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The people I "recently" added to my flist probably don't know about my passion for the German band Die Ärzte. It's a pop-punk band from Berlin and I travelled all over Germany (and Europe) to see them live. I was cleaning up my bookshelf the other day and found some old pocket diaries, where I wrote all the dates of the concerts I saw, train and flight details etc. I thought I could make an entry on LJ to keep all the info for posterity, but then I found something that has top priority.

Bela B is the drummer of the band. All three band members have side projects and I saw them all. Bela B also has a passion for acting and was featured in a few films. This morning on Facebook I saw the trailer of "King Ping" (youtube link), a film that features him as... just click on the cut to have a preview. XD

Bela pics this way )

Ach, Bela, du geile Sau. XD
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Uh, is it just me, or is someone trying to look taller here? *points at shoes*

Oh Bela, don't worry, we love you even if you're not as tall as you keep saying you are (you wish you were 180 cm).

And this pic is priceless:



Jun. 13th, 2010 06:21 pm
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Reading that Bela's concert in Innsbruck was really good, in a small but not too crowded club and that they stayed there to sign autographs and chat with the fans after the gig makes me want to cry a little. At least I had a valid reason for not going, but still... :(

*pouts like a spoilt child*
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Barely in time...

Any typos or funny sounding expression?


May. 16th, 2010 02:31 pm
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Ugh, no time to post, no time to post. Concert on Thursday (Wayne Jackson + Train), Eline's bday on Friday, saying goodbye to my musician friend yesterday. I spent so little time at home I didn't even had a chance to see my flatmate: I saw her today for the first time since Wednesday. o_O And next week will be busy too, what with my parents arriving on Thurdsday and everything. If the damn volcano doesn't play any further tricks, that is! I hope I can also meet [ profile] unbelangbar on Wednesday, it would be great seeing her again after 3 years. :)

I should also post a couple of pics from the concert, I'll do it later. Maybe.

Anyway. A little eye candy before I post the music meme:

When I saw this pic I thought "Oh, so that's what the photo shooting in Hamburg was all about." I had sneaked a peek while I was waiting outside, as the security had left the door open and could see they were taking pictures on stage, and wondered where/when the pics would appear. Well, now I've found out. ^_^

As for the 30 days music meme, I'll only post 2 songs, I don't want to spam my flist with music vids.

30 days music meme

Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure
"Bettina", Fettes Brot

I don't usually like this sort of... party music? But this song reminds me of the 2008 DÄ concerts and... Yeah, I don't need to justify myself, it's my "guilty pleasure" after all. :P

Day 14: A song that no one would expect you to love
"Amore di plastica", Carmen Consoli

I think most people would think this is simply "not my style", but I love this song. And love to sing it. :3

Past days and the rest )
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My roomate and I were talking about the 1st May demonstrations and she said "Dein Bela B ist auch dabei." HAHA, yeah, "my" Bela. :P But apparently someone on the radio said he's in Berlin supporting one of the demonstrations today, but of course they didn't say where. It's not like I'd want to go anyway, from what I've heard 1th May demos are pretty wild here. And apropos Bela: I totally forgot the Krömer episode with him as guest was going to be broadcast on the 29th April and missed it, I'll just have to wail till someone uploads it on YouTube. D'oh.

Abwärts gig tonight! I read a pretty bad review the other day, I hope the concert won't be so bad today. Oh, well, at least I didn't need to buy a ticket (it's good to have connections who can put you on the guest list ^_^). I think I'll go to Potsdam in the afternoon and spend a few hours there, I still haven't visited the city, damnit.

