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I celebrated my birthday with my friends last night. It was actually a double party, as one of my best friends' birthday is in a couple of days, so we did a "combined celebration" at a Mexican restaurant.

The food was delicious and I got A TON of presents. Also, my friends know me SO well. XD

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I'm enjoying a well-deserved day off after last night's concert (I still did something work-related this morning, but at least I got to sleep until 9:00 AM).

Yesterday I saw The Cure live after... I don't actually remember when was the last time I'd seen them. 2008 probably. They played in Milan in 2012, but I was in Los Angeles at the time (I was SO pissed off when I found out); then in 2014 they played in London and I was really tempted to go: it was on my birthday's weekend and Suede were playing the day after, but I was in the middle of changing job, so I couldn't.

Anyway. The concert itself was great, at the end I couldn't believe they had actually played for 3 whole hours. The only negative thing was that I was standing very far away from the stage: when I bought the ticket (4 days after they'd gone on sale), the ones for the pit were already sold out (WTF), so I bought a "cheap" one for the section further away from the stage hoping I'd be able to make my way at least halfway through. I did manage to get closer, but then got blocked and couldn't go any further. The spot I found was actually great, I could see perfectly and had a lot of room to move about, but I'm just not used to stand so far away. (Also, I use the word "cheap" with inverted commas: the ticket was €56 FFS).

They played songs they don't often play live, like "Burn", "Never Enough" and "Wrong Number" (during which Robert actually said "Pronto! Pronto! PRONTO!", which is the Italian for "Hello!" XD). Also, during a song (I don't remember which one, could've been "Trust") Robert and Simon played leaning against each other. It wasn't the classic back-against-back leaning, it was like a half-embrace, shoulder against shoulder. And Robert completely forgot the lyrics for the first verse of "Lullaby" and just came up with random words. XD Oh, Robert.

And Simon is currently rocking a Clash/rockabilly look. I approve.


Jun. 16th, 2016 08:59 pm
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Last weekend was amazing. On Saturday night I saw Easy Cure (The Cure cover band) and Mode Inside (Depeche Mode cover band). I've seen Easy Cure many many times, so I knew they'd put up a great show, but I didn't know Mode Inside. Well, they're brilliant. The singer's got a beautiful, deep voice and he's quite easy on the eye. ;)

And on Sunday night I went to a Duran Duran concert! Again, I didn't quite know what to expect: of course I know most of their hits, but I'd never seen them live before. Well, it was the best concert I've seen in a while. They even played Space Oddity by David Bowie! It was a Planet Earth / Space Oddity medley, followed by Ordinary World. I was actually close to tears, as both Space Oddity and Ordinary World are two of my all time favourite songs. T_T

And I suddenly remembered that my natural habitat is right in front of a stage. XD
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I haven't updated this in ages. I'm getting lazier and lazier with my online activities, mostly because I really don't want to stare at my laptop screen in the evening. And whenever I do get online, I spend most of the time looking up flats. Which brings me to one of the activities that's occupied a good portion of my time lately: I've been looking for a flat for the last couple of months, but it's not easy. I've visited a few, both in Milan and in my hometown, but every time there's something that makes me go "No." I'll just have to keep looking, I suppose, but it's so frustrating. Also because Milan is notoriously very expensive (unless you choose a sketchy area, which I'm not going to do) and my hometown has become the second most expensive town in the whole province! T_T

Other than that, I started playing the bass again! I went to an Easy Cure concert last week and thought "Right, it's time to dig out the bass." I'm terribly rusty, but it's a start.

I should also finish the Mystrade fanfic I started writing last month, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

What else? I went to see Deadpool yesterday. I had no idea it was going to be so violent. I have to admit I've never read the comics, so it's my fault, but it was really too much. Or maybe I'm just getting more squeamish as I get older...

EDIT: I forgot to mention I also saw the LUPIN III film! My inner otaku has been squeeing ever since! #teamJigen 4EVAH! XD

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First of all: thanks for the Christmas card, [profile] schwimmerin! Remembering our adventures around Northern Italy from last year put a big grin on my face.

I was a bit late sending out cards this year, I'm afraid some of you won't get it before the 25th. Hopefully before the 31st? Sorry. :(

Other than that, I've been quite busy visiting the annual arts & crafts fair earlier this month (where a veeery cute German vendor started talking to me in German when he saw my St Pauli jacket) and the O Bej O Bej market in Milan (a traditional market held around St. Ambrose's Day).

Last night I went to see Madame Sadowsky. Man, had I missed a good night out. I had to go on my own because none of my friends could come with me, but I decided to go anyway and I'm very glad I did. I hadn't danced so much in ages. Also, I thought of [profile] schwimmerin because there was a Farin look-alike! I did a double take, at a first glance I really thought it was him! (Just younger. XD)

And tonight I'm seeing Bluvertigo! It's going to be a stroll down memory lane, they were my favourite band in the late '90s.

