm worried, very worried.
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Great, my new mayor is the pig man. The right-wing alliance won and the mayor is the Lega Nord candidate, the very same person who walked all over the place with a pig a few years ago, because doing so the ground would be "contaminated" and Muslims wouldn't be able to build a Mosque in our town.

The list of reasons why I should get the hell out of this place is getting longer...

At least this made me smile. From the "Mail der Woche" on You can go directly to the last line if you don't feel like reading the whole thing. ;)

Zur Sache, Schätzchen!

Sehr geehrter Herr U, hallo Farin oder einfach ein kleines Gute-Nacht-Gebet an den 1,94-Gott!
Endlich komme ich dazu mein Lob und meine Bewunderung in Worte zu fassen - und das sogar noch vor Erscheinen der 3. Single, ich bin begeistert.
In den letzten Monaten konnte man glücklicherweise vieles in Sachen Farin Urlaub Racing Team beobachten. Nicht nur die schon länger zurückliegende Neugestaltung der Seite, nein. Es kam auch ein grandioses Album, welches sozusagen als Dessert eine kleine CD mit nicht minder grandiosen Liedern mitbrachte. Schon die erste Auskopplung und das dazugehörende Video ließen die Herzen der FURT Fans - mich natürlich eingeschlossen - höher schlagen.
Auch die zweite Auskopplung war perfekt gewählt, war \"Niemals\" doch ein Pendant zur ersten Single \"NichImGriff\". Und wieder war ein wunderbares Video zu sehen, dessen nicht-tödliches Ende fast schon überraschend war.
Die 2008er Krachgarten-Tour zeigte dann, dass das FURT in der Konzertfreien Zeit kein bisschen eingerostet war, sondern sich eher noch gesteigert hatte, sofern dies denn möglich ist.
Und vor kurzem erschien dann das Video zur kommenden Single \"Krieg\", welches viel Witz und Charme mit sich trug.
Aber egal jetzt, ich wollt eigentlich nur wissen ob du mit Bela oder Rod poppst

Why? WHY?

Oct. 14th, 2008 01:15 pm
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I opened to see the weather forecasts for the next weekend in Zürich (yes, I know it's still early, bear with me) and was greeted by this picture:

I thought "Oh God, what did he do NOW?"

Well, he did this:

*headdesk* And the photo! They look like a married couple or something. *washes brain with bleach*

Well, at least I have some good news too: I bought the tickets to Zürich for less than half the price, 49€ instead of 104€, because there's a special "Switzerland promotion". Everything is going SO well, I'm afraid something terrible will happen to compensate. Or maybe... IT'S THE POWER OF ROD'S LOVE! He's doing all this so I can see him! YES! XD

And they opened a new ticket office in Milan's Central Station and, man, it looks like a European station now, not a Third World one. Finally. I only hope they'll remember to put on signs in English too, now there are Italian-English signs but in some places, like near the old ticket office, the signs are only in Italian. Ehm, hellooo, how are foreigners supposed to understand where the new office is? *shakes head* That's the Italian way, baby.
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Wasting time until I get a new assignment. I was looking at earlier to see how the elections are going and saw a page with a collection of headlines from foreign newpaper sites.

From the Los Angeles Times site: "In Italy, crime pays and may get you elected"

Sadly, it is true. Please, God, don't let Mr B. win again. Please.
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If you're still wondering why I sometimes feel ashamed of being Italian and why I've been thinking of moving abroad:

Something rotten in state of Italy


And the post I wrote on the subject in my Italian blog: Osteria Italia.

In short: yesterday Prodi (the current-almost-former Prime Minister) lost the vote of confidence at the Senate and all hell broke loose: a senator fainted, some were insulting each others and some were even drinking champagne to celebrate the fall of the Government.

Why can't Italy be a normal country? We've got so much potential, with tourism and art and fashion and design, why do our politicians have to ruin everything?
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Someone kill me and put me out of my misery, please. Work is driving me crazy, thank God the week is almost over, I really can't take it anymore.

Last night I FINALLY saw Brokeback Mountain. And of course I had to write a ficlet about it. *shakes head* It's in Italian, I'll post it at [ profile] slash_it in a day or two. I wanted to write a Bela/Farin drabble for [ profile] drabbles100 too, but I neither have the time nor the energy at the moment. Damn job.

Also, a couple of days ago there was a story in the news about an Italian who had been beaten up by a group of skinheads in Berlin. Well, it turned out he wasn't beaten up at all, he was just totally drunk and tripped in the U-Bahn station of Alexanderplatz, as proved by the security cameras. The world is full of idiots.

And the new Government doesn't convince me at all. The only positive thing so far is that the Environment Minister comes from the Green Party, as for the rest... There are 25 Ministers. What the fuck, we don't need so many! They are just trying to give a slice of power to everyone, so they won't protest too much once things get going. And of those 25 Ministers, only 6 are women. In Chile there are 20 Ministers, 10 men and 10 women. And the Prime Minister is a woman. Why do we have to be SO behind? It's a wonder we're even in the EU, I'm afraid one day they'll just kick us out.


But hey, there's some good news too! I ordered Bingo at! With a discount of 1 euro! X) Now I just have to wait, it should arrive in the last week of May. Mmh, Bela...
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We won. I am somewhat relieved, but disappointed too. Berlusconi got 24% of the total votes. That's an awful lot, are Italian so blind? Or naive? Or just plain stupid? How can people still believe what he says? Can't they see he's only worked for his own interests in the last 5 years? He doesn't care about Italy's problems, he's just trying to stay out of jail and make as much money as he can in the process.

And someone's already talked about election fraud. Che paese di merda.

But anyway, there's some other good news: the mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano was finally arrested today. He had been on the run for 40 years. And where did they find him? In a small house in a Sicilian village, does the name Corleone sound familiar to you? Yes, the one from "The Godfather". And then I wonder why there's the cliché of Italy = mafia... *shakes head*


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