And, before I call my parents (it's their wedding anniversary today):

30 days music meme

Day 01. Your favourite song
"Heroes", David Bowie

Day 02. Your least favourite song

"Ad ogni costo" by Vasco Rossi. It's a cover version of "Creep" by Radiohead, which is such a great song, but this version is just insipid. The music is identical to the original (too lazy to think of an alternative arrangement?) and the lyrics are plain and boring. And the video is insipid too. Here's a link to it (I can't watch it on YouTube from Germany because of copyright reasons, bah):

The good thing about it, though, is that there's a cover version of the cover version, and it's brilliant! It's by Gem Boy, a duo that always makes hilarious cover versions of songs. This will only be funny for the Italian-speaking folks though, I'm afraid:

The other days )

Eye candy

Apr. 27th, 2010 09:53 pm
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Because I haven't posted anything fangirly in a while.

Caution: the man behind the cut is extremely hot )
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Man, I've been so busy in the last couple of days that I haven't even had the time to write an entry about the Attac Bankentribunal. I only went on Friday and Saturday, there was NO WAY I could get up at 9:00 AM on Sunday, I had very little sleep last week and just needed to rest.

Anyway, it was an intense weekend. On Friday I went to the opening with Eline and two friends of hers. First there were some readings with two actors of the Volksbühne (I found the story of the Tulip Mania fascinating), then a cabaret show with Urban Priol und Georg Schramm (I only understood half of what was going on pfff.)

The second day I followed a discussion about banks and ecology (highlight: a politician of the SPD arrived late because he had to take a taxi to go from Alexanderplatz to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which are 1 U-Bahn stop apart; very smart, especially if you're going to talk about ecology), more discussions about banks and their role in the crisis (I was surprised I could understand a lot, I think that Business German course wasn't useless) and then the Bela+Olli Schulz concert and Bela DJ-set. The concert was actually just a few songs, I think they played for about 30 minutes (Ohrwurm of the day "Champagner freaks"), then Bela started his DJ-set.

I, beeing the hopeless fangirl that I am, had brought along an illustration book I wanted to give him and was waiting for the right moment, because I didn't want to disturb him. But since other people were going up to him and asking for autographs and pictures, I thought "Well, this won't be more annoying than that!" So I was standing there, waiting for someone to finish talking to him, when he glanced in my direction, smiled at me and said "Hallo!" (*insert inner fangirl screaming "OMFG he still remembers me!?*) Anyway, when he was done I went up to him and he reached out and took my hand. By the way: THE MOUSTACHE IS GONE, THANKS THE HEAVENS! Uh, yes, so I gave him the illustration book and he said "Das kenne ich nicht" (why, yes, I was coherent enough to be able to talk to him in German), leafed through it and said he could use it to find a tattoo design. So, if you see Bela sporting a new silly tattoo, sorry, that's my fault! :P Btw, the book I gave him is Superheroes Decadence, by Donald Soffritti. You can see some of the illustration on the Telegraph site.

After that I just enjoyed the rest of the evening, even if Bela played a few weird and not really danceable songs. (Question: who sang the song whose chorus goes "In the heat of the night / I want more, more, more"? I've already heard it many times but I can't figure out who the singer/band is! It's frustrating. EDIT: Wrong lyrics. But Eline reads my mind. Thanks. :3) When his DJ-set was over (uhm, it was a coincidence that his girlfriend had whispered something in his ear just 5 minutes earlier, right? *cough*), we went back to the Großer Saal... and saw they had transformed it into a huge disco! With a massive disco ball made with projectors hanging over the stage. I felt like I was at a techno meeting.

Anyway, after a while we went, as we were all pretty tired. The next day I had to meet a friend, we spent the afternoon together and spontaneously decided to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3D that evening (13€ WTF!) The ending was waaay too modern, but I love Tim Burton's imagery.

That's what I call a busy weekend! :)

Here, have a few pictures.