And on Sunday I'll be a zombie. I'm getting too old for this kind of weekend... XD


Nov. 27th, 2015 09:04 pm
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Ticket for next year's Cure concert: bought! \o/

The shows are almost sold out and the best tickets have already gone, but I'm sure I'll find a way to sneak closer to the stage at some point. It feels good to finally be able to make long-term plans again. Now I just need to wait eleven (!) months...
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I went to see a Bluvertigo concert last night and thought I would be a zombie today, but it wasn't too bad in the end, considering I only slept 4 hours.

Bluvertigo are one of my favourite Italian bands, I was pretty much obsessed with them in the late '90s. They stopped making music together years ago, as the members were busy with different projects (the lead singer/bassist even became one of the judges in the Italian edition of X-Factor - DOH!) They played a reunion concert a few years ago, I went to see them also back then and every time I see them live I have a great time.

Here, have a picture of them. If I remember correctly, [personal profile] polarforscherin will appreciate someone in it. ;)

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I'm finally done with the DÄ concert list. It probably makes me look like a crazy groupie, but who cares, I have a lot of great memories from these concerts. They're ordered cronologically and split into different sublists: one for Die Ärzte, one for FURT, one for Bela B y Los Helmstedt, one for Abwärts.

I'll update it if I ever get the chance of seeing any more gigs. I regret not going to the Berlin concerts last summer and the Bela gigs a few weeks ago, but the last months have been too crazy and planning anything was impossible.

DÄ concert list )
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I sort of disappeared for a while. I replied to a few job offers abroad, I'm not holding my breath, but who knows. Sales started yesterday, so I went and bought something nice for myself, which doesn't happen often. I wish I could buy new sandals too, but they're all either completely flat or ridiculously high-heeled. Oh, well, maybe next summer.

Is any of you watching "Crossing lines"? It's an American-European co-production that takes place all over Europe. I started watching it because it was created by the same person who created Criminal Minds and because it's broadcast pretty much at the same time in the USA and in Italy (I think Rai2 airs the episodes a week after NBC), so we don't have to wait 6+ months for once. What I've seen so far hasn't really blown my mind: it's like the took an American series and simply moved it to Europe. There is a lot of potential in the idea and I think the pilot showed that potential, but it still needs work. We'll see how things develop.

What made me laugh, though, is the description they have on the NBC website: «"Crossing Lines" is set in the world's most exotic locales [...]"» I laughed when I read this because the last episode was set in Udine, which we don't consider an exotic or glamorous location at all. I mean, it was convenient for the plot because it's close to the Slovenian border, but, as the Germans would say, it's pretty much "am Arsch der Welt" ("in the middle of nowhere"). Also, mass-shootings abound and that's something we usually consider "typically American". Maybe they are not so common in the US either, but we're so used to seeing people shooting left and right in American films and TV series that we think they're normal. Seeing them in a series that's set in Europe made me think "This is so completely unbelievable". I'm curious to know what Americans think of mass-shootings in films / TV series.

Uhm, I think my Sociology of Media background is showing. Sorry.

Anyway. My friends Deluded by Lesbians released a new video! It's a cover of an '80s classic, well, classic for Italians anyway: "Cicale", originally sung by Italian-American starlet Heather Parisi and opening of a popular TV show from 1981.

This is their version:

The video is them being idiots as usual. It's funny, but if you want to see a really hilarious video, watch their first video, "She do wanna", shot in the streets of Milan during Fashion Week in 2010:

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I've just read that Daniel Dae Kim won't be at the blessing ceremony tomorrow because he's in Korea (link) and that makes me feel so much better about tonight. Because if Daniel isn't there, it won't be a problem if Scott isn't either, right? Also, apparently they'll start shooting the scenes of Steve and his mum, so they won't need Scott on set right away.

That aside, I went to Whisky a Go Go last night! I didn't stay the whole night because I had a bus to catch, but I enjoyed watching a few bands. The first one (I didn't catch their name) was frankly embarrassing, especially the guitarist: I don't know if he was trying to play arpeggios or something, but he obviously failed. It felt like he was playing the same sequence of notes in every single song. But he's young, he'll get better (hopefully).

The second band was called The Feaver and they were high school kids! When I arrived I saw quite a few teenagers outside the club and thought "OMG am I going to be the only one over 21?" Luckily I wasn't, most of the kids were there to see this band and I have to say they rocked! They sounded a bit like Franz Ferdinand, which I love, I was really impressed. Also, obviously there were friends and relatives in the audience, complete with a grandmother in a white sequined shirt. :D

The third band was Madison Rose, a fun pop/rock act with a tiny blonde female singer.

