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Sorry for posting twice in a day, but I've just finished my first [community profile] trope_bingo art and I wanted to post it before going to sleep. It's genderswap! I've wanted to draw something like this ever since I read "Some kind of Freaky Friday" by [personal profile] delicatale (because the way she described female!Steve was damn hot), but I never actually did it. Until now! I also thought of writing something to go along with it, but it would end up being too similar to the bodyswap story I'm currently writing, so I just drew the fanart.

I drew it on paper and coloured in with Photoshop, it's nothing fancy but I'm glad I finished it. Also, I suck at drawing hands and shoes, but that's nothing new.


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I was supposed to go to my cousin's place for lunch with my parents today, but I really wasn't in the mood. So I stayed home, relaxed, watched two Hawaii Five-0 episodes from Season 1 (just to check if the DVDs I got my mum for Christmas work, of course) and finally finished the H50 drawing I'd been working on. Last piece of fanart of the year!


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Aaah, I'm enjoying my day off immensely. Sure, I checked my work email this morning because there are a couple of things that are still ongoing, but I forwared the important ones to my boss and the others can wait.

I was thinking of going to the Christmas market, but I didn't feel like facing the cold and the hordes of Christmas shoppers. So I slept in, had a waffle for breakfast and caught up with some online stuff this morning, so now all I have to do is finish two Christmas cards. I still need to buy a present for my friend S, my dad and my mum, but I know what to buy, so it shouldn't be a problem. Actually, I've already bought a present for my mum, but my dad didn't know what to get her, so I suggested the Hawaii Five-0 DVDs and kindly offered to buy them for him. I am so very generous. Can you believe they released Season 1 on DVD just a couple of months ago?! I wanted to buy it for my mum last Christmas but couldn't find the DVDs anywhere and then last summer I found out it hadn't been released for the Italian market yet! Oh, well, at least they're here now.

And while we're talking about H50 and Christmas, [ profile] azziria got my card! I only sent it on Monday or Tuesday, I'm very impressed.

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The Steve/Danny drawing is finally done! \o/ I coloured it very quickly, I didn't have the energy to do anything else.

Title: Surrender
Author/Artist: [ profile] gothikmaus
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: PG-13


Posted at [ profile] kissemdanno:
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This is that H50 picture I was talking about. As some of you may have seen, [ profile] rocsfan had pretty much the same idea a few days ago. I didn't know about her entry at first (I was walking to the office when inspiration struck) and hopefully no one will think I'm stealing other people's ideas. Since we all know how much Steve loves grenades, it was kind of inevitable that more than one person would get the same idea, right?


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Dear LJ, your timing is really awful: you worked perfectly well this morning, but when I finally have a free moment to post, you decide to throw a tantrum. I hate you.

Anyway, let's make this quick while LJ is working. Here, have some sappy Steve/Danny fanart. Drawn for [ profile] h5oartvalentine's Valentine's Day fest, I used this prompt from [ profile] sexycazzy: Steve/Danny - Steve plays the guitar to Danny at his small apartment.

I used this picture as inspiration. Background pattern found here.


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OF COURSE today that [ profile] five0bang goes live LiveJournal decides to start throwing tantrums. Thanks LJ, thank you very much.

Let's see if I can post this entry. This is the art masterpost for "Happiness is Homemade" by [ profile] delicatale and [ profile] sirona_gs, a bakery AU which I highly recommend because it's lovely and funny and definitely worth reading. The other fanartist is [ profile] sexycazzy.

Masterpost to story, art and mix

Three of these are illustrations of specific scenes, so if you don't want to be spoiled, you should read the story first. :)


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I've finally finished my Hawaii Five-0 Christmas Trope fanart! Let me tell you I'm very happy with it, it looks exactly like the image I had in mind when I started drawing, and that doesn't happen often.

Title: White Christmas?
Characters: Steve, Danny, Grace
Rating: so G it hurts
A/N: Drawn for the Hawaii Five-0 Christmas Trope.

Prompter: [ profile] t_verano
Prompt: [Steve/Danny + Grace] Somebody builds a sand "snow"-man or snow-people on the beach. Could be anything -- Steve's beach or somewhere else, built by Danny and/or Steve for Grace or built by Grace herself, or built by Steve or Kono and Chin for Danny. Any kind of emotions -- missing snow and New Jersey and family back there, or just fun, or deeper feelings. Anything. :-)


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OK, I'm sorry, I'm very, very sorry for spamming my flist but, as I mentioned earlier, instead of spending my Sunday afternoon doing something productive, I simply doodled away.

This started out as a quick sketch, until I realized I would have to actually draw one of Alex's tattoos. Namely, the one of which I have practically no clear picture of. *headdesk* So, yeah, the tattoo is just outlined, sorry.

Title: "Kiss me, you goof"
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: PG-13

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It's finally the 31st and I can post my Five-O Fright art! \o/ It's silly rather than spooky, but that shouldn't come as a surprise. As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew I had to draw that. :D

Prompt: [ profile] springwoof - "Danny can't find a pumpkin to carve for Grace! Darned tropical island! Kamekona to the rescue!...with a Pineapple? Danny guesses that he'll have to make do..."


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H50 fanart

Sep. 4th, 2011 06:15 pm
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I gave in and signed up as an artist at [ profile] five0bang. It's the first time I've taken part in something like this, I hope I'll be able to draw something decent. *feels the pressure*

And because I need more practice drawing in this fandom, here's a Steve/Danny picture. With background! Yeah, OK, it's just a palm tree, but it's better than nothing at all, right?


Morning breeze )
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So, LJ was down for most of the day. Instead of panicking/getting mad/going into withdrawal, I decided to spend my time catching up on True Blood and drawing Hawaii Five-0 fanart. And I'm glad I did, I'm really happy with the result. I mean, I know it's not perfect (proportions and perspective will be the death of me), but it's pretty close to what I originally had in mind when I picked up the pencil, so I'm not complaining.

This is what I imagine morning at Steve's is: he would be the epitome of "morning person", waking up early to go swimming or running and coming back all bouncy and full of energy, while Danny would just sit there waiting for the caffeine to kick in and muttering "Go away or I'll kill you" under his breath.


'Good morning, sunshine' )
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Oh, look, I drew H50 fanart! Nothing fancy, just a Steve/Danny smooch. One day I'll learn how to draw nice folds and proper backgrounds; today, however, is not that day.


Smooooch )
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All right, last night I finally gave in and drew my very first piece of Hawaii Five-O fanart. Just the usual quick drawing, I'm way too lazy to draw proper, detailed pictures. (Background? What is this background you're talking about?)

The theme is completely unoriginal, but I've had this mental image ever since the first episode. And let's face it: pulling a bloke by his tie is damn hot.

Steve/Danny, rated PG at most and totally safe for work.


Little black tie )


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