Olli Schulz is fucking crazy. In a very good way. :)
Bela B and Olli Schulz @ Attac Bankentribunal

Bela B @ Attac Bankentribunal 1

Bela B @ Attac Bankentribunal 2

Disco, baby!
Attac Bankentribunal disco

Attac Bankentribunal disco
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I can't believe I haven't posted a Frankfurt report yet. But I've really had no time so far and won't have time tonight either, my neighbours are coming to Berlin and I'll have to meet them. And tomorrow night I'm leaving for Milan. I'm at work right now and I'll try to write down something, hoping the day won't be too busy. Pictures are still in my camera, I don't even know how they came out, I haven't saved them on my computer yet.

I left quite early on Saturday morning and was in Frankfurt around 5:00 PM (Schönes-Wochenend-Tickets are great to save money, but man, the trip was looong.) It was well past 6:00 PM when I arrived at the venue; the usual faces were already there, of course, but it wasn't too crowded, so I ended up in the front row with no problems. Almut arrived just before Smokestack Lightning began and gave me chocolate for my birthday. Thanks. :3

I enjoyed Smokestack Lightning very much, I had already seen them as opening act for Bela last year.

Bela's show was cool, but he should really try to learn his own lyrics. ;) And for Heaven's sake, why did he grow that ridiculous moustache again?! D: It's like he must change his look for every new album/tour and, since he can't do much to his hair anymore, he goes with the moustache. ARGH.

Anyway. "Rockula" was introduced by a very atmospheric strings-intro, during which Olsen, Lula and Paule came on stage. Olsen stood in the back with the guitarist of the HR3 Big Band, Lula and Paule on the left. The strings were introduced as the "Swingo Wings", the "Minderjährige Streicher" (at which a couple of girls looked fake-appalled, as they were obviously not underage) and some other names I can't really remember.

"Schwarz/Weiß" was supposed to be a homage to Frank Sinatra, so Bela sang it holding a whisky glass and a cigarette. Cigarette that was lit using a lighter Paule was keeping in her stocking. The idea in theory was good, too bad he got too caught up in his Frank-Sinatra-character-thing and forgot half the lyrics. And he even threw the cigarette at the audience! WTF? First he threw a pick and I thought "Did he just throw the cigarette?! Ah, no, that's just a pick. I mean, he wouldn't be so careless..." And 30 seconds later he did throw the cigarette. Thank God it landed on the floor and one of the security guys crushed it and kicked it under the stage. WTF Bela! I'm sure the girls standing right in front of him would've fought to have it, but I thought he would have more sense than to throw a lit cigarette at the audience like that. ¬_¬

All right, enough ranting. The concert was very good and the songs sounded great. At the end Bela asked the audience to stay for Wayne's concert, even if it was quite late, because he had invited him personally; he even watched a bit of Wayne's gig from a corner of the stage with Paule.

Wayne's show was also very good, I love his songs, both the album and live versions. He sang a bit of Heroes in the middle of a song, like he had done in Berlin (was it "Shine on"? I really can't remember) and ended the concert with a really cool version of "Love will tear us apart" by Joy Division. I love that song and had just added it to my MP3 player the day before, talk about coincidences. He also spoke some German (phrase of the day: "Ihr seid geil!") and was his usual tongue-in-cheek self.

After someone had thrown a pack of Mentos at him and hit him in the face, he started explaining how dangerous that could've been, then proceeded to jump down the stage and hand the Mentos to a girl in the front row, then said "See, that's the safe way to pass Mentos along!" Crazy bloke.

Almut and I only stayed around a little after the concert, then went to our hostel (we were staying at the same place totally by chance). The next day I went all the way back to Berlin, met up with my flatmate at Alexanderplatz and then we went to Friedrichshain together. While we were on our way, we were even hit by a sudden hailstorm. WTF, hail in March!? Whatever, we took shelter in a bar, where I ate a delicious omelette, then went to the pub where her daughter works and drank their homemade cider for free.

