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Jul. 9th, 2013 04:06 pm
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Exactly 1 year ago I wrote this entry. Just re-reading it made me grin like an idiot. I can't believe how time flies, it really feels like yesterday. I still remember the first impressions I got as we drove out of LAX airport, the tall palm trees and teens skateboarding on the sidewalk and the moment I arrived in front of the building where I would stay for the following 10 weeks. I still remember I thought "I'm here. I'm really here. I made it."

I'm glad I have so many good memories, not just from LA, but from all my travels, my trips all over Germany and Europe to see concerts, my year living in Berlin, because when life gets shitty, at least I have something to turn to.
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Addendum to my last post: so, apparently there was a small earthquake in Los Angeles yesterday? And in the Beverly Hills area too, that is, just a couple of miles from where I was staying.

So, last year I managed to come back from NJ a day or two before the hurricane arrived; this year I left LA one day before the earthquake. They are following me, but I'm winning this race! XD


Sep. 3rd, 2012 10:56 pm
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Back home in grey, rainy Milan. My flight was okay, we left with a 50-minute delay because some paperwork was missing, but I wasn't worried, I had chosen a late connection because I didn't want to rush in Heathrow (had I taken the earlier connection, I would have barely managed to catch it).

During the flight I watched an episode of Hawaii Five-0 (2x01!) and Brave. I loved the film, but I couldn't help analysing its structure as I watched it. This screenwriting workshop ruined me. :P Luckily I was also able to sleep for about 4 hours, so I wasn't completely comatose when we landed.

The rest behind a cut )


Sep. 1st, 2012 05:20 pm
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That must have been the quickest check-in in history. Well, for me anyway. I'm at LAX right now. I got off the bus, an American Airlines employee checked my passport and printed my boarding pass right on the pavement, I dropped my suitcase at the TSA point (they didn't even check the weight! Had I known it, I would have put something more in it, instead of in my carry on) and then I went to the security check. Total time: 15 minutes. I'm impressed. And I won't thank my friend S. enough for getting me a smartphone last Xmas, there's so much I can do with it and all these free wifi connections: like updating LJ while I wait for my flight. ;)


Sep. 1st, 2012 12:08 am
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Last night in LA. I met with a coursemate and we went to two bars here in the neighbourhood (being close to campus = a lot of bars to choose from). In the second bar we met her current roommate (she's moving to a new place next week) and a veeery cute German guy. What is it about me and German guys? /o\

I don't want to go home. :(


Aug. 29th, 2012 09:35 pm
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Today, during my third surf lesson, I could finally ride a wave all the way to the shore. More than one, actually. \o/ I'm so happy I decided to give it another go, I've been grinning for the last few hours just thinking about it. :D

Before going home I had one last cupcake at Yummy Cupcakes, Fudge Yummy:

And just as I was sitting down to eat it, "China Girl" by David Bowie came on!

What else? I saw "The Backup Plan" last night. Not the kind of film I'd usually watch but, hey, Alex O'Loughlin. First of all, the first act was so, so bad, it had everything that our teacher told us you should not have in a movie: character talking to herself, random flashbacks, exposition just for the sake of it. But some parts were really funny, I literally laughed out loud. And Alex's smitten expression is the most beautiful thing on earth. ♥
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I was supposed to meet a friend today, but she had to call it off at the last moment, so I went to see the Avila Adobe, which I hadn't seen yet. And while I was Downtown, I went for a very last dinner at Kula, where I ended up sitting next to the same guy that was sitting next to me last time I was there! In a city as big as Los Angeles, that's quite impressive. He looked at me and went "Are you kidding me!?" We chatted a bit and he casually mentioned that if we met again, we would have to start going out together. Too bad he could be my father... *facepalm*
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Oh my God, I can't believe in a week I'll be back home! This summer has flown by so quickly, I don't want it to be over. I mean, of course I'll be happy to see my family and friends again, but I've got used to being here, I don't wanna go. :(

These last few days have been really busy: I went down to Long Beach on Tuesday, had my second surf lesson on Wednesday (I still suck), went to San Diego on Friday (American trains are sooo comfortable, there's a lot of leg room), had an extra class and then went to a party with the guys from the producing summer program yesterday (where I drank too much) and today I went to the Writers Faire at the UCLA campus.

Tomorrow in class we'll hand in the complete first act and that's it. I can't believe it.


