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I haven't posted anything about my holidays yet. Shame on me.

Holiday report - With pictures! )


Sep. 1st, 2015 10:07 pm
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Back from London. Where do I even begin? I'll just start from the end, aka the main reason I went: "Three days in the country" at the national Theatre. The play was unbelievably funny, while also being very touching. I didn't think I'd laugh so much, but there were moments when the whole theatre would just roar with laughter. And Mark Gatiss was hilarious. His character and John Simm's were brilliant.

The only negative side was that on Saturday night Mark didn't show up at the stage door after the play. :( Which is very unusual, he always stops to take pictures and sign autographs. But there was a reason, and the reason was... Martin Freeman! Yes, he was there with Amanda Abbington, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. I did a double take when I saw them before the start of the play, I mean, what are the chances? But because Martin is a grumpy old man, he stole Mark from us and they apparently sneaked out through a side door. The rest of the cast and even Steven stopped at the stage door (there were only a dozen of people there anyway) but not Mark. I was quite disappointed, also because I was this close to buying a last-minute, discounted ticket for Friday night as well, but in the end I didn't. Of course on Friday he stopped at the stage door and everything. Oh, well, at least I got a picture with John Simm. :3

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Dec. 25th, 2013 07:51 pm
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Merry Christmas! I survived the usual intense eating and I'm finally ready to post the Christmas cards I sent my LJ friends. Oh, btw, [identity profile], I got your card on the 23th, thank you! I don't know if you got mine before flying back home, but this year's card isn't very Christmassy, I wanted to be original but I don't know if it worked.

Anyway, here are the cards:

Clic for a bigger version

Bigger individual pictures under the cut.

Christmas cards )

Anyway, I hope everyone liked their cards, I loved yours and had a lot of fun drawing them, these were pretty much the only drawings I did this year. That will have to change next year.


Jun. 2nd, 2013 04:24 pm
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I wanted to bake something today. I had some nectarines, so I looked up nectarine muffin recipes online and found a very easy one. I followed it loosely, I only measured flour (225 gr) and sugar (150 gr), then added oil and milk little by little until I was happy with the consistency of the dough. The recipe says the doses are for 8 muffins, but I ended up with 12, but maybe my muffin cups are smaller.

And you know what? Not only are these ridiculously easy to make, they are delicious. I'm definitely baking muffins next time I'm invited somewhere and have to bring dessert.

Nectarine muffins


May. 13th, 2013 04:35 pm
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Okay, I've come to the conclusion that, to avoid getting mad every single day at work, I'll just have to assume that everyone is an idiot. Everyone. The latest example: students who enroll for a school year or semester in the USA need to send us a copy of their immunisation history, we translate it and forward it to our American partner. Said American partner informed us that some schools may want to see a paper copy of the certificate, so students should bring a copy with them. So I sent an email saying "Please bring a copy of your updated immunisation history with you." My boss made me add "Please bring a copy with you in the USA, do not send it us." I thought she was exaggerating.

Today I receive a reply from one of the students: "Here is my certificate, it's attached."

If you heard a thud a couple of hours ago, it was my head hitting the desk.

So, yeah, I'll just laugh about this. And look at the pretty new pics of Scott out and about in LA looking adorable with a bit of white in his beard.

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Apr. 26th, 2013 12:02 pm
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Just the other day I was looking at job offers in Switzerland because a) I live only an hour away from the Swiss border and b) getting a Swiss work permit is relatively easy for EU citizens. And then Switzerland goes and "blocks" work permits for EU citizens. Just my luck.

I'll just cheer myself up staring at these pics of my latest TV crush.

Lino Guanciale, Italian actor )
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Elections are over. We don't have a clear majority and forming a government will be nearly impossible. Millions of people still voted for you-know-who after everything he's done. Still a few hours before we find out who the new local governor in my region (Lombardy) will be.

I'll just ignore everything and distract myself with this pretty picture:

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I'm too old to come back home at 5 AM. But last night was V's hen night (or hen party or bachelorette party or whatever you call it) and some celebrating was in order. Her fiancé was in London with his friend to celebrate, we didn't have much time to organise, so we decided to do a surprise party at her place. She was supposed to have dinner with her maid of honour (well, our equivalent of the maid of honour, we don't have bridesmaids in Italy), we all met and waited until she was inside, then rang the bell and screamed "Surprise!" when she opened the door.