All in all, an exhausting but brilliant birthday! :)
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...I thought better of it and booked a bed in a hostel in Frankfurt. Sure, I could've just spent the night in some club till it was time to take the 5:00 AM train, and I would actually have to wait an hour less because daylight saving time starts just on the night between the 27th and 28th, but I found this hostel near the station and thought I could spent an extra 18€ to get some proper sleep. So I won't have to worry about falling asleep and missing my station when I have to change train. Besides, I will have to work the next day and I don't want to go to the office feeling like a zombie.

Now I just need to buy train tickets. I'd thought of simply going to the station and ask around like I did when I went to Hamburg in December, but I guess finding someone going from Berlin to Frankfurt isn't so easy as finding someone going to Hamburg, and I don't wanna push my luck. I'll just buy a Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket myself.

This is gonna be one hell of a birthday.


Mar. 6th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Look what I got in the mail today! :D

It's so... yellow )

I ordered the ticket on Thursday night and didn't even choose express mail, but it's already here! :D

Yes, I gave in and decided I'm going to celebrate my birthday going to a Bela/Wayne concert after all. I'll probably take the first train back at 5:00 AM the next morning: Wayne's concert should be over around 1:30 AM and after that I'll just go to one of the clubs that are open all night to kill the time. I saw there's one called "Monza", I just have to see it. (For those of you who don't know, Monza is an Italian town about 5 minutes from where I live. And my new province, as of last year.)

Anyone else going? :)


Mar. 1st, 2010 07:27 pm
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Tomorrow Bela will be at the shooting of "Krömer - Die Internationale Show" and, until a few days ago, I thought nothing of it, because I thought it wouldn't be in Berlin. Well, it turns out that, not only is the TV studio in Berlin, but even in Neukölln. Like, 2 U-Bahn stations away from where I live. *headdesk* I spent the weekend and this morning trying to get tickets, but of course it's sold out. Oh well, my fault, I should've checked earlier. I have no idea why I was so convinced the show was not in Berlin. But he's going to play a DJ set after the Attac concert on the 10th April in the Volksbühne, hopefully I won't miss that too.

Also, I'm very tempted to go to Frankfurt on the 27th March. The trip would be quite expensive, even by bus, but... Come on, a Bela concert on my birthday! Is there a better way to celebrate my *GASP* 30th year on this planet? And afterwards a Wayne concert on the same stage, that's gonna be priceless.

I know I should stop acting like a teenage fangirl and start acting like an adult, but it's pretty much the only hobby I have left.

Dirty )
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Wanna see Bela being a "theatre actor"? Here:

He's hilarious. XD

Other than that, I had a very stressing day, I basically had to work for two, because the other intern isn't working there anymore (well, she never came anyway, I think I saw her 4 times in 2 weeks) and we're only getting a substitute next week. I'm glad it's Friday. *collapses*

And I'm going to see Wayne's gig tomorrow. :) But now... bed! Yeah, I know it's 10 PM and it's Friday, but I need sleep.


Feb. 14th, 2010 01:04 pm
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Damn you, Bela. First I find out you're going to play in Innsbruck in June, which is pretty much half an hour from the Italian border, then that you're going to play in Frankfurt on my birthday. Why do you want me to spend so much money because of you?
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There's been a distinct lack of silly fangirling in my LJ lately. And of DÄ slash. That, my friends, is not good and must be remedied immediately. I wanted to write a short Richy/Igor ficlet, but got lazy (lazy? Who, me?), so you'll have to make do with these three screencaps from Overkiller. Why, yes, I still have a dirty mind.

You know you want to )

And a tiny video of Farin doing impossible things with his eyebrows. I dedicate it to Jenny. ^_^
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I'm finally done with all my Christmas shopping. *collapses* I wanted to do everything today so I can start packing up tomorrow, plus I'm going to chat with my parents via Skype (IF they remember about it! :P) tomorrow afternoon, so I wouldn't have much time anyway.