Aug. 12th, 2012 11:31 pm
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Just got back from a BBQ in Venice with my coursemates and people from other summer courses (both writing and producing) and it was awesome. (Oh God, I'm starting to sound American in my head, please help). One of my coursemates kindly drove me home, as she doesn't live very far, so I didn't have to take the bus back. I had a Smirnoff Ice and a homemade margarita and I'm pleasantly tipsy.

Our group was supposed to bring dessert and/or drinks, at first I didn't know what to bring, then I decided to bring these:

Ricotta-filled cookie sandwiches, very easy to make.

We should hang out more often, yes.

Also, when I said I had come with the bus, one of my classmates said "Aww, that's such a European thing." Ehm.

Man, I should just get offline. But I'm too awake to go to sleep. Bear with me.


Aug. 11th, 2012 09:46 pm
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I found a hibiscus flower that matched my shirt today! It was lying in the grass and I had no idea where it came from, there are a couple of hibiscus plants on the same street, but not there and not of that colour. Anyway, of course I put it in my hair:

Pretty flower )

And I went about my business doing the shopping and everything with this huge flower on my head for the rest of the day. :)

YATTA! \o/

Aug. 10th, 2012 11:56 pm
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I went to Little Tokyo for the opening ceremony of the Tanabata Festival today and before going to dinner I stopped in one of the shops to buy a little something for a friend. And then I went into full otaku mode when I saw this:

This will maybe make no sense at all for most of my flist, but I've been looking for a kendama for years, ever since I saw one at a comic fair (I was still in school, so it was a long time ago). I didn't buy it then and I've regretted ever since. But now I have one! Yatta! \o/

Of course it all goes back to the cartoon Yattaman, which was very popular in Italy in the '80s. These were the opening credits:

I'm such an otaku...
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Today I did a very bad thing: I went to Universal Citywalk (which could be considered a bad thing per se, but hey, let me be a tourist for once) and ate THIS:

Yes, that's a guacamole hot dog with onion rings. In my defense, I think it was the first time in my whole life that I've eaten onion rings, my cholesterol is way below the normal level and I've lost weight in the last weeks (my capri jeans are sooo baggy right now), I'm not gonna die if I eat junk food once. But my stomach was shocked and I couldn't eat anything else after that. I think I'm gonna treat myself to a big homemade salad tomorrow, yes.

Anyway, I bought new shoes! Look!

They're pretty and extremely comfortable, I love them. <3

And this is dedicated to the people who saw Scott's play. You know why. :D

Also, as I was about to leave "M83" by Midnight City (aka one of the songs which were played during "No way around but through") started playing. Of course I stayed a little bit longer. :)
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Ready to go and see "The Exorcist" on stage at the Geffen Playhouse. But not before I show you this:


Scott looks so tiny when he's all snuggled up against standing next to Alex. :3
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I survived my first surf lesson! \o/ Of course my performance wasn't that great but hey, it was my first time ever on a surfboard, I wasn't expecting to ride waves like a pro. And I had fun, which is the important thing.

Aaand I went to the arcade on the Santa Monica Pier afterwards and look:

Yep, #1 at Street Fighter! I'm so old school. I also treated myself to a delicious red velvet cream cheese cupcake at Yummy Cupcakes before heading home, which was a smart move, because I was so tired that I just took a shower and went to bed skipping dinner. Today I'm sore all over, my arms hurt, my abs hurt, my butt hurts. And I have a bruise on my hip. But now I know where Scott got his shoulders: my deltoids and rotator cuffs have never hurt so much, which means I used them a lot yesterday, and if Scott has surfed on a regular or semi-regular basis since he was a teen, well...
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Let's talk about cupcakes. I went back to "Yummy Cupcakes" while I was in Santa Monica today and got a peanut butter cup cupcake. I'm not a big fan of peanut butter but I wanted to experiment. And man, it was divine.

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I went to the Getty Centre today. I loved the exhibitions (Klimt is one of my all-time favourite artists and Herb Ritts's photographs are amazing), the garden was beautiful and the view breathtaking, but at one point I got all melancholy. I'll blame it on that time of the month and hope I'll feel better tomorrow.

