Sep. 30th, 2011 12:24 pm
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Oh, man. We've just received new merchandise from one of our Australian partners:

- little plush koalas
- koalas holding a surfboard key rings - with tiny flashlight included!
- rugby ball-shaped stress balls

Can you get any more cliché? (Well, they could have used kangaroos holding boomerangs.)

But they're so damn adorable, I want to take everything home with meee! :3

They took forever to arrive because the packages got stuck at customs for suspect toxic contents. Did they think the rugby balls were capsules full of cocaine? They were sent by the Queensland Government, for fuck's sake! XD

PS And I'm using my shirtless Alex icon simply because he's Australian. Not because he's half-naked and glistening and I wanted some eye-candy. Not at all.


May. 6th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Slow morning at work today. I'll use the spare time to share this link:


That's exactly what little Sherlock would do for an Easter egg hunt.

Yes... sir

Jan. 30th, 2011 12:35 pm
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I've just discovered "Cabin pressure". And I'm pissing myself. XD
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These are a bit old, but it's incredible how the first one is still so topical. Even more topical now than when it was first broadcast.

And this is the only reason why I'm proud to come from Milan:

It's funny, yes, but if you really think about it, it's pretty tragic too...
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I sent my CV to a small agency in my town this morning, they organise language courses abroad and student exchanges, there wasn't any job offer on their website, but I thought "Why not?" And they called me back after less than 10 minutes! The lady (I sort of know her, but I don't know if she remembers me) told me that it's really a lucky coincidence, because she's been thinking of looking for a collaborator. So, I have an interview on Monday. Could luck be on my side this time?! *crosses fingers*

And funny fact from yesterday: I was watching a TV quiz and the following question popped up:

Which fiction character was the main character's partner and also the narrator of their adventures?

My instant reply: "Dr Watson!"

And the first of the four options was indeed Dr Watson. Geek? Who, me? O:)
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This is one of the funniest videos I've seen lately:


And this project sounds amazing:

http://blog.goethe.de/vabene_hinundzurueck/index.php?user_language=it (Italian)

http://blog.goethe.de/vabene_hinundzurueck/index.php?user_language=de (German)

Two journalists, one Italian one German (Beppe Severgnini is one of the very few Italian journalists I respect and admire), travelling from Berlin to Palermo by train. There are going to be some workshops in Berlin as well, just before I go back to Milan. Perfect timing, I'd say.
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For all those who need a good laugh:

I agree with Farin: "Hä?"
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One of my friends wants to go to Montreux with me! All right, he's only interested in Alice Cooper, but it would be great to have someone to travel with - and spend a few hours at the station waiting for the first train in the morning. He's the same guy with whom I went to the Sziget Festival last year, haha, two DÄ concerts in little more than a year and he probably couldn't care less, poor thing. Now I just need to convince my mother that our cat will survive if I leave him alone for one night. I'm not even considering the fact I could get a reply to one of the countless job offers I've answered, I don't really have much hope anymore.

Anyway, this needs celebrating! First of all: kitteh time!

Cat vs pigeon

Hunting cat

And Count time!

The Count as elevator operator, featuring Kermit:

And two Schwarwel sketches I found on MySpace:

Sprachloser Farin XD )

Verknallter Farin X3 )

Hey, it's almost 6:00 PM already! Yay!

PS A quick "Rod goes to Sesame Street" sketch I did yesterday, for those of you who haven't seen it:

You know who's moving those two puppets, don't you? ;) )


Apr. 6th, 2009 05:06 pm
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I'm a one-eyed pirate superhero!

Made @ http://cpbintegrated.com/theherofactory/
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Sorry for the spam. XD

I needed subtitles to understand about the half of what they were saying. Damn Schwyzerdütsch! XD

EDIT: What the...? XD


Feb. 26th, 2009 05:21 pm
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Sammy, don't get mad, but the way this girl talks totally reminded me of you. XD


And another one:

Infant thongs! XD
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I'm listening to an interview with Farin on YouTube (hey, I need to brush up my German, I'm leaving for Hamburg in 3 days) and I couldn't help grinning like an idiot at the way the DJ says "Ze Sex Pistols" in part 3.