I went to the Christmas market in front of the Rotes Rathaus at first, but it was so, so cold, after an hour I couldn't feel my hands anymore. D: So I just ran into a shop, where, luckily, I could find a couple of small presents. Then I just went to the Alexa shopping centre, which was so incredibly crowded, but who cares, at least it was warm. And I could find everything I was still missing, even the present for my dad. I also bought THE COOLEST T-shirt for me.


And I only paid 9€ for it! :D So now I own two blue T-shirts. :P

And now, for the WTF moments of the day:

WTF #1: Punkreas are playing in Berlin in January! At the SO36! I'm going back home for a couple of weeks in January/February because I'm going to have a free month between the Praktikum I'm doing now and the next one, and I was thinking of leaving on the 19th or 20th, but since they're playing on the 21st, I'll stay a couple of days longer. Punkreas in Berlin! Fuck, yeah!

WTF #2: My Prawda is already here! And there are 5 of my photos in it! Including a full-page photo on page two! *is proud* Thanks for choosing them! (You know who you are. ;) )

Apropos pictures, here are the ones from the Bela concerts in Leipzig and Berlin. They didn't come out so well, sorry.

Bela B y Los Helmstedt, 8th December 2009, Leipzig

Bela B y Los Helmstedt, 9th December 2009, Berlin

And a short video: Gary, Holly and Olsen at work. With Holly messing up and having an adorable "D'oh!" moment. <3

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I should feel sorry for Mr B, right? Violence is not the answer but, fuck, he had it coming.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the 2 Bela gigs in Hamburg. Leipzig and Berlin will follow.

Bela B y Los Helmstedt, 6th December 2009, Hamburg

Bela B y Los Helmstedt, 7th December 2009, Hamburg


Dec. 13th, 2009 06:39 pm
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New Los Helmstedt comic strip!

For some reason, I have the feeling there's a mistake or typo somewhere. Could someone check, please? So I can send the link to a certain bassist and a certain guitarist...

Oops, I still need to upload the pictures from the last 4 shows... *headdesk*
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You know what? LJ is actually not blocked. But I don't want to risk it, I'll just post this and log off.

So, here's the second part of my Rambling Report(TM). I'll upload pictures tomorrow.

8th December, Leipzig

- I had to take the train from Hamburg to Hannover and from there to Leipzig, but the first one was late and I thought I would miss the connection. Luckily the second train was late too. Danke, Deutsche Bahn!

- At Leipzig Hauptbahnhof I met up with [ profile] slash_kitten; we took a walk around the Christmas market, she bought me Apfelglühwein (danke nochmal ♥) and then, since the weather was kinda crappy, we ended up in a Starbucks and just chatted until I checked my watch and found out it was already 4:45 PM and I still had to go to the hostel, check in etc.

- The hostel was an A&O, but it was completely different from the one in Hamburg: the foyer looked like the one of a 4-star hotel and the room was great. If you ever need a hostel in Leipzig, go there.

- I arrived at the venue at 6:20 PM and there was an actual orderly queue! At first I thought "So much for trying to sneak to the front", but I quickly realised people would never stay in line when the doors would open and I was right: the line was sort of L-shaped and once the security opened the door, everyone rushed to the front. Final result: second row between Holly and Bela. *thumbs up*

- Bela's way to make the audience cheer louder: "Ick bin Berliner, ick bin besser jewohnt!"

- Bela's trousers were a bit too big and kept slipping down. No silver thong this time, just plain black underwear. Boring! ;)

- After Holly's "Keiner versteht mich, Leipzig!" Bela commented "Keiner versteht dich in Leipzig? Für dich ist das Glas immer halbleer, oder? Du spielst auf dieser Bühne, mit dieser großartigen Band und gestern hat Gary sogar Oralsex im Tourbus angeboten!" Or something along those lines. The audience then screamed to prove that, ja, wir verstehen dich, Holly, and Bela introduced "Was ist nur los" saying "Alle verstehen Holly, aber ich verstehe die Frauen." And went on saying he had been described as "Punk womanizer" or something and added "Well, it's true". Did I mention he's a total poser? :P (Actually, I'm not sure if he said this in Leipzig or somewhere else, but whatever.)