It was a funny night: we dressed her up in a wedding dress made of toilet paper, made her sew a sock and had a little quiz to see how well she knows her future husband. Of course for each wrong answer she had to drink a glass of wine. It was a simple, laid back thing, but we all had fun.

I'm still half-asleep, but this H50 pic put a smile of my face:

No spoilers )
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I wanted to draw some Christmas fanart but I've been terribly busy and not really inspired. I'm working on something right now, but it's not Christmas related, so I'll post it when it's done, maybe on Boxing Day.

But I do have some Christmassy fanart! The card I sent to [ profile] schwimmerin, it arrived on the other side of the Atlantic safe and sound and before the 25th!

Farin wishes everyone a very rock'n'roll Xmas! )

And here's our new Christmas decoration, an adorable owl family we got at the arts and crafts fair a couple of weeks ago (the silver snowflake was not included):

Hoot! )

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- I thought last week was busy. This week has been CRAZY. TGIF.

- I finally had time to watch the latest H50 episode last night. Oh, Danny. Oh, Steve. ♥

- My mother is the biggest Danny fangirl on the planet and shows the picture I took with Scott Caan in LA to everyone who visits her. (Thank God I'm not around when she does that.) She also keeps asking me "Does he really talk like that? Does he really walk like that?" And she's envious because I met the actor who plays Deeks in NCIS:LA too. She only wishes I had met Michael Weatherly from NCIS as well. When I was in Los Angeles, every time I called home she would ask me "Have you met DiNozzo yet?!" Fangirlism is obviously hereditary.

- A spoilery pic tweeted from PLenkov under the cut:

Warning: potential cuteness overload )

Right, back to work. /o\
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Oh. My. God. I'm going back to my old school to talk about our exchange program next week, so I had a look at their website. First of all: they recently moved to a new address after a push and pull that lasted for more than 15 years (there were rumours about moving when I was still in school). But on the site there are 3 different addresses listed: the new one and the old ones, and it's not clear whether they have already moved or are planning to. I see they are still as disorganised as ever. They also have a page with little video interviews with ex students and they interviewed 3 of my classmates! I was laughing so hard. Of course our resident diva is platinum blonde now.

And while we're talking about schools, I've just called my old Berlin school to ask about the exchange program in Germany. I hadn't spoken German is such a long time, I was all nervous. But that's a nice coincidence, as I wrote an email in German just a couple of hours ago. And to Farin no less! Thanks for the heads-up, Jenny! :D Less than two weeks till the concert in Friedrichshafen!

I'm feeling fangirly today. So let me add two H50 pics. The second one is the screencap of a tweet by Lenkov and a little spoilery, you've been warned.

This way )
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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] theellibu because this much hotness must be shared.

Really, Alex? REALLY? )

I've been meaning to post something non-fannish for some time, but every time I sit down to write, I forget what I wanted to write about. Oh, well. I'll just stare at this pic some more. GUH.
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Guess what I did yesterday!


No, I didn't set stuff on fire, I was there to take pictures for the newspaper. The issue was pretty much ready and we were just about to go home, when we got a phone call telling us there was a thick column of smoke coming from the direction of the local mall. We couldn't see it from our windows, so I went down in the street and saw it. I left my colleague in the office to deal with phone calls (local police, fire brigade etc), hopped into my car and went. My dad called me and said the smoke was coming from the local power plant, but as I was getting closer I realised it couldn't be there: I'd have to turn left to go to the power plant, whereas the column of smoke was on the right. So it must have been somewhere in the "industrial district". Turns out I was right: there was a fire in a warehouse, the street officially belongs to the town nearby, but it's just a few meters away from where our town starts.

So, yeah, instead of going to the gym, I spent my evening dealing with this. Every radio station and information website was talking about it and it even ended up on national TV. But I got really mad at something I read on the website of "Corriere della Sera", which is supposed to be the most important Italian newspaper. Because the warehouse belonged to Chinese people, they instantly assumed there was something illegal going on. An article on their website said "About 10 Chinese people ran away. Surely they were trying to escape from the police because their business was not legal and probably their passports weren't valid either." Excuse me? I would run away too if the building I'm in was on fire! WTF? Someone should remind this "journalist" that, while some Chinese businesses are indeed far from legal, so are a lot of Italian ones. And that they could be sued for implying something like that. I write for a small local newspaper, but everyone is very professional and we're always extremely careful about what we write and how we write it. This is just one of the many reasons why I despise most Italian journalists.
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This picture makes me wish I had a brother. :(