Luckily there are pictures like this to cheer me up:

Source and full-size pic:


Jul. 11th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Oh, man. In a city as big as Los Angeles, what are the odds of meeting the same 3 Italian students I met on the bus coming back from Venice Beach on the 4th of July? Well, I met them again today, on a different bus in a different part of town (West Hollywood). And, once again, they were the loudest people in the whole bus. Sigh. And I guess I might meet them again, they're staying at the UCLA campus. They were so loud I heard every single word they said and found out they're from Milan too. I wonder if I'm that loud too when I'm with my friends. I probably am. /o\

Anyway, I went to Little Tokyo today and ate sushi in one of those places that have a revolving belt carrying little dishes and you choose the ones you want. I've always wanted to eat in a place like that! *_* And it wasn't expensive at all, with $20 I ate, drank and left a tip. Not bad. Even if I was confused at first, because instead of "revolving belt" I had read "revolting belt" and thought "WTF?" XD
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I think the subject of this entry says it all, but let me repeat myself: I GOT A HUG FROM SCOTT CAAN! ASDFGHJKL!

Okay, let me start from the beginning. So, it was closing night tonight, I arrived at the Falcon early as usual because of the bus and spent 40 minutes or so at Priscilla's, the lovely little café where I'd gone with [ profile] bluedelft, her sister and [ profile] gyri last Sunday after the show. I had some coffee (I was craving caffeine) and a delicious muffin. Around 6:40 PM I headed over to the Falcon and was so relieved to see Scott's truck there. Before the play I bought a copy of "Two wrongs" and spotted the actor who plays Deeks in NCIS:LA, the blond actress from Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (I'm sorry, I don't even know their names, I should look them up) and Claire van der Boom (Rachel in H50). I overheard Claire telling Kacy "You're going tomorrow!?" I'm glad that poor Scott won't have to take a red-eye to Hawaii straight after the performance, poor thing. But yeah, he won't be at the blessing ceremony tomorrow. There were also quite a few familiar faces, but I couldn't quite place where I'd seen them.

The play was brilliant again and the audience was really loud. And I mean, really loud, it felt like watching a sitcom with fake laughter in some points. Weird. Also, for the people interested (you know who you are), Scott was wearing black socks with multi-coloured polka dots.

The rest behind a cut because it's getting long )

My God, this entry turned long and fangirly, but I'm not surprised. AT ALL. Also, if somebody is interested, the song playing after the first scene is called "16th & Valencia Roxy" and is by Devendra Banhart. I think it's officially become the song of this summer for me.

And now I can try to get some sleep.
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I've just read that Daniel Dae Kim won't be at the blessing ceremony tomorrow because he's in Korea (link) and that makes me feel so much better about tonight. Because if Daniel isn't there, it won't be a problem if Scott isn't either, right? Also, apparently they'll start shooting the scenes of Steve and his mum, so they won't need Scott on set right away.

That aside, I went to Whisky a Go Go last night! I didn't stay the whole night because I had a bus to catch, but I enjoyed watching a few bands. The first one (I didn't catch their name) was frankly embarrassing, especially the guitarist: I don't know if he was trying to play arpeggios or something, but he obviously failed. It felt like he was playing the same sequence of notes in every single song. But he's young, he'll get better (hopefully).

The second band was called The Feaver and they were high school kids! When I arrived I saw quite a few teenagers outside the club and thought "OMG am I going to be the only one over 21?" Luckily I wasn't, most of the kids were there to see this band and I have to say they rocked! They sounded a bit like Franz Ferdinand, which I love, I was really impressed. Also, obviously there were friends and relatives in the audience, complete with a grandmother in a white sequined shirt. :D

The third band was Madison Rose, a fun pop/rock act with a tiny blonde female singer.

Man, I'd missed being at a concert, I had a great time even if I knew nothing about the bands. I think I'll check out The Roxy next.

But now I'll go finish the assignment for tomorrow and then I'm off to the Falcon. Closing night, baby!
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I saw an amazing (and free!) photo exhibition today, "Who Shot Rock & Roll" at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It was a collection of live, backstage, candid and studio pictures by various photographers portraying a lot of different artists, from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Blondie, The Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and a ton of others.

When I saw the posters last week I immediately knew I had to see it. Rock photography is my not so secret passion: whenever I can, I go see my friends' band and take pictures of them, I've become their official live photographer. Of course I'm not a professional at all, but I love doing it. And one of my pictures actually got published on the official program of the Sziget Festival in Budapest! You can see some of my photos here, the one that got published it's one of them in the shopping trolley.

One of the things that struck a chord was one of the photographers saying "Being a photographer is like having a passport into people's lives", and that's so true. Also, I was surprised to find out there are quite a few women in the business.

And while we're talking about my friends and their band ("Deluded by Lesbians"), I found two silly little behind-the-scenes videos of one of their concerts, with English subtitles! In the first one you even see a bit of Milan, if you're interested.


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