- Then it was Olsen's turn to become the target of Bela's jokes. Bela: "Ich bin ein Mann der Wörter, Olsen ist ein Mann des Penises." At that Olsen made such a funny face, you could virtually see a big WTF speech bubble above his head. Bela then went on saying Olsen has a big dick but "er kommt nach anderthalb Sekunden". Care to explain how you found out? XD

- The Bobotanz Ansage was about music for "Bumsenmachen". Danny said "Of course if you're Bela fans you would play The Beatles!" At that Bela collapsed on the floor and Danny said "Oh no, sorry, I meant...*insert band I can't remember here* or... Die Ärzte!" and Bela just burst out laughing. After the song Danny said Bela is the biggest bobo of all. And he's kinda right, you know. ;)

- After the concert I caught a glimpse of Schwarwel chatting with the techs at the mixer. Yay, celebrity spotting! XD

9th December, Berlin

- The first thing I did when I got home was taking out my combat boots (they're great if you need to keep your feet dry, but after 4 days I couldn't feel my toes anymore); then I took a long, warm bath and finally ate some decent food. I think I've never loved pasta as much as I did in that moment. :P

- There was another Italian fan at the concert, she had come from Rome to see it and it was her first Bela gig, so we decided to try and get to the front, because a) she's not so tall and wanted to be sure she would be able to see him and b) I was in a "front row mood", you know, to celebrate the last show. We met in front of the venue around 15:30, which is early for a Bela concert, especially in winter. There were already people waiting, but we got to the front row with no problem, in a nice spot on the left side. We wanted to shout something silly in Italian, but in the end we only sang along to "Dracula chachacha", since we were probably the only two people in the audience who could understand the (very silly) lyrics. ;)

- Of course the one time I'm in the front row, they have cameras recording the show and photographers taking tons pictures of the audience everywhere. I'm sure I'll end up in a photo looking ridiculous. D'oh.

- And, since they were recording the concert, Bela had to forget the lyrics of a few songs. He even played the first few verses of "Satan, Gott und das Glück" and then started it again from the beginning. And apropos "Satan, Gott und das Glück", Holly did a bit of moonwalking before it and ended up stomping Gary's guitar pedals and messing up all the settings. Well done, guys! XD

- Bela's introduction to "Was ist nur los" was "Frauen, ich verstehe euch, Alter!" So charming. XD

- Bela mentioned "Rodrigo Gonzalez ist hier" and when the audience wasn't loud enough before "1. 2. 3..." he said "Rod schläft grade im Backstage ein!" I think he may have mentioned Farin as well, but I can't really remember if/when/where.

- The audience started clapping in time at one point and either Bela or Olsen commented: "Berliners are very good at clapping. And they keep the beat!" And then I'm sure it was Bela who said "Too many Peter Fox concerts?" And Olsen replied "Or Die Ärzte?"

- Danny's introduction for Bobotanz was in German this time, even if he said "People who know me know my German is Scheiße!" After the song Bela made various Bezirke scream; he started with the Prenzelbergers, of course, then with Kreuzberg, then Spandau (he pointed at the guestlist area where his family was) and, finally, Neukölln. Neukölln, Alter!

- And after the Bobotanz we got... the Homo dance, featuring Alexander Marcus. No comment. XD

- We got a lot of football jokes as well, mainly about Hertha-BSC and aimed at Olsen and Gary, who were not amused. ;)

- After "Gitarre runter" all the band (except from Holly, who was busy checking something) knelt down in front of Olsen and worshipped him while he played his solo.