The McGarrett siblings
Source: Hawaii Five-0 Australia on Facebook


Sep. 14th, 2012 10:53 am
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Okay, this? Is the most adorable thing I've seen all week:

Don't worry, no spoilers )

I'm not very active on LJ these days, I mostly don't feel like getting online when I get home in the evening, so I just sneak in at work when there's nothing to do. And I never mentioned how last week's concert went. I'll just say this: not only did my friend win 2 tickets, we had free parking, a private area that we shared with 4 other people (a bit too far away from the stage for my liking but, hey, free tickets, right?) and access to a bar with free drinks and a small buffet. I could get used to that. :)
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I saw these pics earlier and thought back of my surf lessons in Santa Monica. Sigh.

But this made me smile again: socks! :D

And I think we're all jealous of this woman:

Source and full size: Twitter

Right. It's Friday! Only 5 minutes of work left! And tonight I'm going to a concert with a friend who has free tickets AND is driving! Whoo! \o/

(We're going to see Negrita, I like them but I've never seen them live, so I'm looking forward to the concert. And I've just found out they'll be on tour in the USA next month. I'm impressed.)


Aug. 11th, 2012 09:46 pm
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I found a hibiscus flower that matched my shirt today! It was lying in the grass and I had no idea where it came from, there are a couple of hibiscus plants on the same street, but not there and not of that colour. Anyway, of course I put it in my hair:

Pretty flower )

And I went about my business doing the shopping and everything with this huge flower on my head for the rest of the day. :)
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Today I did a very bad thing: I went to Universal Citywalk (which could be considered a bad thing per se, but hey, let me be a tourist for once) and ate THIS:

Yes, that's a guacamole hot dog with onion rings. In my defense, I think it was the first time in my whole life that I've eaten onion rings, my cholesterol is way below the normal level and I've lost weight in the last weeks (my capri jeans are sooo baggy right now), I'm not gonna die if I eat junk food once. But my stomach was shocked and I couldn't eat anything else after that. I think I'm gonna treat myself to a big homemade salad tomorrow, yes.

Anyway, I bought new shoes! Look!

They're pretty and extremely comfortable, I love them. <3

And this is dedicated to the people who saw Scott's play. You know why. :D

Also, as I was about to leave "M83" by Midnight City (aka one of the songs which were played during "No way around but through") started playing. Of course I stayed a little bit longer. :)
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Ready to go and see "The Exorcist" on stage at the Geffen Playhouse. But not before I show you this:


Scott looks so tiny when he's all snuggled up against standing next to Alex. :3
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I was in San Francisco for 5 days last week. The trip was part pleasure, part business: the main international partner of the agency where I work is a foundation located in San Francisco, so we arranged a meeting. It was very nice to finally talk face to face with someone I've sent emails to for the past year and a half.

Other than that I walked so, so much, every night when I got back to the hotel my feet hurt. But it was worth it, I saw everything I had planned to see (minus Alcatraz, but I really didn't have time). I would like to thank [ profile] holsbells99 for the suggestions, especially for suggesting visiting Sausalito and taking the ferry back to SF. Sausalito is a lovely little town with a lot of nice shops where I bought a bunch of presents for my mum and my friends, plus a little something for me as well:

The back and inside under a cut )

As soon as I saw it I was all "OMG I want this! >_<", but then I thought I would never use it and it would be a waste of money. And then I realised that it was pretty much the same size of a little purse I actually use and that is quite old and worn out, so I bought it. \o/

I also managed to almost get a sunburnt, even if the sky was always partially overcast. I didn't bring sunscreen because I thought I wouldn't need it and now I have a ridiculous tan line on the bridge of my nose from my glasses. *facepalm*

What else? I ate a delicious okonomiyaki at the Japan Centre and a divine pizza with heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala and pesto at Rose Pistola (North Beach), I took a ton of pictures and even saw San Andreas Fault from the plane on the way back!

And I got ridiculously excited when I saw the trams from Milan, I was hoping I would spot at least one and I saw quite a few, all three versions of them.

So, yeah, I'm very happy with my trip. And tomorrow I have my first surf lesson ever! Wish me luck!


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