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I've wanted to post more dialect for some time and last night I had a little chat about accents with [ profile] kiviraat on Twitter and thought I could post little audio files of me talking in Italian and dialect, just to show the difference. And while I was at it, I recorded the same sentence in English and German as well, just because. I chose the sentence "Today I went to the baker's and bought two rolls" because [ profile] killer_ameise once said something about it being a sentence that reveals a lot about your origins. Sorry, I don't remember why, was it because there are a lot of different ways to say bread/rolls, depending on where you come from?

Anyway, here they are. The volume is quite low, I hope you can hear something. If not, let me know and I'll record them again.

Italiano: "Oggi sono andata dal panettiere e ho comprato due panini."

Brianzöo: "Incöo sunt andada dal prestinée a tö dü michett."

English: "Today I went to the baker's and bought two rolls."

Deutsch: "Heute bin ich zum Bäcker gegangen und hab zwei Schrippen gekauft."

Is it just me or does my voice sound different when I speak in different languages? o_O
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I wanted to say "I'm not as slim as you", but instead of saying "Ich bin nicht so schlank wie du" I said "Ich bin nicht so schlimm wie du".

My icon says it all. *facepalm*

Na, toll

Nov. 20th, 2009 12:27 am
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Sehr geehrte Frau O,


Leider müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir uns für einen anderen
Bewerber entscheiden werden.

Bitte werten Sie diese Entscheidung nicht als negative Einschätzung
Ihrer Bewerbung und Ihrer Person.

I should be used to it by now, but it's still quite depressing.

I'll just go ogle Bela pics till I drop, there are a lot of cool ones from the tour in the "Fanblock" section on Ironically, the person who uploaded them (the webmaster?) is called Alex.
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WTF, how can Bela look so adorable even when he's eating!?

Bela B beim Bäcker

Also, lol at Farin eating 1 hour before Bela. Farin, du alter Sack! XD

(Just FYI, in Italy usually only old people eat dinner early. :P )

Bela again

Oct. 16th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Since I can't watch MTV Home *grumbles* I've watched this interview:

Thank God the girl switches from Swyzerdütch to Hochdeutsch after a few sentences. I have enough problems understanding standard German, I don't need other incomprehensible dialects, thankyouverymuch.

Best question of the whole interview: "How old are you? 46? How can you still look so good!?"

Fangirl factor: 1000000.
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Bela @ 3 nach 9:

I'm still laughing about the nipple comment (around 13:00). XD


Bela, that's a woman pullover! XD

EDIT 2: Awww. XD

(From 03:20)
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You know that "Dominoaktion" I wrote about? Here's a short video about it:!etc!medialib!rbb!rbb!abendschau!abendschau_20091004_domino.html

(Just clic on the "Video" link on the right side.)

If you pay attention you might see a familiar face... XD


Sep. 29th, 2009 09:54 pm
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Sorry, I must share this with you, the last sentence is just too funny.,4


Sep. 25th, 2009 10:13 am
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Video interview with Bela:

What does he say around 02:30? He did a "Deutschland-Italien Lesereise"? I understood wrong, didn't I? DIDN'T I?! o__O

All right, now I'm off to the Turkish market along the Maybachufer. Bis später!


Sep. 3rd, 2009 04:35 pm
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I think it may be time for a proper update. First things first: I'm officially moving to Berlin on the 23rd of September! :D I booked my flight and enrolled for the Business German course, I'm going to start on the 28th. Sharing a flat with other students would've been more fun probably, but I'm not complaining: my room is luminous, quite big and only 5 minutes away from the U-Bahn station and the Volkspark Hesenheide, and the woman renting it is very nice (she even bought me an ice cream to "celebrate". :3) The only negative thing is that the flat is on the 5th floor. D: If I don't lose weight there, I never will!

I had a lot of fun while I was in Berlin WG-hunting last week: I watched "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht" (and was quite surprised to find out the cinema at Potsdamer Platz is actually cheaper than cinemas in Milan); I went to a couchsurfing barbecue with [ profile] killer_ameise, where I was asked if I was given Gucci at birth, since I'm from Milan (WTF XD); I saw a beautiful rainbow; I visited my friends (and left a heavy coat and my combat boots at their place) and walked around till my feet were sore.

Tomorrow is going to be my last day at work. Ironically, the only thing I've been doing lately was translating technical stuff from English into German; I translated a whole SAP user manual! Hopefully I didn't make too many mistakes.

And tomorrow night there's another Deluded by Lesbians gig, we're organising a trip to see them, since it's in a city about an hour away from here. What will they do without their official photographer?! Mmh, I may try to organise a gig in Berlin for them... :P
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As I predicted, "The boat that rocked" was fucking brilliant. It's probably the best film I've seen this year (all right, I don't go to the cinema sooo often), but really, it made me want to raid my CD collection and just listen to '60s music for hours. (And there's a character called "The Count", come on!)