- Towards the end of the concert I caught a glimpse of Rod standing at the right side of the stage. When it was over, [ profile] darth_funk came to me and said "OMG Rod is standing just in front of us!" HAHA, who cares about Bela when you can see Rod? ;)

- After the concert I also caught a glimpse of Frank Z (Maike, you're right, he's really short!) and saw Gary and Holly hanging around chatting with some friends. Danny was there too, but just for two minutes, then he went backstage with his girlfriend. I was tempted to go to Holly and just thank him for the great concerts (yes, I'm a total Holly fan, how did you guess), but in the end I didn't. There wasn't the same laid-back atmosphere from the last tour, when the band used to hang around and chat with fans after the shows. And he was talking to some people anyway, I didn't want to bother him.

So, that's it. Bela's going to play a few festivals next summer (and maybe a couple of warm-up gigs like they did in 2007?), but it's way too early to think about it, I don't even know where I'll be by that time. But even if I go back to Italy, the central week of August is the traditional holiday week for us, so going to at least one festival shouldn't be a problem. I'd prefer a normal gig, though.

Man, I can't believe the tour is already over.
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WTF am I doing still up?! I'll never wake up in the morning. D: I met with the other Italian fan earlier, the one who was at the concert in Berlin, and now I'm not tired at all. I'll just post this entry I wrote earlier.

The Bela tour is over and, while I'm not suffering from the usual post-concert depression (yet), I do feel melancholy. But I'm very happy I decided to go to 5 concerts: there was no way the Berlin one was going to be enough, I knew that, after seeing one gig, I would crave more and, since Berlin was the last show of the tour, that would have certainly lead to a huge post-concert depression. :P

Quick tour summary: Bela is a total poser but, fuck, he's hot; Holly is one hell of a great bassist; I could see a hundred concerts without getting tired.

Ans here's the usualy report consisting of random memories. I can't assure that every memory belongs to the right concert, things start to blend together when you see 4 concerts in a row and don't write stuff down at once.

I'll start with the two Hamburg gigs. Pictures are on their way, I still need to touch them up in Photoshop.

6th December, Hamburg

- First of all: the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket rocks. I found someone who had one at the first try and only paid 5 euros to get from Berlin to Hamburg. Beginner's luck, I suppose.

- I stayed at the A&O Hostel on the Reeperbahn just around the corner from the venue. The standards were much lower than the other A&O hostels I've been in, but it was just for two nights, so that's OK. Also, I guess those are Reeperbahn quality standards anyway. Check in was from 4 PM, so I just left my rucksack in the luggage room and went down to the club to see if there was already someone there. Of course 5 or 6 people were already sitting there, but I really didn't want to wait that long (I think it was around 2:30 PM), so I just walked past and pretty much stumbled into [ profile] darth_funk and [ profile] kiviraat. Small world, indeed. We had a coffee together and spent a couple of hours just chatting in a bar with nice tiger and leopard print cushions.

- I went to the venue around 5:30 PM and there weren't that many people there. Too bad doors opened later than usual (at 8:00 PM, which is the time when the opening act usually starts to play. Damn Hamburg and its nightlife. :P)

- Across from the club there's a church, its bells ring every 15 minutes and at the hour there's a nice long melody. A church right in the middle of the red-light district must do anything to attract attention, right? ;)

- The concert was very good, I could see the band had improved a lot since Dresden (2nd show of the tour). I was standing in the second row in front of Holly and had a very relaxing concert up until "Tag mit Schutzumschlag", when a group of girls started jumping all around me. Meh.

- Bela had to mention Farin again, of course: before "1. 2. 3..." he played the usual "What comes after *insert ridiculous high number*", but the audience was smart and got all the numbers right, so he said something like "Nicht nur bei Farin Urlaub gibt es Abiturienten im Publikum."

- Olsen was talking back to Bela and Bela told him to shut up and said something along the lines of "Don't talk back to me, I'm the one who pays you!" And Olsen said "Yeah, but not much." And Bela: "It is much. In a parallel universe. Or in India, for example."