Man, I'd missed being at a concert, I had a great time even if I knew nothing about the bands. I think I'll check out The Roxy next.

But now I'll go finish the assignment for tomorrow and then I'm off to the Falcon. Closing night, baby!
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I saw an amazing (and free!) photo exhibition today, "Who Shot Rock & Roll" at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It was a collection of live, backstage, candid and studio pictures by various photographers portraying a lot of different artists, from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Blondie, The Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and a ton of others.

When I saw the posters last week I immediately knew I had to see it. Rock photography is my not so secret passion: whenever I can, I go see my friends' band and take pictures of them, I've become their official live photographer. Of course I'm not a professional at all, but I love doing it. And one of my pictures actually got published on the official program of the Sziget Festival in Budapest! You can see some of my photos here, the one that got published it's one of them in the shopping trolley.

One of the things that struck a chord was one of the photographers saying "Being a photographer is like having a passport into people's lives", and that's so true. Also, I was surprised to find out there are quite a few women in the business.

And while we're talking about my friends and their band ("Deluded by Lesbians"), I found two silly little behind-the-scenes videos of one of their concerts, with English subtitles! In the first one you even see a bit of Milan, if you're interested.


Apr. 11th, 2012 08:52 pm
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Die Ärzte put THE WHOLE NEW ALBUM on YouTube before the release date. SEID IHR VERRÜCKT ODER WAS!?

Well, we're talking about DÄ here, of course they're f*cking crazy. And I love them for it. <3

There are some songs I don't like, some I need to hear again and some I instantly liked. Like this one:

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My birthday was pretty low-key this year: my mother is sick and couldn't bake a cake, so we just bought some pastries. I didn't celebrate, it's way too difficult to organise stuff in the middle of the week. But I invited my friends to the Easy Cure concert in Milan on Saturday, luckily it's in one of our favourite clubs, so we'll just stay there after the gig for some belated birthday celebration. My friend V. got all excited about it and proposed a make-up session at her place. She said "Come over at 5 PM!" When I asked her why so early (the gig starts well after 10 PM), she replied "But it will take me at least an hour to do your make up!" WTF is she planning to do to me??? XD I think I'll politely decline. XD

Anyway, I didn't write about my night as a radio speaker. I had a lot of fun, I thought I would be nervous as hell but the mood was very friendly and relaxed. And I didn't even stutter! \o/ Here, have a snippet of my friend Barbara (the real radio host) and I talking about Die Toten Hosen version of "Azzurro". In Italian, of course:

I'm the one who speaks first and explains what happens in the video. Man, do I talk fast...
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We're going to play a bit of this song as well tomorrow night. Just for the lulz. I lost count of how many clichés they managed to cram into this video...

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I mentioned some time ago a friend of mine invited me to the radio program she hosts on a small web radio. It's a rock program and the theme will be "German music". She wants to play mostly bands that are also known in Italy, which isn't easy. She also said "No metal bands", because she already had a "German metal night".

So I put together a playlist with a few big names and a few smaller acts. But I need a few suggestions. Here's what I have, in no particular order:

Temporary playlist, songs in random order )
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I've just read an article about Berlin and now I'm all nostalgic. And watching this video didn't help either:

Now I just want to go to the Maybachufer market, grab a Gözleme and wander around with my camera. Too bad I'm 1000 Km away. Sigh.


Feb. 25th, 2012 07:00 pm
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I have a cute little blue dragon on my profile page! Thank you, [ profile] malfoy_manor12! :)

I may be a guest in a program a friend of mine hosts on a web-radio. Nothing's sure yet, we came up with the idea just a few hours ago, but if I do, I'll need the help of my flist when I put together the playlist. I already have a few songs in mind, I'll keep you updated on how things evolve. :)


Jan. 19th, 2012 12:07 pm
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Of course the year I plan to spend July and August outside Europe, my two favourite bands go on tour. Not only Die Ärzte, no, that wasn't enough, I've just found out The Cure will be playing a few festivals in the summer and will be in Milan in July. Great. I mean, I still don't know where I'll be, I'll have to wait and see if my application for the workshop is accepted, but it's still annoying.

(And bloody hell, 63 euros? WTF. OK, it's a festival, so it's more expensive than a normal concert, but still. Robert, I hate you.)
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The first official video of my friends "Deluded by Lesbians" is finally online! Have a look! (OMG I can see myself in the crowd towards the end. XD)

These are the guys I use to practise my "photography skills". I should really update my online portfolio now that I think about it...
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Tickets go on sale next week!? What the hell, I don't know where I'll be next year! Presumably still here, yeah, but I can't plan my life so much beforehand! And the dates are going to be sold out within days, why, oh, why? I mean, they're probably going to add shows in Berlin like they did last time, but still. Stupid band. Stupid, stupid band. (Just kidding, I love them. <333)


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