Also, he's talking about the music he used to listen to as a child/teen and imagining him as a kid is... adorable. :3 He also said, once again, he used to sing "Bandiera Rossa" when he went camping with the Falken. My father, the old communist, would be proud of him. XD

PS My mother still calls him "Spiky Hair". Like: "What are you watching? Oh, it's Spiky Hair..." *shakes head* Well, no, to tell the truth she calls him "Quel di' picai": "picai" is Milanese for "stem", as in, apple stem, because she says his hair looks like stems... XD

EDIT: Silliest LJ Christmas-header evah! XD

EDIT 2: OMG, Farin, YOU BIG GAY, YOU. (Check out for 2:15 minutes into it. I always knew those two are DOING IT. But not just that, he looks totally gay throughout the interview. <3)
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You ask me why I'm always nervous when I have to speak German? This is why:

Oh, man. "Ich habe fertig" was our sentence of the year in school. XD

But you know what? I totally respect him, because it takes a lot of guts to speak like that during a press conference. Yes, the accent is awful and he made a million grammar mistakes, but he knew all the technical words he needed to work and, well, he made his point quite clear, didn't he? Still, it was one of the most loltastic moments in the history of sport.

And, while we're talking about Germany, the other day I was out to celebrate D & P's birthdays and two friends of P's came up to me to ask information about Berlin, because they're going there for a weekend. P. had told them to ask me and they said something like "Yes, that girl dressed in black looks like someone who may be able to help us." Since when do I look like a Berlin expert? XD
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I woke up feeling awful today: my cold has gotten worse, my throat is still sore and my voice has disappeared. And I've also been feeling quite depressed lately, because of work and hormone-related reasons, so the day seemed lost.

But Farin saved it.

Farin's interview @ Uncle Sally's

I died of cute when he mentioned he always puts sun lotion on his nose because he got horribly sunburnt as a kid. >_< Btw, I can understand him all too well, I got an awful sunburn as a kid too, but not on my nose: on my back, with most of my skin coming off, it was NOT pretty, let me tell you.

He also answered the fatal question: slips or boxers? Now, I wonder what Bela would have said... Nah, we all know the answer: "Slips or boxers? THONGS!" XD

Thank you, Farin, you saved my day. ♥♥♥

EDIT: And thank you to the person who posted these pictures in the DÄOF Forum:

Ich werde sie besiegen, ich habe einen Plan )

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I should be working on a program but I need a break, so I'll just write about the amazingly weird dream I had last nighty.

I was at a DÄ concert (oh my, what a surprise!) with my friend Sara, we were standing in the fourth or fifth row on the right, and when the concert was about to start, I thought "Fifth row isnt't enough, I wanna get to the front!" I started squeezing my way towards the center and spotted Almut, but when I reached her, a lot of people went away and the roadies started taking the barricades down. After a few confusing moments we were told the concert was going to take place somewhere else. We were in a sort of park and I knew there was another stage outside, so I rushed out. The other stage was separated from the rest of the area by huge, massive doors, and just as I was approaching they slammed shut. I shouted "NOOO!!!" and was ready to kill someone, but when I pushed them, I realised they weren't locked. I got inside and saw three people on stage, talking with the audience. The were dressed in marines uniformes and, at a first glance, looked like BFR. When I got closer, though, I saw they were only lookalikes, and they were explaining the concert was going to take place somewhere else and the real BFR wanted us to guess where.

I walked outside and went to another area, where fans were already waiting in front of a small stage. The left part was completely empty and I thought of sitting there in the front, but then I saw the left part of the stage, the one where Farin stands, was completely occupied by shelves and I thought "Wait, they can't play here! It has to be somewhere else!"

But before I was able to discover where the real concert was going to take place, I woke up.

Yes, that was a weird dream, but I wouldn't put it past DÄ to organise a treasure hunt like that. Maybe that's what Bela meant when he said next year DÄ are going to do something no one's ever done yet? :P

And while I'm talking about concerts, a couple of funny quotes from Budapest.

Farin: "One... MWHAHAHA... Two... MWHAHAHA... Three... HAHAHA: The Count!"
Rod: "Did you say 'the cunt'?"

Farin: "Why you people keep throwing up your arms?"
Bela: "Why you people keep throwing up?"

*shakes head* Who is crazier, the band or their fans?
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Hahaha, Wayne was slightly offended by my last cartoon, because I don't "seem to have a very high opinion of his bodily beauty". XD Oh man, I should definitely draw more often.