Today I've been listening to Suede, Pulp and Menswear instead and getting all nostalgic. Ah, my youth. I'm so tempted to accept a friend's invite to London, I haven't been back to England for far too long. But no, I'd better save up for September and next autumn.

I've been translating random technical stuff into German all day, I'll consider this a "warming up" for the Business German course...
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Pictures and videos from Montreux are online! :D

I didn't take many pictures, I just wanted to enjoy the concert and, besides, the security people kept saying that taking pictures wasn't allowed, so I didn't want to risk it. But I did experiment a bit. Most pictures where taken without a flashlight using what I learned during the photography course. The ones I take with my reflex camera look much, much better, but I can't use it at DÄ concerts. ;) They came out quite well, though, all things considered.

Here's one of my favourite:


I also uploaded a few videos that prove just how restless Bela was that night. :D

Here, finally, the video from DÄ <3 DÄOF:

And here a bit of collective drumming from the Alice Cooper show:

His musicians are great. And the bass player was such a sexy beast.
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For all those who need a good laugh:

I agree with Farin: "Hä?"
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Great, my new mayor is the pig man. The right-wing alliance won and the mayor is the Lega Nord candidate, the very same person who walked all over the place with a pig a few years ago, because doing so the ground would be "contaminated" and Muslims wouldn't be able to build a Mosque in our town.

The list of reasons why I should get the hell out of this place is getting longer...

At least this made me smile. From the "Mail der Woche" on You can go directly to the last line if you don't feel like reading the whole thing. ;)

Zur Sache, Schätzchen!

Sehr geehrter Herr U, hallo Farin oder einfach ein kleines Gute-Nacht-Gebet an den 1,94-Gott!
Endlich komme ich dazu mein Lob und meine Bewunderung in Worte zu fassen - und das sogar noch vor Erscheinen der 3. Single, ich bin begeistert.
In den letzten Monaten konnte man glücklicherweise vieles in Sachen Farin Urlaub Racing Team beobachten. Nicht nur die schon länger zurückliegende Neugestaltung der Seite, nein. Es kam auch ein grandioses Album, welches sozusagen als Dessert eine kleine CD mit nicht minder grandiosen Liedern mitbrachte. Schon die erste Auskopplung und das dazugehörende Video ließen die Herzen der FURT Fans - mich natürlich eingeschlossen - höher schlagen.
Auch die zweite Auskopplung war perfekt gewählt, war \"Niemals\" doch ein Pendant zur ersten Single \"NichImGriff\". Und wieder war ein wunderbares Video zu sehen, dessen nicht-tödliches Ende fast schon überraschend war.
Die 2008er Krachgarten-Tour zeigte dann, dass das FURT in der Konzertfreien Zeit kein bisschen eingerostet war, sondern sich eher noch gesteigert hatte, sofern dies denn möglich ist.
Und vor kurzem erschien dann das Video zur kommenden Single \"Krieg\", welches viel Witz und Charme mit sich trug.
Aber egal jetzt, ich wollt eigentlich nur wissen ob du mit Bela oder Rod poppst


May. 8th, 2009 05:43 pm
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Einstufungstest - Placement Test

You have 73 correct answer(s) in 16 minutes.
Your points: 73

Your level is probably:

Then why am I always so fucking scared when I have to actually speak German?! D:



Apr. 8th, 2009 04:08 pm
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For the LOL: Wort des Tages @ [ profile] deutsche_kultur is "Pizza". Since when is pizza a German word?! TS.

For the RAGE: a journalist of the TG1, the most important Italian newscast, bragged about the audience share they had with their earthquake specials. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Here, for those of you who can speak Italian:

I'm disgusted.
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Sorry for the spam. XD

I needed subtitles to understand about the half of what they were saying. Damn Schwyzerdütsch! XD

EDIT: What the...? XD

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Still working on a proper entry about last weekend in Berlin, it's going to turn out long and boring. I also still need to sort out my photos, I took more than 200 in 3 days. >_< Hey, I need to experiment with my new camera!

I forgot to mention I wrote a letter to the local newspaper last week and it got published, along with one of my photos. Photos I took, not photos of me. Just to let you know.

And since I got back I've also started working on an old project of mine again, let's see if I can turn it into something decent.

And, on a totally unrelated note, I was reading the "Berliner Dialekt" page on Wikipedia and the first two examples in the quote part are actually two excerpts from Die Ärzte songs! HAHA! Jeil wat?

I'm such a language (and dialect) freak.


Jan. 19th, 2009 02:19 pm
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So, I started listening to the "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht" audiobook and... holy crap, the father sounds exactly like my friend who moved to Berlin! :O

I hope to God my accent isn't so awful! D:
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I'm going to be spammy today, sorry in advance. But I couldn't NOT share these two videos with you. ROD IN JAPAN!!! And he makes okonomiyaki in the second one! >_< *dies*


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