- Bela really likes having thousands of adoring fangirls in front of him. One of the Ansagen was "Könnt ihr mich sehen? Und gefällt euch was ihr seht?" *rolls eyes* Also, during "Ninjababypowpow" he grabbed the stage structure (no idea what's it called in English, I only know the Italian name because I actually studied it at uni) and started swaying like a stripper.

- The Bobotanz Ansage wasn't the standard one from the CD this time: Danny said something about someone doing some medical analysis and the doctor diagnosing they were a Bobo because he had found traces of tofu and cheap beer (Boheme) as well as traces of caviar and champagne (Bourgeois) in his faeces. Even Bela looked disgusted. XD

- Allow me to be a silly fangirl and say "OMG, Bela winked at me!" I'm perfectly aware he does that with half of the girls standing in the front, but it's still a nice feeling when he looks at you and you can actually see recognition in his eyes.

7th December, Hamburg

- I had a walk around in the morning, bought a red leopard print scarf (♥♥♥) at the Christmas market in Altona, went down to the harbour for a bit and went to the venue in the mid-afternoon. I ended up in the second row almost directly in front of Bela and it turned out to be a rather quiet spot, maybe because the club wasn't as full as the previous evening.

- While I was waiting outside, I could catch a glimpse of a photo shoot that was going on onstage as the security opened the doors for a while in the afternoon. I wonder where/when the pictures are going to be published.

- The opening act was a '50s/rockabilly band with a singer that looked like an elderly version of Elvis and two (TWO!) contrabasses. The contrabass players were totally crazy: one of them started playing standing on one of the amps and the other standing on the contrabass itself. Great.

- The guestlist area was apparently full of St. Pauli football players and Bela kept making football jokes, also because there was a fan wearing a HSV jersey somewhere, who was the main target of said jokes (but Bela apologised after every single one, aww.)

- After Holly's usual "Keiner versteht mich, Alter!" during "Satan, Gott und das Glück" (which I love, btw), Bela hugged him and said "Sometimes men just need to be hugged. But it can lead to embarrassing moments, right Holly? Or is that a bunch of keys in your trousers?" Bela clearly misses the slashy moments he used to share with Wayne. ;)

- I really, really like Holly, his stage presence is much stronger than Tim's, who just stood in his spot in the background, said "Bass" once during the whole concert and that was it. I still miss Wayne, but I have to admit this Los Helmstedt line-up is very good. Even if I was bad and always cheered really loud for Holly (hey, I gotta support a fellow bassist) and only half-clapped for Gary. Oops. :P

- Danny said St. Pauli players were all a bunch of bobos and at the end added Maradona wasn't a bobo, but did a lot of "coco". Yay for lame jokes.

- A group of girls in the front shouted "Bela, du bist so schön!" in perfect unison and Bela said (more or less) "Oh, das ist jetzt eine Überraschung. Naja, danke, ich weiß." Poser. XD After a while the girls shouted "Bela, du bist immer noch schön!" And he replied "Natürlich bin ich immer noch schön, wisst ihr wieviel Botox wir Backstage haben?" And made such a ridiculous grimace that totally deformed his face and said "Every wrinkle was artificially recreated so that it looks authentic!" He also mentioned his "schöner, durchtrainierter Arsch". Poser, poser, poser. But man, it does look pretty well-toned.

- He was wearing a fringe shirt under his black and white jacket. Now please look at this photo I took: am I the only one who thinks of the film "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"? I could totally see him standing on the roof of a bus singing "I will survive". XD

- During the usual "Könnt ihr mich sehen? Könnt ihr mich hören?" he said we couldn't not hear him, because they had spent a lot of money on the audio equipment. He then proceeded to repeat the same question without microphone and of course the crowd screamed again (I could actually hear his voice, he was standing quite close) and he commented "Shit, we spend too much money on it!" XD

All right, I guess that's enough for now, I'll try and get some sleep. Rambling Report(TM) about Leipzig and Berlin as well as photos will be posted soon.


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