Anyway! Concert report is done! I need a little help from my wonderful German-speaking friends, though: I'd like to add a quote from Rod, it's in this MP3 file, about 6 minutes into it. I'm having trouble understanding what he's saying at the beginning, I can only understand "blablabla euch aus, ihr Pfeifen!" I know he's asking the audience to form a bigger circle for the "Wall of Death", but I'd like to know what exaclty he says. Danke. :)

After lunch break I'll re-read the report and then post it here in a locked entry, so you can tell me what you think of it before I send it off.

And now: FOOOOOD!
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BBYLH comic: PWND! Well, almost, I still need to fix a few things with Photoshop, I'll try to do everything tonight. I need to work on the concert report too, I'm almost done, if I move my lazy arse I should be able to finish it this afternoon.

Also, I've been laughing myself silly at these MediaMarkt ads:



OMG, now I'm grinning even more thinking about the last email Farin sent me, which started with "Ciao, bella!" XD (Yes, I read that mail every time I need something to cheer me up. Fangirly? Who, me?)

PS Yesterday I found this flyer on the windscreen of my car. WTF? XD


Sep. 24th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Well, our new dentist sure has a subtle sense of humour. There's a fish tank in his waiting room and guess what fish he's got? This, this and this. HAHA.

Also, yesterday I got the results of my latest blood exams (I get checked every time I donate blood, which is about every four months) and looking at them, you could think I'm an anorexic girl about to die:

Red blood cell level: too low
Haemoglobin level: too low
Hematocrit level: too low
LDL cholesterol level: too low (I got 63, expected value is 130-200)
Triglyceride level: too low
Ferritin level: too low

Doctor's note: eat more red meat.

D'oh. Well, at least they didn't give me pills against anemia this time. I guess I'll just never be a vegetarian.

Anyway, things to do today:

- Work (Boo)

- Finish Budapest Konzertbericht

- Finish BBYLH comics

And, related to the video I linked to yesterday: Germans make fun of us, yes, but we make fun of them too:



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Still not done with the BBYLH comics, I wanted to draw more last night, but fell asleep around 10 PM. Meh. Besides, I'm writing a concert report for the DÄOF fanzine, they still need reports for a few concerts, and I decided to give it a go and write about the Budapest gig. I think I'm writing too much, though. I'll probably post it here before I send it, so my almighty German-speaking friends can tell me what they think of it, ie: how many mistakes I made and how many Konjunktive I I've forgotten. :P

Other than that, I've been wanting to post about this for some time: you know the Leo online dictionary, right? A few months ago, they added an Italian version (yesss), as well as a Chinese one. Every language has its own little Leo mascot and I had a big WTF moment when I saw the Italian one:

Plain Leo

English Leo

French Leo

Spanish Leo

Chinese Leo




WTF Italian Leo??? XD

The Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau are the smartest ones, the Spanish and Chinese ones are just your typical "traditional clothes" version, but what's the Italian one supposed to be??? Should it be a mafioso? It looks like something out of Saturday Night Fever to me.

Or maybe... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ2MFE-Y6gE

HAHA, is it bad that this "typical Italian guy" reminds me of Bela? XD *hides*

We have a word for people like that, btw: tamarro. XD Also, thank God I don't sound like that when I speak German. Hopefully. Really, "lappe-toppe"? o_O

PS Yes, I'm going home 2 hours earlier today!
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If I'm still working here after the summer, I'm going to attend a photography course, it's time I did something to improve my non-existant technique. I still haven't decided which one, probably one in Monza that starts at the end of September. As usual I can't make long-term plans (yeah, I consider 2-3 months in the future "long-term" by now) and will have to wait till after the holidays to be sure I can actually do it. I just hope there will still be places available by then.

Also, the other day I remembered a little bit of conversation I had with Sammy before the concert on the 12th:

Setting: Ärzte concert, third row in front of Farin. There's a scantily clad girl in the first row in front of us, a Gwendoline tattoo on her bare shoulder/back.

Sammy: "Did you notice how Gwendoline tattoos are usually on slutty types?"
Me: "Yeah, see Bela."

Tee-hee, poor Bela. ^_^

(PS Cara, of course this doesn't apply to you: your Gwen tattoo really fits your image, you look like the epitome of rock'n'roll!)

Btw, I've just found out I've always pronouced "epitome" wrong. *headdesk*

Joking aside, I have a new drawing to post. And it even gives me an excuse to use my new icon! I drew this after reading something, I can't give away too much, sorry. Dedicated to Sammy, who has the original pencil drawing.

Bite me
Clic to enlarge


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